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1 Vodafone Text Centre Fast, flexible PC to mobile text messaging Date.

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1 1 Vodafone Text Centre Fast, flexible PC to mobile text messaging Date

2 2 Contents 1. Vodafone Text Centre A faster more flexible text messaging 2. Why Vodafone? We have an unequalled global presence 3. What are the benefits? Improved communication means improved efficiency 4. What does it cost? Added value comes as standard 5. What support do you get? End-to-end service and support 6. What do our customers think? Amtrak – Overnight express delivery business 7. What’s the next step? Arranging your contract

3 3 Vodafone Text Centre With Vodafone Text Centre, you can write text messages as quickly and easily as you can type emails - and send them straight from your PC to a mobile. –You can look up contact details from your address book just as you would with emails. And send your texts to Outlook distribution lists. –You can choose to have replies sent to either your mobile or your email inbox. –It’s much easier to keep track of your texts. –You can check the status of texts have been sent and received by opening the SENT SMS folder in your email folders list. And you can store sent and received texts just the same as emails. An easier, more flexible way of using texts

4 4 Why Vodafone? We’re the market leaders with the most extensive international coverage. Our 3G network offers high-speed connection in over 250 cities in over 15 countries. And we have GPRS roaming agreements in over 70 countries. Our expertise and knowledge of wireless data communication is second to none. We also offer a dedicated service to businesses with comprehensive support that will provide fast, efficient solutions if there is a problem. We have an unequalled global presence.

5 5 What are the benefits? Ease of use, no extra application set-up – Text Centre appears to ‘sit within email’, therefore ready for use whenever email is open An ‘easy-to-use’ way of sending messages to groups, using existing Outlook distribution lists – especially businesses with teams on the road Ability to type texts from a keyboard instead of a handset, so you can send longer text messages more quickly A record that text has been sent and received – Sent texts are kept in a ‘Sent SMS’ folder, just like sent emails Option to have responses sent to an email account to avoid jamming handset memory. Improved communication means improved efficiency.

6 6 What are the benefits? Vodafone Text Centre is free to download and there is no user license fee Texts are charged direct to your mobile phone so you only pay per text and per recipient It’s quick and simple to down load. And very easy to use - anyone who can use email can use Vodafone Text Centre. All you need is Microsoft Outlook 98 or later, Internet access on your PC, and a Vodafone UK contract mobile against which the texts will be billed. Improved cost-efficiency

7 7 What are the benefits? Apart from offering you more flexible and efficient text messaging, Vodafone Text Centre performs other useful functions: Once you’ve logged on, you can select special features such as: - Notification of incoming email messages - either all incoming emails or high priority ones only - Text reminders about appointments and meetings in your Outlook calendar Greater efficiency

8 8 What does it cost? It costs you nothing to get Vodafone Text Centre - It’s completely FREE to download. If you send texts on a regular basis this can quickly add up to a substantial saving. Added value comes as standard

9 9 What support do you get? Vodafone Text Centre is simple to download and easy to use, but if you need help just call your usual Vodafone Customer Care contact and we’ll help you set it up. As with all Vodafone products and services, we back Text Centre with excellent end-to-end service and support. End-to-end service and support

10 10 What do our customers think? “Vodafone Textcentre is a very simple and useful solution” Phil Young, IT Director Amtrak use Vodafone Text Centre to :- –Send daily time critical updates to their employees –Communicate Overnight updates to their Management team –Send Service updates to their delivery drivers out on the road “Vodafone TextCentre is perfect for getting concise and important information right to the point where we need it. It has made everyone’s life easier – a useful alternative to mobile email” Amtrak – Overnight express delivery business

11 11 What’s the next step? Go to or use one of our Free Text Centre CD’s to download the software If installing from the web, Close Outlook and go to to The software will take just moments to download and will then take you through a short registration process See table below for system requirements Setting up your Vodafone Text Centre Customer Type Contract Only Vodafone Customer (or valid ISP Customer with M-pay) PC Must have ADMIN rights (to install) Email Application MS Outlook (98+) Operating Systems 1 Windows 98+, NT and XP Internet Access 1 – Combination Windows NT/Outlook 98 not supported

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