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Review Chapter 1 Choose one of the questions below and write it in your journal. Write a short paragraph to explain your answer to the question. Why.

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1 Review Chapter 1 Choose one of the questions below and write it in your journal. Write a short paragraph to explain your answer to the question. Why is Luke afraid he will never be allowed outside again? Why do you think the Government forced them to sell their land? Would you be able to survive not ever going outside again?

2 Chapter 2 Take turns reading with your partner. Read in a soft voice so as not to interfere with others around you. Both of you should be following along as one reads. Discuss – 1. What event does Luke recall that made him realize that his brothers have never had to hide like him Why didn’t Luke’s parents take the Population Law seriously when they became pregnant? 3. What did Luke’s mother and father see on TV while pregnant that scared them?

3 Chapter 2 –response questions CHOOSE ONE!
What clues suggest that Luke and his family live under an oppressive (overpowering) government? Explain. Do you think that Luke’s parents should feel guilty for the life their son must lead? Why or why not? Why does Luke tell his mother that it is okay that he is in hiding? Do you agree/disagree and why?

4 Chapter 3 1. What’s happening to Luke’s beloved woods. 2
Chapter What’s happening to Luke’s beloved woods? 2. Why is Dad so mad at him for looking out the window What do you think the population police do? What do you think they would do if they found Luke? 4. What did Luke just realize that his room had? Why is that so important? 5. On page 19, write the sentence that is an example of foreshadowing. What do you think might happen?

5 Chapter 4 and 5 – partner read
Chapter 4 response – Why is it not safe for Luke to eat at the table with his family anymore? Chapter 5 response – Is it fair that the government tells Luke’s family to get rid of the hogs? Why or why not?

6 Chapter 6 Based on what we just read, what changes can you predict are in store for Luke? How will his life change now that Mother has gotten her work permit?

7 Chapter 7 During this section of the story, you are able to see just how Luke is treated by his family. Luke’s family displays a shocking lack of empathy. EMPATHY – THE ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND ANOTHER PERSON’S FEELINGS AND THEIR SORROW OR PAIN ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONS IN YOUR JOURNAL! What examples from the book demonstrate the lack of empathy that Luke’s family has for his situation? Why do you think Luke is willing to sacrifice his own needs for his family’s?

8 Chapter 8, 9 and 10 Chapter 8 - Why does Luke’s father get so upset with Luke when he cleaned the house and made some bread? Would you be as mad if you were his parent? Why or why not? Chapter 9 - The book is getting a little exciting now! Luke sees another person in the Sports Family house. What would you do if you were in Luke’s position? What do you think he is going to do? Chapter 10 - Make a text-to-self connection… Would you do the same things that Luke is doing as a third child? Would you do things differently? Explain.

9 Review Chapter 6-10 Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper and hand them in when you are finished. This will be counted as a quiz grade. 1. What does Dad say is the reason for the tax increase on their property? How does Luke feel about the new houses that are being built next to his home? What do Matthew and Mark do while Mom is at work and Dad is working on the farm? What new house does Luke spy a child looking out the window of after his Dad banishes him from the kitchen? What does Luke tell his brothers that he put into the bread?

10 Among the Hidden Read Chapter 11 silently to yourself. Respond to the following in your response journal. The description of Luke’s routine life has taken up a good portion of the book so far. How has his life changed since Mom took a job? Does Luke have more or less freedom now? Do you think he longs more for the outside world now? After reading Chapter 12 and 13 with your reading partner, respond to the following individually: Chapter 12 – What does it mean to be courageous? Is Luke showing signs of courage? How? Chapter 13 – Don’t read into Chapter 14! Predict what you think Luke is going to do next.

11 Chapter 14 Did your prediction that you made in Chapter 13 come true or not? How so? What do you predict will become of Jen and Luke?

12 Chapter 15 Compare and contrast Luke and Jen
Chapter 15 Compare and contrast Luke and Jen. For each item on Luke’s side, write a comparison of the same thing on Jen’s side. Luke’s LIFE Jen’s life

13 Things to do for Chapter 16
Make sure your compare and contrast list is complete for chapter Should be at least 7 things! Why has Luke been banned from using the computer or the telephone? What amazes Jen about Luke in Chapter 15? Answer the following questions while reading Chapter 16: How is Jen able to check outside without being seen? How does Jen explain to Luke how she came about? What is so shocking about Jen’s parents having a third child? Why do you think Jen did the brave thing for Luke at the end of the chapter?

14 Chapter 17 Luke’s character has been evolving since the beginning of the book. He has changed in many ways. Choose one way that he has changed and explain it using specific examples from the book.

15 Chapter 18 What is the difference between a Baron and a farmer? Think about the things that Jen has and the things that Luke has. Think about how Jen interacts with her family and how Luke interacts with his family. Explain the differences between a Baron and a farmer in a well written paragraph. Would you be a Baron or a famer? Explain.

16 Chapter 19 Annihilation – extinction
Genocide – systematic extermination of a group of people Famine – extreme lack of food; starvation Revelation – something not before realized Extinct – no longer in existence Luke reads all the information Jen gave him about where the population law came from. He finds it interesting and feels somewhat guilty now that he knows. Write a paragraph about what Luke has learned about the population law using the above words in the correct context.

17 Chapter 21 Foreshadowing - is the use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in literature. It helps the reader interact with the text and make predictions. Word Roots Fore – in front of Shadow – a glimpse of

18 Chapter 22 Find one example of foreshadowing.
Explain what the author is using to create foreshadowing. What is your prediction based on the foreshadowing?

19 Chapter 23 Write a summary of what has happened up to this point in the book. Use only main ideas and try to write it in 5 sentences or less. Read Chapter 23 silently.

20 Chapter 23 - Activity Get into groups of 4 students.
Go around the table and each of you share your answers to the following questions: What does having a belief mean? What beliefs seem to be important in the novel, Among the Hidden? Does Luke start to take on some of Jen’s beliefs? Does Luke ever question Jen’s beliefs? Find specific examples in the text to support your answers for c) and d).

21 Chapter 24 – Text to Self Connections
Should Luke go to the rally? Luke is faced with a difficult decision. He needs to decide whether or not he should go with Jen to the rally. What would you do if you were Luke? List three reasons for your decision.

22 Chapter 26 –Figurative Language
At the end of Chapter 26, Luke is in Jen’s room when someone walks in on him. Write a paragraph in first person what might have gone through Luke’s head as he was discovered. Try to work in similes, metaphors, alliteration, and/or onomatopoeia.

23 GUIDED READING CHAPS 27-30 Chapter 27 – What surprises Luke about Jen’s father? Would your parents be willing to do the same thing for your friend if the same thing had happened to you? Chapter 28– Jen’s father is way different from Luke’s father. Give three examples comparing and contrasting their similarities and/or differences. Chapter 29 – Why do you think the author didn’t let the population police find Luke? Would it have been more interesting if they had? Chapter 30 – What do you think is in store for Luke now?

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