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7 Principles of the Constitution

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1 7 Principles of the Constitution
Principle – a basic truth or law One principle of education is that all kids can learn ! People live according to their principles… the laws of their life: like honesty, hard work, faith, or love.

2 7 principles memory hint
Popular Republicans Fedex Separate Checks Limiting Investment Popular Sovereignty Republicanism Federalism Separation of Powers Checks and Balances Limited Government Individual Rights

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4 Popular Sovereignty “We, the people” 2. 1. of the United States”
Popular = people Sovereignty = rule The people rule by voting in elections “We, the people” of the United States” 1. 2.

5 Popular Sovereignty 3.

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7 4. Republicanism Republic – government in which people elect representatives to make laws for them 685,000 Voters elect A representative To make laws For them Congressman Gene Green 5A Votes on Bills (proposed Laws) 29th Congressional District

8 Republicanism 5B 5C Sen. Hutchinson Sen. Cornyn Senators Make Laws For
Texas Citizens Sen. Hutchinson Citizens of Texas Elect 2 senators To make laws for them 5B 5C Sen. Cornyn

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10 Federalism 6A Federalism – the sharing of government power between the central (national) government and the states’ governments 6D 6B Central government State Governments

11 Federalism 6E 6C Responsible for Responsible for National stuff
State stuff Washington D.C. Austin, Tx 6E 6C

12 Federalism 6G 6F 6H Federal Powers State Powers Shared Powers

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14 Separation of Powers 7A National powers are divided up between three branches so no one branch has too much power 7E 7F 7G Legislative Powers 7C 7B 7C 7D Congress 7F President 7E Supreme Court 7G Executive Powers 7B Judicial Powers 7D

15 Charles Montesquieu French noble who wrote “The Spirit of the Laws”
Urged government to “separate into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. This would allow each branch to “check and balance” each other !

16 Separation of powers 7H 7I 7J

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18 Checks & Balances Each branch of government can use powers to limit the powers of the other branches 8A

19 Checks & Balances Check – to stop or limit another
In soccer one player checks another by stealing the ball In football one player checks another by blocking or tackling the other player In hockey one player hits another player to get control of the hockey puck

20 Checks & Balances Balance – equal, even, fair, in the center
An athlete must have balance or they will fall The states and central government have a balance of power.

21 Checks & Balances 8B Congress can pass a bill but the
President can VETO the bill and it doesn’t become a law

22 Checks & Balances 2/3’s of House and Senate Override the VETO 8C

23 Checks & Balances 8D Supreme Court declares laws that segregate
Schools for all kids Schools for Nonwhite Kids Schools for White Kids 8D Supreme Court declares laws that segregate Students by race as UNCONSTITUTIONAL or Against the Constitution and illegal: Judicial branch checks legislative branch

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25 Limited Government 9A 9B 9C Everyone must obey the constitution
Even the government leaders must obey the laws The law applies to all 9A 9B 9C

26 South Carolina Governor
Limited Government 9D South Carolina Governor Sanford is being Impeached for Spending govt. money On personal trips Rod Blagojevich, Illinois Governor Was impeached And removed from Office for trying to Sell a senatorship

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28 Individual Rights 10A 10B Every citizen of the United States has
unalienable rights ( can’t be taken away without a trial) The Bill of Rights is document that Guarantees our rights 10B

29 Individual Rights 10 C Added to compromise With the Antifederalists
1791 10 C

30 Individual Rights 10 D -H

31 Individual Rights R A P S Press Petition Religion Assembly Speech

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