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SCWDC Policy 06-09 Training Delivery Design: Individual Recommended:  Read the policy prior to taking this training.  It is helpful to have a copy of.

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1 SCWDC Policy 06-09 Training Delivery Design: Individual Recommended:  Read the policy prior to taking this training.  It is helpful to have a copy of the Desk Aid with you while you participate in this training.  The Monitoring Tool for this policy is available so you can see what staff knowledge monitors will be assessing.

2 Today’s Agenda 1. Policy Introduction 2. Business Service Staff Responsibilities 3. General Staff Responsibilities 4. Elements of the Business Services Plan 5. Read the Policy 6. Play Jeopardy! 2Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

3 Purpose This policy provides standards for delivering a minimum menu of consistent and coordinated services to businesses at your site. 3Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

4 Business Services Staff Responsibilities Refer to Appendix A to the Coordinated Employer Business Services Policy as it outlines the Basic Business Services. In addition, take a look at the Desk Aid as it lists the Basic Business Services and what staff are responsible for them. 4Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

5 Business Services Staff Responsibilities Business Services Staff:  Are trained on the Basic Business Services Menu  Are knowledgeable of all the Basic Business Services or able to make appropriate referrals where the service can be accessed  Follow the established system of outreach to employers  Utilize SKIES or appropriate local recording system to: create and manage job orders record employer contacts document the services provided to employers 5Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09 LOCAL NOTE: Not all WorkSource Centers have Business Services Staff enter job orders. Ask your manager what your local procedure is to enter job orders.

6 Your Business Services Team The Business Services Team includes representatives from partners such as these:  SCWDC  DVR  Entrust Community Services  OIC  Northwest Community Action Center  People for People  WorkSource Columbia Gorge  WorkSource Kittitas  WorkSource Sunnyside  WorkSource Yakima If unsure, ask your manager the names of staff who are on the Business Services Team. 6Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

7 General Staff Responsibilities You are responsible for providing access to these Business Services:  Labor market information  Job listings  Applicant referral (applicant referral means jobseeker referral to employers) Question: How would you provide this access? Answer: 7Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

8 General Staff Responsibilities - 2 General Staff are responsible for providing the services listed on the previous slide. These are a subset of Appendix A, Basic Business Services.  Click on the link on the bottom of this slide and familiarize yourself with how to access each service listed above. Fill in the blanks on Our Local Coordinated Business Services template on the second page of the Desk Aid.  Ask your manager if you’d like help understanding the resources at: 8Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

9 General Staff Responsibilities - 3 You are also responsible for directing customers in need of business services to appropriate staff. Question: Where can you find a list of business services and staff responsible for them? Answer: Your Desk AidYour Desk Aid 9Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

10 Additional Business Services Provided Facility access for employers is provided at your local WorkSource site. This includes:  A professional environment for recruitment and interviewing  Computers  Internet access  Staff assistance 10Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09 All staff provide access to WorkSource Center facilities to employers.

11 Business Services Plan Elements Your local WorkSource office has a Business Services Plan that:  Defines roles, responsibilities and primary deliverables of each WorkSource partner providing services to businesses such as outreach, job development, and business services  Establishes targets so that a reasonable percentage of jobs listed in SKIES match the skills of job seekers  Analyzes the local labor market, and reflect industry sectors important to the region  Establishes targets for serving employers with occupations in demand  Describes the process for regularly reporting on performance and meeting established targets  Links by reference to the South Central Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Local Operations Plan 11Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09 General Staff can refer these kinds of service requests to management. Note: The Business Plan is a document that is subject to change.

12 Let’s Play Jeopardy! You will need the hard copy of the policy. Your Desk Aid will also be helpful. Take 10 minutes to review the policy and your Desk Aid then we will begin the game. To play Jeopardy, click HERE.HERE Alex says, “Click this box to access the Desk Aid.” 12Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

13 Thank You! Thanks for your time and thoughtful responses today! Documentation is maintained for staff training on SCWDC policies. So … One more slide to go … 13Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

14 Follow-up and Documentation  All WorkSource staff should take these trainings. So that your office receives recognition for your efforts spent in this training, please click on the following Survey Monkey link and complete the Survey Monkey questionnaire created to document all staff accomplishment of these SCWDC Policy Trainings.Survey Monkey questionnaire 14 Individual Delivery SCWDC Policy 06-09

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