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Renewals Review January 12 2011. Why are We Here Today ? During today’s web-conference, we’ll : Review the renewals “package” Discuss the process for.

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1 Renewals Review January 12 2011

2 Why are We Here Today ? During today’s web-conference, we’ll : Review the renewals “package” Discuss the process for completing and submitting the renewals forms Provide tips for ensuring your renewal documents are correctly submitted to HIVCS

3 What we will not be reviewing Specific renewal concerns related to service families Specific dollar amounts of MRAs

4 Basics – Why renew contracts? HIVCS requests renewal documents to: –Ensure scope of service reflects current practices and requirements –Receive updated and approved appendices, service target grids, service level rate analysis tool (SLRAT) –Obtain required administrative documents

5 The Renewal Package - Content Award letter period/MRA Instruction document (includes a discussion of all amendments and appendices) Amendment to Schedule A: Scope of Services –Generally, if your program has additional changes, a description of each change is to be indicated in the Amendment to Schedule A: Scope of Services. If there are no changes, check the box ‘NO” and each of above sections will remain in your contract as last year. If changes have occurred, check the ‘YES’ box, and list the section/question of the Scope of Services that is being revised and provide a description of the changes

6 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Renewal Documents – Appendices B,A,C,D This workbook contains various worksheets. These documents must be completed by providing updated information about your program.

7 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Appendix B: Program Information Summary This form indicates where your program targets clients-- citywide, borough-wide, or neighborhood-based and the language(s) spoken by staff. Please update this Appendix with the most current contract information.

8 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Appendix A: Arrangements for Comprehensive HIV Services Outlines key services for which clients may need referrals (housing, food, etc.) as well as types of places from where clients may be referred to your program. You must list the agencies in each category with whom you have a linkage to receive referrals. You must list whether you have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or a formal linkage agreement (definitions at the bottom of Appendix A) and the date that the MOU or formal linkage agreement was or will be established for each. If your own agency will provide the service, list “Internal” in the Arrangement Status column. At least one provider must be identified for each service need, but multiple providers may be listed. Please update this Appendix with the most current contract information.

9 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Appendix C: Target Neighborhoods This form describes if services provided by this contract are neighborhood-based, identifies the target areas by ZIP code from which the program recruits clients. Please update this Appendix with the most current contract information by placing an “x” in the corresponding boxes.

10 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Appendix D: Target Client Demographics This provides information on the clients targeted by your contract. Information includes age, gender, race/ethnicity, and other population characteristics. Target percentages are reported as percentages of your total population served by this contract. Please update this Appendix with the most current contract information. (note – Appendix D differs for Ryan White and Prevention contracts, please refer to your instructions

11 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Appendix F: Required Data Elements Appendix F details the data to be documented and reported under this contract. It is a part of your final contract and enforceable as such. Column one of Appendix F details all of those data elements required to be collected and documented in client files. This documentation is subject to review during monitoring visits. Column 2, a subset of elements in column 1, details data that is required to be entered into the reporting system. The language and form of this document is prescribed.

12 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Service Target Grids The Service Target Grid has been pre-populated with pro-rated service target projections. You may adjust monthly allocations without changing annual totals. If you wish to further revise service target projections, please contact your HIVCS Contract Manager.

13 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Schedule F: Service Level Analysis (Performance- based only) The Service Level Analysis lists the approved rate for each service type and populates the projected number of each service type from the Service Target Grid. Please do not make any changes to this document

14 Work Analysis The work analysis populates project numbers of services for the contract year and the approved time per service based on the scope of services.

15 Deliverables Schedule The deliverables schedule pre-populates with contract deliverables, the description of the deliverables, the rate and total reimbursable amount.

16 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Service Site Locations Workbook Appendix G.1: Service Site Location You will need to complete all items for each service site where contracted services are provided, including administrative services. Information to be completed includes: Site name; Location of site or location of mobile unit where services are delivered; Complete street address; city; borough; ZIP code; phone number Type of contracted services performed; Site type; Percentage of the total services provided via this contract provided at each site; and frequency services are provided at this location. Services Tab This section has a drop down list of all contracted services. Using your Service Target Grid, select only the services funded under this contract.

17 Renewal Package-Content, cont’d Appendix G.2: Services by Service Site The service sites listed in Appendix G.1 and the service types listed on the Services Tab automatically populate to this page. The yellow cells with “x” indicate the service provided at each site. Please update this Appendix with the most current contract information.

18 Budget All contracts are required to submit a line-item budget Budget templates and instruction will be provided in your renewal packages Ryan White Cost-Based – budgets are required at renewal Ryan White Performance-Based – budgets are required by February 2011 HIV Prevention Cost-Based – budgets are required at renewal HIV Prevention Performance-Based* – budgets re required by April 2011 * For HIV Prevention RTS, RTV, RTH contracts, due dates are TBD

19 NICRA Indirect Costs may only be included in the budget if the agency has a current DHHS-approved NICRA approved. Contractors who do not currently have a DHHS- approved NICRA must reallocate the funds previously under Indirect Cost to individual direct administrative cost budget line items.

20 Reporting Schedule A reporting schedule customized for service categories will be sent in the renewal package The reporting schedule will include which reports are required and due dates

21 Deliverables Voucher For Deliverables-Based contracts only or the Deliverables component of a contract A template form is used when submitting the deliverables document (hard copy or email)

22 Intervention Addendum Evaluation Addendum Program Guidance Manual Reporting Forms (certain service categories that require additional information) Service Category Specific Documents

23 Tips for a successful renewal Changes are to be made in cells highlighted in yellow only. In the document, some cells have been pre-populated with data that must not be changed. Blue cells contain formulas that must not be altered. These formulas either perform various calculations or populate cells with data from other locations. The format of the documents should not be changed or altered. Review the forms and ensure the information contained therein is applicable to this year. If there have been any changes to your program from last year, describe the changes in detail in the Amendment to Schedule A: Scope of Services. To check a box, double left-click on the box and select “check” then OK. Boxes in Schedule A that are already checked are required and a response is necessary.

24 Last, but not least.. Email your completed renewal packages to (Prevention contracts) (Ryan White contracts)

25 Questions? Thanks for Participating!

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