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SCWDC Policy 06-08. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BY THE END OF THIS TRAINING  There is a Universal Complaint Initiation Process  What constitutes a complaint.

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1 SCWDC Policy 06-08

2 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BY THE END OF THIS TRAINING  There is a Universal Complaint Initiation Process  What constitutes a complaint  Who takes a complaint  When to refer a complaint  Who to refer a complaint to (Who YOUR contact people are)  Where a handy-dandy desk aid is located for your reference  How and when to document a referral  Where your poster is located

3 Let’s Get Started  What are your experiences with complaints?  Have you ever referred a complaint to a manager? What was that like?  What would you like to know about the Initial Customer Complaint Policy?

4 WE HAVE A UNIVERSAL COMPLAINT INITIATION PROCESS AT WORKSOURCE Your office has a universal complaint initiation process that is immediate and consistent between all partners. Universal means that all WorkSource offices, all staff, all partners, all partners’ staff follow this policy. We want to ensure that when a customer desires to file a complaint, this consistent and efficient protocol is used.

5 WHAT CONSTITUTES A COMPLAINT? A complaint can be: an oral report an handwritten allegations All are treated as complaints.

6 COMPLAINTS: WHO TAKES THEM & WHEN DO YOU REFER THEM?  Who: Everyone (all staff and partners) providing WorkSource services should know how to initiate a customer complaint referral.  When: You must immediately notify customers who wish to file a complaint of their right to file a written complaint.

7 COMPLAINTS: WHO DO YOU REFER CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS TO?  Each office has a primary and secondary complaint contact.  You should know who the contacts are.  Write in your Primary and Secondary Contacts on your Desk Aid now.

8 Initial Complaint Process Desk Aid All One-Stop Staff, Partners, and Affiliates Know local process and complaint contacts Immediately notify customer of right to file a complaint Does customer wish to file a complaint? Refer to complaint contact Jot a note about the occurrence for possible future reference NO YES Document case note. My Primary Office Complaint Contact: ____________________________________ My Secondary Office Complaint Contact: ____________________________________ Complaint Contact will document in referral log and provide follow up according to programmatic, state, and federal procedures and policies Customer Complaint in the form of: , Handwritten, Written and Signed, or Oral Customer Complaint in the form of: , Handwritten, Written and Signed, or Oral

9 YOUR PART IN THE DOCUMENTATION PROCESS When you refer a customer to your complaint contact you must: Use your office specific documentation tool (e.g. SKIES, Outlook, other) to note: ○ Names ○ Times ○ Relevant comments Make it quick: focus on highlights rather than detail

10 WHAT TO DOCUMENT IF A CUSTOMER REFUSES A REFERRAL TO THE COMPLAINT CONTACT Jot a note to yourself if a customer complains but does not wish to make a “formal” or written complaint to the complaint contact  Just a helpful note that may or may not be referred to in the future  Helps to jog your memory should questions arise

11 OUT OF YOUR HANDS AND BEHIND THE SCENES Complaint Contact responsibilities are to: Follow up on the complaint with fact finding methods and will document their efforts per requirements Receive training on all relevant governing laws, regulations, and policies (and that training should be documented) Coordinate on allegations involving multiple allegations, processes, partners, and agencies as appropriate

12 THE INITIAL CUSTOMER COMPLAINT POSTER  A poster must be displayed in a highly visible area outlining the initial customer complaint process for customers to see.  Posters must be in languages appropriate for the communities you serve.  Where is your poster?

13 Scenarios: What Would You Do?

14 SCENARIO #1  A customer walks into your local WorkSource office and states she would like to file a complaint against WorkSource. The customer alleges that she was referred to a job after waiting 1 hour in the resource room. The next day, she drove 30 minutes to speak to the employer only to find out the job had been filled since last week.

15 SCENARIO #2  A customer called with a complaint about the JSR process. She was frustrated about being called in “6 times”. She noted that one of our staff told her she didn’t do her logs right but she believed she had. Eventually she asked for the Supervisor and he told her everything was fine. She stated she felt discriminated against because she is African American. I noted that she has a right to file a complaint. She stated she doesn’t want to come to our office. She stated, “Your staff make me feel stupid,” “I am a college graduate with an AA and I am not stupid,” “I follow the instructions on the website,” “I have been through the orientations and know how to fill out my logs,” “Coming into the office feels like I am walking into a forest fire.” She repeated she feels discriminated against. She said all her African American friends are called to our office repeatedly but her white and Hispanic friends are not, that is discrimination.

16 SCENARIO #3  You are a WIA worker.  Mr. Jones has been a participant in the WIA Dislocated Worker Program since 2/25/2010. He has been in training since 6/24/2010. He is a student in good standing at Perry Technical Institute where he has received excellent grades throughout his training. Today you told him that he will not get any more services. He states he deserves the services and has worked hard, and feels that now you are pulling the rug out from under him.

17 SCENARIO #4  Since beginning a job that she was referred to by WorkSource, Mrs. Frank says her boss has been asking her out on dates.  She stated that while she was working he asked her if she liked flowers. She stated that she did. He called later in the evening and asked her to, “Get something to eat”. She stated that it was too late to eat. He asked her to come and meet him and work with him and he would pay her. She stated no and quickly made an excuse to get off the phone.  Since that call, he has called her over “50 times” and she is afraid that if she doesn’t respond that she will get fired. She is afraid.

18 YOUR DESK AID Click HERE to access your Desk Aid.HERE

19 EVALUATIONS Please fill out your evaluation forms before you go! You won’t get credit for the training if you don’t. Thanks for your time and thoughtful responses today!

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