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Single Source For Your IT Needs….

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1 Single Source For Your IT Needs….
Comtel Technologies Single Source For Your IT Needs….

2 Overview

3 About Us A global Offshore Development and information technology outsourcing company, providing solutions to enterprises worldwide. We specialize in the development of a wide variety of business applications for organizations of all sizes. Our verticals - Telecom, Finance, Banking, Health, Education, Retail, Manufacturing and Agro-Industry. Our Value Differentiator Technology Integrity, Quality, Teamwork and Speed Dedication Quick turn-around time Low Price Point for Solutions Customer Satisfaction

4 Vision & Mission Statement
Our Vision To provide high quality services using state of the art tools and technologies to the domestic & international market of high quality, leveraging the competitive advantages of the off-shoring services model. Our Mission Statement To build for every customer a value chain linking human expertise, technological resources, and quality practices with highly competitive rates. To concentrate on specialization that match customer requirements, and operate as a totally dependable and accountable solution provider to the customer. To provide the best in class solutions to customers using the state of the art tools and technologies to help maximize their ROI.

5 Organizational Goals To leverage Technology & Human Capital for Optimum Productivity & Success Form global partnerships and strategic alliances to provide our clients with a wider range of products and services To be internationally recognized for excellence in delivering products and services Partner with our clients to support achieving their desired goals with the help of IT

6 Our Values Explore, Create & Innovate Focus on Customer & Employees
Say What You can Do & Do What You Say Integrate Customer, Partners & Employees

7 Our Advantages We have the expertise with latest tools and technologies We have the expertise to provide applications that will meet your requirements and fit your technology infrastructure. We have a dedicated Quality team We offer forward-looking IT outsourcing engagement models to our clients that go over and beyond tactical outsourcing. Our models offer the opportunity to accelerate outsourcing higher along the collaborative value chain

8 Our USP Technological Excellence.
In Depth understanding of Business requirements. Customized and unique solutions as per the individual. specifications of clients Experience of service delivery in a wide range of verticals. A wide range of diverse software applications. Flawless, High quality Service with smooth delivery process Customer Centric Approach Team comprising of professionals who are experienced in handling projects on a domestic as well as global basis.

9 Clients SafeStyle IIBF MF Consumers Limited Dugrapur Chemicals Ltd.
EMA JHSB HGI-GMMCO IB, West Bengal Microland RMA, Bhutan Metro Railways, Kolkata Accel Frontline Limited Rietumu Banka Future Capital SICGIL India Limited Family Credit Limited Mahindra Comviva Arohon Financial Services SKP Financial Polar Pharma Nicco Ventures United Bank of India Cuprum Bagrodia Limited Parle Products Pragati General Insurance UCO Bank Pragati Life Insurance

10 Outsourcing

11 Functional Groups Project Delivery Group Quality Assurance Group
Centre of Excellence Group Human Resource Group Infrastructure Management Group Customer Relationship Group Technical Support Group

12 Service Delivery Model
The ODC Model Dedicated team for customer which acts as an extended part of customer’s team with day-to-day operations jointly managed by customer and Comtel Project Team Model Team formation and project delivery responsibility is Comtel’s. Usually applicable in a fixed price project Staff Augmentation Provide specialist staff onsite for customer’s projects. Technical leadership and project management is customer’s responsibility Software As A Service Model An on-demand service model where the customer uses Comtel’s software and pays on need-to basis

13 Your Advantage You concentrate on the core business operations.
You achieve cost effective development. You get skilled manpower at affordable price. Increased productivity Beat competition. You gain additional momentum in providing quality services by leveraging the framework provided through outsourcing.

14 Why Us? Expertise with latest tools and technologies
Expertise to provide applications that will meet your requirements and fit your technology infrastructure. Dedicated Quality team Forward-looking IT outsourcing engagement models that go over and beyond tactical outsourcing.

15 Engagement Models Fixed Price Model Full Time Model Time & Material
This model allows the clients to get a predictable budget for the project and considerably low perceived risk. Fixed Price Model suits best for those who wants fixed price for fixed scoped project. Full Time Model In this model, we can provide with a team of full time dedicated employees for the client’s specific requirements on setting up an offshore development center. The client can choose to hire a single professional and then scale up to a full-fledged development center. Time & Material In this engagement model, the costs and schedule will vary depending on the specific requirements and on the complexity of the project. This gives the client the maximum flexibility and allows making substantial revisions to the project even as it is getting develop.

16 Value Proposition Experienced resource pool available for ready deployment Productivity from the very first day Low Price point of Engagement Shadow resource available to handle spikes in production environment Benefits of Specialization Subject Matter Expertise backup Reduced Management & Process Overhead Resource Ramping with short TAT

17 Services

18 Application Development
Be-spoke Application Development For unique business needs stemming out of unique competitive propositions, tailor made custom applications Using our best practices almost guarantees a high-level of end user satisfaction and consequent adoption of the custom built application/systems. Our blended solutions customized for each client brings together the best of both worlds. Off-shore Product Development We provide application design, development, and integration of software product applications and components. We help software companies by strategically leveraging offshore development services to achieve the benefits of shorter development cycles, faster time to market, and reduced development cost.

19 Application Development
Application Maintenance Ongoing functional and application support for application maintenance needs Expert leveraged management stabilizes, optimizes, and extends application so that its functionality continues to meet growing and changing needs Maintain the integrity of the software for easier vendor upgrades Application Migration Adaptation to new technologies We have web-enabled a lot of the legacy OLTP applications like replacing the middleware by a J2EE or Windows compliant application server and redesign the user interface with OO (.NET Apps, Java, VB or C++ etc.), making the application accessible for enterprise application integration and e- business.

20 IT-Infrastructure Services
System Administration Installation, configuration & migration of Operating Systems. Installation, Configuration & Tuning of RDBMS. Remote Server Management General desktop PC/LAN support for End Customer environments. Online automated backup services – monitoring, validation and intervention as required. Network Administration LAN & WAN Design, Integration & Deployment. Implementation of Proxy, Firewall, Intranet, Mail Server etc. Server monitoring and internet connectivity quality monitoring Website availability monitoring, traffic reporting and periodic checking for broken links.

21 IT-Infrastructure Services
Facilities Management We provide end-to-end IT infrastructure management services to enterprise clients managing their IT infrastructures and supporting their users with our Help Desk services. We provide voice, and web-based Technical Support services. We ensures that the customer’s equipment are in top operational condition and that they are receiving services in a prompt and organized manner. We offer Facility management services on Service Level Agreement (SLA) Model to organizations that choose to outsource their facility management operations in lieu of maintaining their own facility management personnel and resources.

22 Technologies Microsoft Java/J2EE
Microsoft Compliant / .NET design and development guideline Enterprise Application – N-tier architecture .NET Remoting Architecture Active Directory Service Interface Windows Services for background processes. Web Services using XML - SOAP/HTTP Advanced ADO.NET features Centralized Exception/Error handling Ajax Implementation of .NET ASP, ASP .NET, VB .NET, C# Java/J2EE N-tier architecture Java Server Pages (JSP) 1.1 /Servlets 2.3 J2EE Design and development guidelines Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 2.0 Java Transaction Service and API (JTS, JTA) 1.0 Spring MVC, Struts, Hibernate Eclipse, NetBeans Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 2.0 Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) 1.2, Java Activation Framework (JAF) 1.0, Java Message Service (JMS) , Java Mail 1.1

23 Technologies RDBMS: Oracle, MS SQL Server, Ingress, MySQL and Sybase
Reporting Tools: SAP Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports Portal: MS-SharePoint, Liferay Operating System: Windows NT/2000/2003, Netware, Linux, and UNIX Web server: Apache, IIS, JBoss, Tomcat Mail Servers: MS-Exchange, SendMail, QMail, Postfix Mail Clients: MS-Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Thunderbird etc.

24 Products

25 EnTrust-Suite Core Features
Database strength: EnTrust is built on a RDBMS like Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL this offer the best possible storage system for larger transactions. Higher degree of complexity handling: EnTrust can handle a higher number of complex day-to-day activities, such as purchase order processing, production planning, sales and distribution and networking. Higher degree of integration: EnTrust integrates a large number of modules transparently to give an enterprise access to a wide variety of information from various systems and modules. Extensibility: EnTrust solutions grow with the company. The architecture of the database and the open system approach allows in-house MIS departments to easily generate information as required.

26 EnTrust-Suite Functional Benefits
Better control on inventory, cost, account payable, account receivable, production & quality Increased transparency of business performance and strategic success factors Accelerated response to market changes Centralized Planning & Control Better utilization of resource Complete data integrity

27 EnTrust-Suite Key Benefits
Business Processes Automation - More functional coverage through Information Systems Integration - Integrate the various functions like Finance, HR, Material Management, Sales & Distribution, Production, Plant Maintenance, Fixed Assets, Customer Management etc. for efficiency enhancement Cost Reduction – Do away with paper intensive reporting Just-in-time inventory management Ability to close books faster Real time collaboration across departments, across locations – Relevant information available to users directly Be able to spot “key business driver” trends and perform analysis Accuracy - Improved Quality of Management Information through standardization and integration Measuring business performance Foundation for Business Intelligence and other futuristic applications

28 EnTrust-Suite Ensures alignment with your business direction
Business Benefits Ensures alignment with your business direction Translates business goals into technical strategies Allows faster response to changes in business rules Management Benefits Promotes better staffing decisions Increases productivity Reduces training on systems Technical Benefits Ensures shared, consistent data Simplifies product sustainability and maintainability Infinite user license for single site installation One year support Complete Customization based on Gap Analysis Comprehensive implementation strategy based on customer priority

29 EnTrust-Suite For Top Management Strategic Decision Making
Environment Scanning For Functional Managers/ Middle Management Better control Availability of critical reports in time Quick and appropriate Response to Situations For Data Population Group/ Lower Management Availability of daily reports Flexibility of the application

30 EnTrust-Suite Audit, Compliances & Security
Support for regulatory requirements Localization infrastructure for regulatory reporting Security, Control & Audit Features Multiple levels of security Database level security Application level security User Access User Rights Password policy Role based security Enables preventive (exception handling) and detective (inquiry, reports, audit trails etc.) controls Complete Audit Trail, with changes to the Masters and Transactions logged with User Id, data & time stamps

31 EnTrust-ERP An ERP solution framework which can be customized to cater to the need of small & medium sized business organizations A comprehensive, powerful application for streamlining and coordinating an organization's processes and functions Addressing the needs of small and medium-scale enterprises, the solution is unique, customized and tailor-made for individual business needs. Is web-based, scalable and user-friendly Modular design in which modules requiring special development could be quickly built and easily integrated with the core product The most demanding and diverse needs of organizations can be easily met. Helps small and middle-scale enterprises to embrace the Internet and e-commerce with ease

32 EnTrust-ERP EnTrust-ERP aids in the control and communication of business activities, such as Efficient handling of order processing and production scheduling Management and analyses of business processes within an interactive environment Synchronization of activity within departments, such as human resources or finance, with the needs and output from production facilities Monitoring, sharing, and tracking information throughout the organization Maintaining records of warehoused goods Dynamic control of the purchasing of raw materials Automation of data entry processes Synchronization of order entry, quote processing, and reporting Reduction of the amount of time assembly lines are down, the costs of carrying inventory, production costs, and record keeping errors Obtaining the most value from company resources and equipment

33 EnTrust-HRIS A comprehensive, powerful HR Software for streamlining and coordinating an organization's human resources department Automates the various HR functions within a business organization that monitors the availability of qualified workers; recruits and screens applicants for jobs; helps select qualified employees; plans and presents appropriate orientation, training, and development for each employee; and administers employees. Is web-based, scalable, user-friendly, and is intended to be easy for current HR staff members to master Combines leading human resource practices with flexible scalable technology to manage people from recruit to retire and everything in between

34 EnTrust-HRIS Core Features
Unified service for HR, Time Attendance, Payroll, Leave etc. Management Dashboard Streamlined Employee Interface with a single login Synchronize data with a single database Empowered reporting

35 EnTrust-Materials Management
EnTrust-Materials Management the Tendering & Procurement Management, Inventory Management and the Sub-Contracting modules. The Tendering & Procurement module incorporates a complete Procurement Management system. This module monitors the procurement of goods from Vendors, right from the requisition stage. The Inventory Management Module incorporates a comprehensive stock control and inventory management system. This module covers stock control; right from the shipment advice from the vendor up-to the issue goods. The Sub-Contracting (Jobber) Module is geared to handle the outsourcing of work to Jobber/Contractor, as well as, working on out-sourced work from various parties.

36 EnTrust-Materials Management
Key Areas Generic Information Flow , Multiple-Unit of Measurement Maintenance of stock by grades / condition of item, Seamless integration with financial accounting Provides for the purchase, sale and tracking of both stock & non-stock items and/or services items provides for user-defined transactions for generic transaction types On-line update (posting) of stocks , Automatic generation of financial entries in financial accounting for the stores transactions document by document or batch posting Grouping of items by item Group/Sub-Group or by Item Types/Sub-Type , Suppliers and Clients can be grouped geographically by area, country and region Materials received in stores can be immediately issued without waiting for the costing of the goods to be completed , Generalized stock error checking facility At the time of entry of issues, parameter setups determine whether negative stock is permitted Elimination of data redundancy, Multiple delivery schedules for purchases Landed cost calculations by Weight, by Volume, or by Value, Stock valuation by weighted average cost (WAC) , First in First Out (FIFO), Last in Fast Out (LIFO), Batch wise methods Parameterized Credit Control at various stages in the sale and distribution process. Maintenance of multiple Jobs and Job related data, Profitability and Expense tracking by Job. Material Issues & Returns against each Job, Job estimation Vs Actual Comparison Automatic WIP to Actual A/C’s transfer on Closing of Job.

37 Case Studies

38 SafeStyle UK Plc. IFS: The purpose of the system was to track the service queries from customers after installation of their products. Safe Style offers a guarantee of 10 years on their products. The system tracks the details of the calls from the customers, and then these are forwarded to the respective department for resolution. It tracks inventory details in case any equipment is required for resolution of the call. When a call is logged in the system based on the type of the call the call is forwarded to the respective department. If an engineer visit is required (which is true in most of the cases), the same is done through a scheduler and the said schedule is passed on to the engineer’s hand held device. Once the call is resolved the same is updated in the system from the engineer’s hand held. This application is now the backbone of Safe Style’s Service Department. Earlier they were using legacy applications for different processes and were even maintaining their data in excel. This application has benefited Safe Style by: Efficient handling of customer requests and resolution scheduling Management and analyses of customer requests Synchronization of activity within departments, such as Customer Care, Service, Accounts, Fensa, 0-28 etc. Monitoring, sharing, and tracking of information throughout the organization Synchronization of call log entry, quote processing, and reporting In all, it has helped them by providing better customer support.

39 SafeStyle UK Plc. Sales Order Processing System: SOP takes care of the orders that are received by fax/ etc. Interfacing is done with their existing MRP and Accounting application. With the MRP this system retrieves the details of the costing and then checks with the accounting application for the credit limit of the customer. Based on this data is again send back to MRP for production processing and also certain information are ed/faxed to the customer from this application. Delivery of the finished product is also scheduled from this application by a scheduler. IFS Service Power Integration: Service Power is leading software for job scheduling. It uses state of art schedule optimization algorithm for jobs based on geographical locations and engineer availability. Service Power communicates with other software (in this case IFS & Mobile Application) through Web Services. This project involves the changes in IFS with respect to the Service Power as well as design & development of Interface between Service Power and IFS as well as mobile application. Stock Management System: SMS manages the information regarding the inventory of components used for manufacturing. It captures data at GRN level (The GRN is produced at accounting software CODA, SMS extracts data from CODA through Windows Service) and handles all Issues, Return and Stock adjustments. The application provided basic reports like stock level, Issue register etc. as well as MIS reports on stock valuation, stock history etc. Fitter Wage: Fitter Wage is wage-processing software for the fitters who work for SafeStyle on weekly wage basis. The software is capable of storing all master information like Insurance Details, docking, Wage percentage etc. that is used for wage processing. The application exchanges data with IFS, Payroll System and Financial Accounting System.

40 RMA, Bhutan The project was to automate the functions of the said central bank and the technology was a mix of Java and Microsoft with the database on Oracle. As RMA had several standalone bespoke legacy applications for most of the modules, the scope of work involved formulation an effective data migration plan and implementation of the same so that there is no data loss. There were total of 11 modules with 9 modules being developed in Java and 2 modules in .Net. The application software has been running live for the last 4 years after RMA was fully satisfied that all business processes have been taken care-off and they were performing as desired, all legacy data has been properly migrated onto the new application. Presently Comtel is providing RMA with AMC support for the application and also taking care of additional requirements and change requests. The following are modules that are implemented at RMA: Administrative Accounts Module (includes Payroll) Inventory Management Module Human Resource Management System Central Accounting Module Foreign Exchange Module Reserve Management Module Audit Information Module Internal & External Web Presence Module Financial Institute Statistical Module Research and Statistical Module

41 JHSB This ERP application software consists of 3 core modules and 2 non-core Modules. The core modules consists of (a) Housing Module (b) Financial Accounts and (c) Payroll. The non-core modules consist of (a) Dispatch and (b) Legal. Housing Module: Housing Module incorporates creation of a housing project, is it land or flat based on several parameters. Various schemes can be created and can be tagged with the projects. This module also takes care of distribution of Online Application forms over Internet, online submission of applications with documents, online payment (optional module), Lottery for allotments, allocation of land/flat/building to the selected applicants and contract registration. Financial Accounts: Apart from general and standard features that are applicable for any financial accounting package, in this application, this module is extended to take care of the loans that are disbursed to various applicants and to track their status. Payroll: This is a standard HR & Payroll accounting module that encompasses the requirement for any government department taking care of the master list of employees with their specific details, tracking their leave and attendance, taking care of their loans and advances, statutory deductions and generating the pay- process.

42 Cuprum Bagrodia Limited
CBL is the Indian representative of Komatsu, the leading mining and construction Equipment manufacturer of the World. They are into sales and support of Komatsu equipment and their business encompasses across several states in the country. Since primarily they work with the state and the central government they needed to have sales management, supply chain management and financial accounting application in place. The scope of work for Comtel was to develop an integrated business application that will encompass these three business aspects of CBL and migrate legacy data from .mdb (SCM Module) and Tally (a standalone Financial Accounting application software). Comtel worked very closely with their IT team and developed an integrated business application that caters to their needs. The Sales Management System handles transaction right from customer enquiry to various levels of proposal creation and submission. It provides decision support for pricing based on earlier quotes, competitor pricing etc. The system also handles proposal amendments and post submission fact gathering. All terms and conditions related to proposals are also provided as lookup and customized texts. The system provides all sorts of reports ranging from registers to trend analysis etc. SCM handles transactions like Sales Order Processing, Purchase Enquiry, Purchase Order, Shipping information, Purchase bill, Sale Bill etc. The software handles all the import related transactions and statutory documents. The Financial Accounting System handles all the transactions at Voucher level. It will also have data exchange facility with the SCM. The accounting system will provide all essential daily reports like Bank Book, Cash Book, General Ledger, Party Ledger as well final statements like Trial Balance, PL & Balance Sheet etc.

43 Wipro Infotech Wipro partnered with Comtel for providing solutions to several of their clients, across various verticals like banking & financial, manufacturing and telecom etc. Two of the prestigious projects are mentioned below: IIBF: Established in 1928 as a Company under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1913, Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), formerly known as The Indian Institute of Bankers (IIB), is a professional body of banks, financial institutions and their employees in India. With its membership of over 677 banks and financial institutions as institutional members and about 4,50,000 of their employees as individual members, IIBF is the largest Institute of its kind in the world. IIBF wanted to migrate its in-house ERP application from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10gR2 environment. There were around 500 Oracle 9i forms and equal number of reports that were to be migrated to Oracle 10gR2. The forms were java forms using Struts framework and were using JDeveloper as the IDE. Parle Products: Parle Products has been India's largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery for almost 80 years. Makers of the world's largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and a host of other very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and great taste. With a reach spanning even to the remotest villages of India, the company has definitely come a very long way since its inception. Parle was running its in-house ERP application on Oracle 6i and wanted to migrate the entire application to Oracle 10g. The application consisted of around than 1500 Oracle 6i forms, 1300 Oracle 6i reports, 500 Pro C programs, Menus and PL/SQL statements. All these compiled into 8 modules.

44 Pragati Insurance Limited
PIL is a leading insurance company in Bangladesh providing General Insurance as well as Life Insurance Services. Comtel along with UGI has jointly developed a comprehensive Insurance management System for there general Insurance business. The System is designed to implement an online Insurance Management System for their corporate head office as well as branches. IMS is aimed to develop an integrated windows and web enable software solution that includes general insurance business activities with inter branch connectivity on a centralize setup. IMS is a end to end solution covering core business processes like underwriting, Claims, agent management as well other supporting organizational activities like Accounts, HR & Payroll etc. IMS has independent but integrated modules for Motor, Fire, Marine and all other types of general insurances. Main Core module of this system is Underwriting.  Underwriting module is divided into different sub-modules like Motor, Fire, Marine Cargo, Marine Hull, Miscellaneous Policies, Engineering Policies, Overseas-Mediclaim Policy and Hospitalization Policy. For each sub- modules there are Demand Note, Cover Note, Policy, Certificate, Endorsement of Policy, Addendum of Cover Note, Non-leader Policy/Cover Note/Endorsement/Addendum, Short Policy/Endorsement and very important documents like Demand Note Paper, Policy Paper, Cover Note Paper, Endorsement/Addendum Paper, Premium Invoice, Premium Advice, GA Form etc. are generated for the Insurer of the Company. Commission / Agent Bill, Renewal List, Renewal Letter to Client are very important part of this application. Other core modules of this system are Claim and Reinsurance. Non-Insurance Modules are Financial Accounting Systems (integrated with all other Modules), HRMS, FDR, Fixed Assets (Furniture & Fixtures, Electrical Equipment, Vehicle Management and Stationery), Board Meeting, MIS Reports etc.

45 Durgapur Chemicals Limited
Durgapur Chemicals Ltd. is a public sector company wholly owned by the Government of West Bengal. They are into commercial production of Phenol, phthalic anhydride, Monochloro Benzene, Pentachloro Phenol, Caustic Soda, Chlorine and Hydrochloric Acid. The main objective behind the implementation of ERP was to bring all the activities of DCL under one single system. It automated their HR, Production, Purchase, Stores, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Budgeting process and hence DCL was able to generate complex reports pertaining to production, purchase & stores, sales, finance, cost sheets etc. Scalability, performance and last but not the least security were the core concern of DCL management and these areas where carefully and thoroughly dealt with. Over the years, DCL have been able to decrease on its operating costs and have been able to increase on its business revenue. The ERP covered the following modules: Research & Development Product Development System Stock Seeds Production Processing & Quality Control Sales & Distribution Marketing Human Resources Accounts & Finance

46 HJI Prop: GMMCO HJI Prop: GMMCO is in the business of manufacturing chloro caustic soda. They have their manufacturing unit located at Amlai in Madhya Pradesh. ERP was implemented at HGI GMMCO covering nearly the entire gamut of their business processes. The following are modules that were implemented: Materials Management and Inventory Control. Sales, Distribution and sales Accounting Accounts & Asset Salaries and Wages Excise & Taxation Transport and Logistics Cylinder Accounting Year-end Process Budget and Costing Management Information System The entire implementation process at HGI took 18 calendar months and presently Comtel is providing application support, which covers any minor/major, fixes in form of bugs, additional requirement and changes on the application. Comtel is also responsible for maintaining the health of the database, which is on MS-SQL Server in form of database tuning, taking database backups etc.

47 Intelligence Branch, West Bengal
Integrated Reporting and Query System (IRQS) is comprehensive, powerful Software for coordinating the different issues of Intelligence Branch (IB), West Bengal. IRQS is online LAN/WAN based, user friend scalable and is intended to be planned to be implemented in all the District Intelligence Bureaus or DIBs along with the IB HQ at Kolkata. IRQS is to be developed as a full-featured portal to be hosted at IB HQ on a secured private network exclusively dedicated to the IB. The IRQS will be used to create and send daily Situation Reports (SITREP) and other daily/periodic reports to the IB HQ. The reports so received from the DIBs will be collated in a database centrally at Kolkata. The DIBs will be able to view data generated by them/other DIBs from the central server. All data entry and viewing at DIBs will happen through Browser based clients to be provided for this purpose. Access to the central Server will be restricted by implementation of a suitable security. It comprises the following modules Foreign Section, Passport Section, International Passport Section, Reference Section, Security Section, Verification Section, Communal Section, General Section, Naxalite Section, Special Section and Staff Section.

48 Metro Railways, Kolkata
Metro Railway, Kolkata is the first underground Metro Railway in India. It extends from Dum-Dum near Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose airport, Kolkata to Tollygunj, the busy north south axis of Kolkata over a length of Kms. There are Seventeen Stations en route at about one km apart. The Metro Railway Kolkata was constructed progressively from 1972 to 1995, Phase-I a length of 3.04 Kms. from Esplanade to Bhowanipur having been completed in Full length of Kms was commissioned in Comtel partnered with Webel for maintaining their in-house ERP. The ERP was developed and implemented by Pentasoft. Subsequently, after Pentasoft closed down, Metro Railways was in dire straits and was looking for a vendor to maintain and upgrade their ERP. WTL partnered with Comtel to provide application maintenance and upgradation support to Metro. The ERP is running in Oracle environment using Forms 6. We are into 4th year of the support.

49 Santaldihi Thermal Power Station
 West Bengal Power Devel­op­ment Corporation Limited (WBPDCL) is a company owned by the Government of West Bengal with the goal to carry on inter-alia the business of electric power generation and supply in the state of West Bengal, India. The main thermal power plants under WBPDCL are in Kolaghat, Bakreswar, Sagardighi, Santaldih, and Bandel. Santaldihi Thermal Power Station (STPS) has a huge collection of books, drawings, manuals, CD(s) and periodicals. Comtel provided STPS with a Library Management System, which will essentially be used for acquisition, purchase, issue and return of various library items. The features of this application are as follows: Acquisitions (ordering, receiving, and invoicing materials) Cataloging (classifying and indexing materials) Circulation (lending materials to patrons and receiving them back) Serials (tracking magazine and newspaper holdings) The OPAC (public interface for users) Search and Advanced Search features for Articles and books available. Membership and Registration of users. Security and User management – User, Role and access management can be done from this section.

50 SICGIL India Limited SICGIL INDIA LIMITED is the largest manufacturer and distributor of Liquid Co2 and Dry Ice in the country. It was incorporated in 1947 and is the only Public Limited Company exclusively in the Co2 business. The company has five factories located at Bhatinda, Chennai, Goa, Tuticorin, Vadodara and Kakinada with a cumulative production capacity of over 400 tons per day. The facility is backed up by nine satellite refilling stations located at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Ernakulam, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Madurai, Mumbai, Pune, Srikakulam, Sriperumbudhur and Visakhapatnam. SICGIL offers high purity Liquid Co2 and services all industrial users covering soft drinks, precision welding and foundries. Their units have been accredited with ISO 9001 : certification. Comtel has provided SICGIL with EnTrust – Material Management System. This application automated their purchase, stores and inventory. The functionalities covered were Tendering & Procurement Management, Inventory Management and the Sub- Contracting modules. The Tendering & Procurement module incorporates a complete Procurement Management system. This module monitors the procurement of goods from Vendors, right from the requisition stage. The Inventory Management Module incorporates a comprehensive stock control and inventory management system. This module covers stock control; right from the shipment advice from the vendor up-to the issue goods. The Sub-Contracting (Jobber) Module is geared to handle the outsourcing of work to Jobber/Contractor, as well as, working on out-sourced work from various parties.

51 Nicco Ventures Nicco Ventures specializes in recruiting permanent managerial and technical professionals. Their delivery is as per stringent global standards, and has placed over 2000 professionals in globally renowned companies in the last two years. This application was customized software for conducting online examination. It covers the entire scope from creating exams, creating questions, question bank, student registration, online examination, result etc. Feature list for the application includes: Question bank creation and updation. Historical database of questions for future re-use. Integration with student attendance. Bulk question upload and download. Online examination engine. Reports from examination management related to schedule, question papers, score sheets and others. Tabulation of results. Printing of certificates.

52 Mahindra Comviva Mahindra Comviva (formerly Bharti Telesoft) is the leading provider of integrated VAS solutions for mobile operators in emerging markets. Its broad portfolio of offerings reflect the demands and opportunities of the growing mobile marketplace: mLifestyle and mCommerce solutions, core VAS applications that differentiate the operator in increasingly competitive markets, and business support systems that streamline the service provider’s operational environment. Its Managed Services offering allows operators to focus on their core business by handling the operations of the service providers’ myriad of mobile services. With the acquisition of Jatayu, a leading provider of mobile Internet applications, Mahindra Comviva now supports operator differentiation via its Jataayu Mobile Device Solutions portfolio of applications, working with handset manufacturers to create interfaces and services that deliver a competitive edge. Comtel partnered with CTL to provide IT support for CTL products for their numerous clients. Managed Services: The challenge was the geographical coverage as it was to be installed and maintained for locations all across the telecom circles of India. The scope of the project was installation and maintenance of application software for IVR & SMS applications, monitoring these and sending daily back up to a centralized location. Over and above the earlier scope Comtel’s engineers were also responsible for administration of Linux servers, which had Oracle running. Sun Cluster Installation: The scope of work for this was Installation of Solaris, Installation & Configuration of Cluster Suite, Installation of Oracle, Configuration of Oracle Cluster Component and Installation of Sun Cluster Console. This project was for one of the overseas client of CTL. KBC3: The challenge was the geographical coverage as it was to be installed and maintained for 22 locations all across. The scope of the project was installation and maintenance of application software for IVR & SMS applications, monitoring these and sending daily back up to a centralized location. Over and above the earlier scope Comtel’s engineers were also responsible for administration of Linux servers which had Oracle running. KBC2 & Indian Idol: The challenge was the geographical coverage as it was to be installed and maintained for 14 locations all across India for KBC2 and 7 locations for Indian Idol. The scope of the project was installation and maintenance of application software for IVR & SMS applications, monitoring these and sending daily back up to a centralized location. Over and above the earlier scope Comtel’s engineers were also responsible for administration of Linux servers, which had Oracle running.

53 Microland Microland is a leading specialist IT Infrastructure Services Provider, offering a comprehensive range of services to clients across the globe. A pioneer of the remote infrastructure management concept, Microland has its operations hub in India and global presence across USA, UK and Middle East. Incorporated in 1989, Microland has deep and broad expertise in all areas of technology infrastructure set up, management and optimization. Microland works with over 70 clients, including Fortune 100 organizations and fast growing global enterprises. Our engagement models and service delivery methodologies are tailored to address the unique needs of our clients across geographies and industries. Comtel partnered with Microland in several IT projects. Facilities Management: Comtel partnered with Microland in providing facilities management services for several of their clients like Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, ICICI Bank etc. The scope of work was Helpdesk Operation, System and Network Administration on Windows, UNIX & Linux and Integrated Software Management. Implementation of HP Open Mail System: This project was for one of Microland’s premier client and the scope of work was Installation of HP Open Mail Server, Connectivity with Singapore based Open Mail Server, Migration of user accounts from CC Mail to Open Mail, Configuration of clients and User training on the same. Migration of Novell Netware to Win NT: This project was for one of Microland’s client and the scope of work was Installation of Win NT, Connectivity with DEC VAX and Legacy Netware System, Implementation of User Policy and Protocol Migration from SPX/IPX & DEC VAX to TCP/IP.

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