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Third Grade GA on my Mind

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1 Third Grade GA on my Mind

2 1. Which animal could not live in Georgia’s mountain habitat?
a. owl b. bear c. toad d. shark

3 2. Which habitat has hills, rivers, forest, and some small mountains?
a. Piedmont b. Mountains c. Swamps d. Coast

4 5. Which animal probably lives in the Piedmont?
1 2 3 4 5. Which animal probably lives in the Piedmont? A B C D

5 6. Which one is not a major habitat of Georgia?
Piedmont Mountains marshes and swamps, coast Atlantic Ocean Desert

6 8. A plant that can survive with salt water would probably live
on the coast in the mountains in the forest in the Piedmont

7 9. Where would you most likely find a bald cypress?
Piedmont Mountain Marsh Swamp

8 10. Joe has a plant that he waters every day
10. Joe has a plant that he waters every day. The plant is turning brown. He gives it more water, but the soil is already very wet. What could be wrong with Joe’s Plant? a. It needs more water. b. It needs light instead of water. c. The soil is too wet. d. The pot has too much soil.

9 11. If a plant did not have leaves …
the plant would not be able to make food it will steal food from other plants the plant will be sad.

10 1 2 3 4 12. Which of these animals is MOST LIKELY to be able to breathe while hiding in water? A B C D

11 13.What part of an eagle may help it grab food?
wings feet feathers eyes

12 14. What part of a mountain lion helps it balance itself?
thick fur strong jaws long tail sharp claws

13 15. Which of these animals does NOT live in Georgia’s mountain?
sea turtle deer armadillo black bear

14 16. In what ways can a flood help the environment?
new soil is deposited, new plants may grow in the soil All of these

15 17. Which event will NOT LIKELY cause a major change in an environment?
forest fire hurricane flood rain shower

16 18. What will most likely happen to seeds in the ground after a fire destroys surrounding trees?
The seeds are carried away. The seeds grow into plants. The fire burns up the seeds The seeds do not sprout.

17 19. If a fire destroys all the trees in a forest, which of the following will be harmed?
deer soil rabbits plants

18 20. An event that can harm an environment but can also bring a new layer of soil is a
fire. flood. hurricane. thunderstorm.

19 21. Jake is concerned that the fish in a local stream are losing their habitat. Which of these things will help the fish MOST? keeping trash in the woods conserving gasoline cleaning up the stream polluting the waters

20 22. Which of the following things can help reduce air pollution?
building more factories dumping trash on the ground driving cars less often cutting down tree

21 23. Alvin and his friends throw bottle caps into the lake to watch them splash. This is an example of fishing. recycling. littering. conserving

22 24. What happens to fish that live in polluted waters?
They get fat on the pollution. The fish may get sick and die. They will change the polluted waters into clean fresh water. None of these

23 25. Which of the following is NOT a result of acid rain?
damaged soil cleaner lakes fewer trees unhealthy fish

24 26. Soda cans are melted and made into other things instead of being thrown away. This is an example of littering. wasting. recycling. polluting.

25 27. What natural resource is paper made from?
Rain water Oil Wood Solar Energy

26 28. Which of the following is the BEST way to conserve gasoline?
plant special crops. recycle paper. burn more coal. drive cars less.

27 29. What does this symbol on a plastic bottle mean?
The bottle is dangerous. The bottle can be recycled. The bottle should be thrown away. The bottle causes pollution.

28 30. What might happen in the future if we do not conserve oil?
It will be gone. We will need to find another source to burn in cars. All of these

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