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SAVE MONEY SAVE TIME SIMPLIFY LIFE. Business Models… Your Friend’s Store $$$ Saves You Time, Money & Energy The Store $$$

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2 Business Models… Your Friend’s Store $$$ Saves You Time, Money & Energy The Store $$$

3 Gas Station Analogy…  If your friend or relative owned a gas station where would you buy?  Simple from them of course right, if they offered the same value and convenience!!!  Well what if they were on the other side of town? But offered ….  To bring the gas truck to your house and fill up your cars  To schedule your fill up around your consumption  To fill up your cars with no delivery charge  A special blend of natural cleaner burning gas that is better for your engine and the environment  100 % Satisfaction Guarantee, rewards and incentives for being a loyal customer  That would be quite a deal right? Well that is what your friends have NOW!

4 What We Offer … Scheduled delivery to your door through a patented auto ship program called Ditto One of the biggest budget busters is impulse buying. So, the more you can avoid the stores the more chance you have of saving your money Hundreds of exclusive, world-class products for your health, home, and personal care, plus hundreds of thousands of other products

5 What We Offer … Environmentally responsible products that are highly concentrated to save you money 100% satisfaction guaranteed on exclusive brands. Free shipping on orders over $75.00 A unique, world-class gift incentive program that could get you anything from a coffee grinder to a Movado watch Lastly gifts and incentives unlike anywhere else, the more you shop the more you get!

6 Health… Nutrilite  Best of nature. Best of Science Genetic Testing  Prevention is smarter than cure Sports Nutrition  Refuel with the good stuff XS Energy Drink  All the energy without the sugar Perfect Empowered Drinking Water  Bottled water oxygenated to perfection

7 Recommended Daily Intake One good multivitamin with phytonutrients 7 to 10 servings of fruits & vegetables 2 to 3 servings of good fish every week

8 Nutrilite ™ : 8 Reasons To Choose 1.The Worlds Leading Global Brand of Vitamins, Minerals & Dietary supplements 2.The Only Global Brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms 3.Utilizes its own farming techniques relying on biological methods of soil, weed, insect and disease management 4.Plant concentrates of whole plants, less cellulose and fiber has always played major role in Nutrilite products 5.Contains Phytonutrients which may comprise of one ore more vitamin complexes 6.Strives to maintain the highest quality standards at all times 7.Has an extensive team of high caliber scientists, agriculturists, botanists, experts and quality technicians working together to produce highest quality supplements 8.Formulates products without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

9 If you can’t think of one day this week when you: Got enough of all 22 essential vitamins and minerals Ate 5 to 9 servings of fruit and vegetables Ate 2 or more servings of ocean fish …you’re not alone. These simple steps can have a major impact on our long-term health. When we can’t or don’t eat the way we should, this is a perfect way to give our bodies additional nutrients it needs. The Perfect Pack box set includes a 30-day supply of these 3 supplements: Nutrilite Double X ®, Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables, Ocean Essentials ® Balanced Health Best Supplement Package

10 The Perfect Pack For Your Health

11 Nutrilite ® Double X ® Unlock your natural energy for optimal health Improves blood nutrient levels from 12 vitamins & 10 minerals Antioxidants from 20 plant concentrates protects & improves stability of your DNA Supports a healthy liver, heart, skin, bone, brain and eye Best balance of vitamins and minerals $2.38/day

12 Nutrilite ® Concentrated Fruits And Vegetables – Tablets Essential phytonutrients from natural fruits & vegetables 10+ servings of fruits & vegetables Powerful antioxidants to fight cancer cells Protects prostate health, eyes, cardiovascular health $1.36 per day (2 tabs per day)

13 Nutrilite ® Ocean Essentials ® Balanced Health Omega 3s for your heart & mind Helps support memory, learning, & concentration Protects nerves Helps keep blood flowing & joint moving.85 cents per day (3 softgels daily)

14 Better Supplement package

15 Nutrilite ® Men’s Supplement Pack Convenient on the go-packs Essential vitamins and minerals you need, every single day Provides additional antioxidants Vitamin C to fight free radicals Omega-3 fatty acids. for maintaining the health of your heart and brain Comparison Nutrilite Men’s PackGNC Mega Men’s.76 cents per day (Less than half)$1.67 Daily 518 mg Phytonutrients (5 times mega)105 mg of Phytonutrients

16 Nutrilite ® Women’s Supplement Pack Convenient on the go-packs Essential vitamins and minerals you need, every single day Extra calcium and important minerals to help keep bones strong Promotes healthy hair, supports smooth and elastic skin, and helps strengthen nails Omega-3 fatty acids for maintaining the health of your heart and brain Comparison Nutrilite Women’s PackGNC Mega Women’s.73 cents per day (Less than half)$1.67 Daily 518 mg Phytonutrients (5 times mega)105 mg of Phytonutrients

17 Nutrilite ® Daily Multivitamin/Multimineral Just 12.5 cents a day (1 daily) 24 essential vitamins and minerals in each tablet with 20 of them at 100% the Daily Value Unique benefits of 500 mgs phytonutrients Kosher and halal certified too

18 Cost Per Day… Perfect Pack For Your Health = $137.97 ($4.59/Day) Daily/Fruits & Veggies/Omega 3 = $86.24* ($2.87/Day) Double X = $71.49 ($2.38/Day) Men’s Pack/Women’s Pack = $22.99/$21.99 (.76 cents-.73 cents/Day) Daily = $11.30* (12.5 cents/Day) *Nutrilite Daily: Cost per use prorated based on bottle size (90 tabs/3 months supply)

19 Nutrilite ® Kids MultiTarts Yummy nutrition for kids in 3 flavors Moms-trusted for nutrition, kids- approved for taste Helps support eye health, healthy immune system, strong bones Made with 4 organic fruit concentrates 19 vitamins & minerals that kids need Cost per use =.28 cents/kids 2-4 yrs.58 cents/kids > 4 yrs

20 Nutrilite® Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables Easy way to get your kids eat 5+ servings of fruits & veggies Delicious chewable good stuff for kids.93 cents per day/kids 4-12 yrs (2 tabs per day)

21 Nutrilite ® Kids Brainiums DHA ® A delicious way to support memory, learning & concentration Help nourish 100 billion child brain cells at birth Convenient, nutritious & enjoyable Cost per use = $1.26/Day (4 per day)

22 Nutrilite ® Glucosamine-7 Relieve joint pain in just 7 days Bend, kneel, skip, jump-freely Helps maintain healthy joints Assist your body in the building and repair of joint cartilage 4 tabs per day ($.89 cents per Day)

23 Nutrilite ® CoEnzyme Q10 Complex Helps keep your heart young Maintain healthy heart, liver, & kidneys Powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals 2 softgels per day (.89 cents per Day)

24 Gensona… Genetic testing -a closer look at your DNA-a quest to achieve good health Study on genetic predisposition-certain type of heart disease Testing for any kind of IL1 gene variation for inflammation Identify increased risk for cardiovascular disease and acute cardiac events helps balance IL1 gene expression and helps maintain normal C-reactive protein levels that are already within the normal range* It supports heart health for those individuals who have a genetic overexpression of IL1 *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease $199.00 $60.99 (.67/day)

25 TRIM BODY SYSTEM A variety of Nutrilite® Meal and 100- calorie Snack Bars – 48 bars in all Full-size bottles of these Nutrilite supplements: Slimmetry™ to target fat loss, Glucose Health to metabolize foods, Carb Blocker 2 to block calories from carbs, and Invisifiber™ to up fiber intake DVD containing the program's workouts and info about health risks The Trim Body System journal to make your journey easy with day-by- day encouragement, tips, and tracking Over 60% of the U.S. population is overweight $229.99 Includes all the products and supplements you need for the four week program

26 Nutrilite ® Slimmetry™ Dietary Supplement Enhances fat & weight loss Contains 4 all natural herbal extracts:  Green Tea Extract, Yerba Mate Extract, Birch Extract & Coleus Forskohlii Extract Boosts weight-loss efforts with definitive results when used with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise.22 cents per tablet

27 Nutrilite ® Carb Blocker 2 3 Tabs block up to 500 calories per meal Provides natural, non-stimulating carbohydrate control Helps keep you feeling fuller, longer.46 cents per tablet

28 One small study suggests that chromium picolinate may reduce the risk of insulin resistance, and therefore possibly may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes Chromium, which is an essential trace mineral that aids in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism Vanadium, a trace mineral that research suggests may support cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism as well as glucose oxidation and glycogen synthesis in the liver Garcinia cambogia, a source of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which research suggests has a beneficial effect on carbohydrate metabolism $1.69 per day Glucose Health

29 Invisifiber Contains four grams of natural, soluble dietary fiber per serving Supports normal gastrointestinal health and regularity Is taste-free and non-gritty Can be sprinkled on foods or mixed into drinks $1.25 per stick

30 Nutrilite ® Meal Bar/Snack Bar Bars that taste like candy!!! Portable, portion-controlled meal Satisfying taste less than 200 cal or less!! Nutrionally balanced. Easy calorie control 22 essential vitamins and minerals 4 delicious flavors for all taste buds $1.99 per bar (12 bars per box) Portable, portion-controlled meal Rich with flavor and only 100 calories Balanced nutrition in a delicious snack bar 4 mouthwatering flavors $1.29 per bar (12 bars per box)

31 Meal Replacement Shake Nutritionally balanced 7 g soy protein 8 g dairy protein Just 3 g fat (1.5 g saturated fat) 1/3 the Daily Value of 24 vitamins and minerals 140 calories Only 15 g carbohydrates 400 mg of cholesterol-lowering plant sterols per shake $2.50 per shake

32 Easy and convenient to create a flavorful drink from plain water Helps replace electrolytes lost through exertion Formulated with 80 mg potassium and 270 mg sodium Just 20 calories per tube, No artificial colors or flavors Suitable for use by vegetarians.55 cents per tube/20 tubes per box (pour content in 16 oz of water) Twist Tubes…

33 Sports Nutrition Rhodiola 110 Burst of Energy Energy Bars Fast Acting Carbs Protein Shake 25 Grams of Protein Sports Drink 0 Sugar, Great Taste

34 Rhodiola 110 Dietary Supplement Boost your energy & improve focus Increase your mental & physical performance Shorten your recovery time from stress.67 cents per tablet

35 Sports Drink… Nutrilite Sugar FREE Sports Drinks Gatorade G2Powerade ZERO Calories05057 Sodium110 mg 51 mg Potassium30 mg0 to 30 mg32 mg Sugar0 g14 g15 g B-VitaminsYes – 25% RDANoYes AntioxidantsYesNo Artificial Colors NoYes Artificial Flavors No PreservativesNo Flavors233 Based on Internet and label claims, August 2008 Trademark: Gatorade Sports Drinks (Th Quaker Oats Company, Chicago, Ill); Powerade Sports Drinks (Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, Ga.). $1.25/bottle

36 Sports Nutrition … No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives Provides 25 grams of satiating protein your body uses to build and rebuild muscle tissue Exclusive Nutrilite C- Lenium Blend helps protect against harmful free radicals generated by exercise $2.99 per bottle Each serving provides 25 g of fast-digesting protein your body uses to build and repair muscle Ideal for weightlifters, endurance athletes, and people who want to build muscle Exclusive Nutrilite C-Lenium Blend helps protect against harmful free radicals generated by exercise $1.92 per pack Helps sustain energy and endurance, with the right blend of carbohydrates and protein Helps build muscle and strength for the long run Exclusive Nutrilite C-Lenium Blend provides antioxidant protection from harmful free radicals generated by intense exercise $2.22 per bar

37 XS™ Energy Drink XS Energy DrinkRed Bull O Sugar27 grams Sugar O Carbs28 grams Carbs 8 calories110 calories 13 flavors - B 12 based. (Soda, Tea, Functional &Caffeine Free) 2 Flavor All of the energy ! none of the sugar. Great tasting flavors to jump start your taste buds. A potent mix of B vitamins for sustained energy Premium herbs & ingredients for better performance $1.99 per can

38 XS™ Gold Energy Plus XS Gold creates the standard for a new beverage category called FUNCTIONAL ENERGY – the combination of energy and functional nutrition It is a lightly carbonated, rich-tasting beverage that delivers the flavors of Acai, mangosteen, blueberry, and pomegranate XS Gold's more powerful ingredients may help the body cope with stress, support emotional balance, sharpen mental focus and stamina, boost mental clarity and concentration, and alleviate mental fatigue. The proprietary blend also provides immunity support XS Gold is a crossover product – it combines effective amounts of powerful vitamins and minerals with EssentraR and more $2.99 per can

39 Perfect Empowered Drinking Water $1.99/bottle


41 Skin Care Artistry Essentials  High Quality Basic Skin Care System Artistry Time Defiance  Anti-Aging Skin Care System Tolsom  Premier Mens Skin Care Clear.Now  Acne Treatment System that works!

42 Why Artistry? The only direct selling skin care & cosmetic products among the World’s top five Prestige beauty brands 2007 sales topped $1.2 billion 100% satisfaction guarantee 180 days money back policy

43 Artistry ® Essentials Skin Care System  Cleanser: Exfoliates & provides ultra- moisturizing to soothe away dryness  Toner: Energizes & boosts your skins ability to stay hydrated throughout the day  Lotion: SPF 15 provides protection against aging UVA/UVB & patent-pending free radical protection  $47.00 for all 3  Cleanser: Fresher skin with built in patented exfoliation technology.  Toner: Gives your skin a fresh, & matte finish.  Lotion: SPF 15 with UVA/UVB helps prevent premature skin aging  $47.00 for all 3 Balancing Skin Care Hydrating Skin Care

44 Replenishing Eye Creme Younger-looking eyes in just one day In just 24 hours, experience a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and puffiness with this light, silky crème formula It also reduces the appearance of dark circles by 29% in 16 weeks Citrus bioflavonoids fortify the delicate skin around the eyes, while linseed, licorice extracts, and echinacea soothe and refresh $27 per tube

45 Artistry® Time Defiance® Skin Care System Defy age beyond procedures Four Steps Anti-aging solutions Cleansing Treatment: Gently cleanses & calms Conditioning Toner: Hydrates skin Day time Protect Moisturizer: Ultimate defense against UVA/UVB exposures & fee radical damage Night time Recovery Moisturizer: Help boost collagen & elastin while boosting skin’s hydration by 181% Improves fine lines, wrinkles, skin smoothness & luminosity Dermatologist & allergy tested $166.95 for all 4 products

46 Artistry ® Microdermabrasion System Feel softer, smoother skin instantly with oat proteins Improves texture by 52% in12 weeks Safe for sensitive skin Rejuvenates skin, gently exfoliates, leaving skin smooth, soft and fresh Noticeably softens fine lines Works as an exfoliator and cleanser in one convenient product Invigorating tangerine berry fragrance $71.50 for all 3 products

47 Artistry ® Essentials Makeup Kit Everything for a simply flawless look Customized for all skin tones Neutral shades to subtly enhance eyes, cheeks, and lips All in one stylish bag $59.00

48 Tolsom - Skin Care for Men Men need the same personalized skin care that women do! Men’s faces are generally oilier and the skin is thicker than ladies’ skin Years of shaving takes its toll, creating dryness and abrasions Tolsom is the only men’s skin care line with the exclusive T-10 Complex Guarantees high-performance results in 4 weeks 91% improvement in skin clarity 88% improvement in skin dryness 75% fewer nicks and cuts 73% reduction in ingrown hairs 48% improvement in skin smoothness Clean citrus scent is perfect for men! Cleansing Foam: $18.50, Shave Gel: $9.75, After Shave Splash: $17.50, Skin Smoothing Gel: $20.50, Skin Protective Lotion w/SPF 15: $32.00 All 5 Products = $98.25 (Lasts around 3 months - based on usage)

49™ Skin Care System The ONLY acne treatment system that utilizes patented stabilized sodium chlorite combined with salicylic acid - to keep pores clean, clear, and cared for The 3-step treatment system:  Acne Treatment Wash (4.00 fl. oz.) to clear pores and gently exfoliate  Purifying Toner (4.00 fl. oz.) to eliminate acne-producing oil  Acne Treatment Lotion (2.00 fl. oz.) to treat and rejuvenate acne- affected skin $43.65 for all 3 products Promotes clear skin Enhances the body's natural ability to support a healthy complexion Fruit-flavored chewable tablet is easy and pleasant to take Safe and effective, with no side effects, even for users who are lactose intolerant $23.99 per bottle (.50 cents per tab)

50 Home Care Super concentrated. Lasts longer Leaves no irritating residue Biodegradable detergent Triple tested Keeps whites white & colors brilliant SA8 brand laundry system available.23 cents/load Concentrated Phosphate free Laundry Detergent All Purpose Cleaner Green since 1959 Soil removal & streak resistance Safe for all water-washable surfaces Super concentrated LOC brand cleaning system available 1 fl. oz. / gallon (1:128) bucket dilution

51 L.O.C.® Plus Metal Cleaner Safely and effectively removes heat burns and tarnish on unlacquered copper, solid brass and stainless steel Restores the gleam to stainless and non-stick cookware bottoms Non-caustic and mild on hands Cost effective. Concentrated to last longer Other LOC Products *Other LOC Products: LOC Kitchen Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Daily Shower Cleaner, and more!!! $4.60

52 Dish Drops® Scrub Buds® Stainless Steel Pads Lasts longer Gentle on hands Rust free Reusable & dishwasher safe $2.20 per bud ($8.80/box 4 per box)

53 Patented Tech Products E-Spring Water Purification System I-Cook Set Atmosphere – Air Purifier

54 Atmosphere ® Air Purifier eSpring ® Water Purifier Asthma and Allergy Friendly Certified Energy Star Rating Protecting the air you breathe Removes odor, & airborne pollutants 0.01 microns small Effectively removes 99.99% of airborne particles Whisper quiet efficiency. Auto one-touch mode Worlds’ best source of water Cost effective water purifier system Improves taste, odor, and clarity Reduces health-effect contaminants Reduces microorganisms with UV light The first in-home system to be certified by NSF International for water quality standards Earned the Water Quality Association's Gold Seal for superior consumer water treatment products


56 iCook… Exclusive technologies that make cooking healthier and cleanup easier Multi-ply construction with a carbon-steel core for even heat distribution and inner and outer layers of 18/10 surgical-grade stainless steel Optitemp™ fully encapsulated cooking base that improves heat distribution by 92% over Queen Cookware and works with any style cooktop The ease of stack cooking, which will help you save space The Vitalock™ cooking method, which locks in one-third more nutrients, without added fats or unnecessary water The Duramic™ nonstick coating on iCook Nonstick Frypans, which is 50% stronger than QuanTanium† finish Ergonomic handle designs to make everything easy to grip and use

57 iCook…

58 Ribbon Gift Program Gift Giving Made Easy: - Albums Range from $30 - $1,000 - Each album has 20 – 30 items to select from

59 Some Of Our Partner Stores

60 Services and Incentives Free Shipping $75 Free Gift Ditto Auto-ship Delivery Free Online Account Ditto for 3 months (min $75) : Variety Gift Ensemble Value $30.00 Ditto for 6 months (min $75): Celebrate Gift Card Value $40 Ditto for 12 month (min $75): Delicious Gift Ensemble Value = $65

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