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By: Ainsley Garza, Megan Otto, and Jordan White..

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1 By: Ainsley Garza, Megan Otto, and Jordan White.

2 We would like survivor to be filmed in Ohio, United States. Other locations are: Eastern United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Japan. TEMPERATE FORESTS

3 temperature ranges from -30°C to 30°C, yearly average is 10°C, hot summers, cold winters. Precipitation ranges from 750 to 1,500 mm of rain per year. The trees give good shelter, but with all the biodiversity, you will need clothing that protects your body, and you should have materials that allow you to start fires, and you will need to find materials for a dry shelter. The only concerns are the wild life that are native. CLIMATE EXPECTATIONS

4 There are many edible plants that are native to the temperate forests. Here are some examples: Onions: below the ground to keep from other animals from eating it, Wild Cabbage:, Walnut have a hard shell to keep from cracking, Hickories have a thick trunk to gave the tree it’s shape, Chestnuts are small and have a shell to keep from breaking, Mulberries grow in tall trees to keep away from ground predators. There are many edible animals that are native to the temperate forest. For example: Deer: long legs to run fast, Moose: teeth to grind grass, Squirrel: sharp teeth to eat nuts, Quail: small beak to eat nuts and seeds, Rabbit: big ears to hear predators near them, chipmunk: big cheeks to store food, and snails: shells to protect them. Threats are that some of these species that are edible are indicator species. FLORA AND FAUNA

5 Temperate Forests are being cut down by lumber companies to sell. We are currently trying to preserve the areas by creating national state parks. In the future, we are planning to expand the state park boundaries. By putting survivor in our biome we can raise money to expand the parks and replenish what has already been cut down. ECOLOGICAL CONCERNS

6 Here are some tools you will need to carry in your backpack: Matches A knife A solar power flashlight Empty container Iodine tablets 1 set of clean clothes Sleeping bag Pony-tale holder A few natural renewable energy resources are: Solar power because the sun is always shinning during the day. Wood will allow you to make fire, and have thermal energy, and being able to cook. REQUIRED SURVIVAL TOOLS

7 Challenge: contestant goes into the forest with no supplies except the ones we give y’all, and he/she has to survive the night with only a knife. If they bring anything besides a knife they will be disqualified. Reward: The contestant that wins survivor his/hers reward will be $10,000 and they will get a free trip to Hawaii. REWARD CHALLENGE

8 You are not allowed to cut down any trees, the wood will have to be already on the ground. You must put out your fire safely before you abandon it. You also must not pollute the area while filming. AVOIDING ENVIRONMENT HARM

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