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By Leah Lewis. Planet Rainforest Climate for my planet is wet & very hot.

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1 By Leah Lewis

2 Planet Rainforest Climate for my planet is wet & very hot.

3 Survival My duck will have silk skin so it can be protected from heat & water.

4 Duck`s covering Covering # 1 silk. _________________________________________________________ _ purpose: so it can stay cool. _________________________________________________ b. covering #2 thick webbed feet ______________________________________________ purpose: so it can destroy poisonous plants. _______________________________________________________ _ c. covering #3: blend in or mimicry _________________________________________ purpose: because of predators.________________________

5 Adaptation`s Wide webbed feet so it can go to the place it needs to go to with out dying, because there are poisonous plants/flowers. Feet that can go above ground or under to escape predators.

6 Eye sight The duck will have eyes that can see far ahead to look out for predators.

7 Food & beak Fruits & nuts for energy. They are easy to find in Mr. Big’s habitat. He will have a strong beak to open nuts.

8 Adaptations for water It`s webbed feet suck up water.

9 Shelter It lives in a tree trunk in the middle of nowhere, & he is the only one who can access it to open.

10 Predators Snacks, monkeys,& birds are all Mr. Big`s predators. Mr. Big uses his strong beak to hurt pray.

11 Unique adaptations It`s webbed feet are unique because they can destroy the poisonous plants.

12 it`s webbed feet will kill poison. It`s beak can smell prey from a mile away. It`s beak is strong It`s eyes can see ahead about 200 feet away. It`s long tongue acts like a straw to suck juice out of the fruit. It`s sharp teeth are used for killing prey, predators,and opening nuts. It`s body does mimicry so it won’t be easy to hunt. It`s leg are like an elevator so he can get food. Mr. Big

13 By: Leah Lewis

14 Question 14 a. Stem #1: short and absorbs water. ___________________________________________________________ purpose: because it is beside water ______________________________________________________________ b. Flower #2 dark,juicy,and poisonous ____________________________________________________________ purpose: dark-to absorb sunlight juicy-so it will seem safe. Poisonous-so predators will die with one bite.______________________________________________________________ c. Leaves #3: acid ____________________________________________________________ purpose: because of predators ______________________________________________________________ d. Roots #4 slick and poisonous _____________________________________________________________ purpose: Because of poisonous flowers/plants____________________________________________________________

15 Plant Adaptation`s Thick sturdy roots to store poison and grow. It will use photosynthesis (that is why it absorbs sun and grows by water). It will disperse the seeds by MR.BIG and the heat. It`s stem will suck up water from the pond near by. Monkeys, snakes, and birds eat the plant. It has petals because they can kill you in one bite.

16 It`s center holds food for Mr. Big. It`s stem stores poison so the plant can live. It`s dark petals absorb sunlight so it can grow. It`s leaf holds acid. It`s leafs are poison and if you try to eat one you die right then. It`s roots get water so the plant can grow.

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