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Pipe Cutting, Beveling, Clamping & Aligning Systems.

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1 Pipe Cutting, Beveling, Clamping & Aligning Systems


3 Saddle Cutting and Beveling Machine Ô Models available to cut pipe sizes 1 1/2” - 48” / 33-1219mm Ô Little or no set-up required when cutting pipes of the same diameter Ô 1 person operation when cutting most diameters

4 MagnaCut Cutting & Beveling Machine Ô Attaches to any magnetically receptive surface. Ô 2 minutes or less set-up. Ô Cuts pipe with outside diameters 6 5/8” / 168mm and larger. Ô Pipes having an inside diameter of 24” / 610mm and larger can be cut from the inside. Ô Operator does not have to stand in close proximity to the material being cut.

5 Jolly Chain Machine Ô Cuts pipes 2” to unlimited dia. Ô Used on large vessels when the exact outside dimensions are unknown Ô Cuts out-of-round pipes with ease Ô Chain tensioning mechanism and 3 wheel positions make it one of the most accurate machines on the market today

6 Monarch Band Machines Ô Excellent machine for cutting large diameter, horizontal or vertical pipe Ô Requires a clearance around the pipe of only 6” / 152mm Instructions: Delete sample documet icon and replace with working document icons as follows: Create document in Word. Return to PowerPoint. From Insert Menu, select Object… Click “Create from File” Locate File name in “File” box Make sure “Display as Icon” is checked. Click OK Select iconrom Slide Show Menu, Select Action Settings. Click “Object Action” and select “Edit” Click OK

7 CGM Cold Cutting and Beveling Machine Ô Excellent tool to use for cutting and beveling pipe diameters of 6” to 72” / 153 – 1829mm with wall thickness up to 2 5/16” / 60mm Ô Cut and bevel any machinable material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, cast iron and most other alloys without sparks or flame Ô Available in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrically-driven models Ô Special hydraulic model for cutting at ocean depths up to 130’ / 40m

8 Straight Pipe Elbow Down Elbow Up Versatile and accurate clamping systems The most advanced method of achieving quick, easy and accurate fit-ups! Tee in-LineCross-tee HorizontalCross-tee Vertical

9 + Aligns pipe and reforms the mating side of the weld joint + Some models allow 100% weld and grind without the need to release the clamp + Models available for carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloy pipes up to 20’/6096 mm diameter + Models available for carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloy pipes up to 20’/6096 mm diameter Chain Clamps

10 Rim Clamp + Models available from 4” / 102mm to 72” / 1829mm pipe diameter + For tough and accurate reforming, aligning and rounding of pipe with an out-of-round condition of pipe wall up to 2” / 51mm + Aligns Schedule 120 pipe and reforms up to Schedule 80 pipe

11 Cage Clamp + Most popular clamp used in construction projects because of its low cost and durability + Available in hand lever, ratchet and hydraulic models + Designed for each specific pipe size + No Tack Models available for full circle welding

12 Accu-Fit + Two models cover a range of thin wall diameters from 3/8” to 4 1/2 ” / 38 to 114mm + For extreme accuracy in the alignment of small stainless tubes + Can be used with most popular Orbital Welding Heads

13 Mini-fit Clamp + Miniature version of Dearman Chain Clamp is lightweight & compact with a pipe or tubing range of 1”- 8” / 25-203mm + Aligns pipe wall to Schedule 40 and reforms to Schedule 10 + Available for stainless steel or other specialty alloys

14 E-Z Fit + Models available for 1” to 12” / 25-305mm diameter pipes + Light weight clamp can be used for steel and stainless steel applications + Jackscrews allow the clamp to adjust the relationship of one pipe to another

15 P8C Series P15 Series DS Series Model G MEC/1 MEC/2 Model C Baking Oven C 100 Series Flux PEM Nine (9) models of ovens, which can be used for reconditioning, rebaking or holding of electrodes or flux. These ovens have capacities ranging from 18lbs. / 8kg to 1250lbs./540kg.

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