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Welcome to Flexco® SR™ Rivet Hinged R9 HEAVY-DUTY FASTENER SYSTEMS

2 Applications Underground Mining Copper Gold Scrap Metal

3 Applications Designed for the most demanding applications.
High tension applications. For use on mainline and panel belts with mechanical fastener ratings up to 2000 P.I.W. (350 kN/m). Thick belt applications. For thick belts 5/8” to 1” ( mm) used in front of chute transfer points and for other high impact applications.

4 Selection Guide Fastener Size Belt Thickness Range in. (mm)
Mechanical Fastener Rating P.I.W. (kN/m) Recommended Minimum Pulley Diameter in. (mm) * R9 5/8-1 ( ) 2000 (350) 42 (1050) * Operating tension under 100% of belt rating.

5 Metal Selection Stainless (Type 316): Provides extra resistance to abrasion, magnetic attraction, and corrosion from acids and other chemicals.

6 Rivet Selection Packaged in box or in bulk quantities.
Rivets are available in either steel or stainless steel. For installation with the Flexco® Power Set™ Rivet Driver use specially designed Power Set™ Rapid Loader™ Collated Rivets.

7 Hinge Pin Selection A selection of hinge pins makes it easy to match hinge pins to the needs of the application. Nylon Covered Stainless Cable: Designed for abrasive and corrosive applications. 5/8” Diameter: For rivet sizes G, H and I. 3/4” Diameter: For rivet sizes J, K and L.

8 Features & Benefits Fast, easy installation.
Built-in viewports in each plate assures proper installation alignment. Can be installed with either the portable MSRT9 or the Flexco® Power Set™ Rivet Driver.

9 Features & Benefits Fastener/Belt Cleaner compatibility.
Used with Mineline® family of belt cleaners, the Scalloped Edge™ and low profile reduces fastener impact for cleaner blades, skirt rubber and return idlers.

10 Features & Benefits For the most demanding high-tension or thick belt applications, R9 has greater reachback, a thicker plate and an enhanced loop area to accommodate a larger diameter hinge pin.

11 Installation Tools R9 can be installed with the portable MSRT9 installation tool and a 6lb. (2.7kg) hammer. The MSRT9 installs R9 fasteners only.

12 Installation Tools Or use the Flexco® Power Set™ Rivet Driver.
The Power Set was designed to reduce operator fatigue, safely speed up installation of Flexco® SR™ belt fasteners and provide consistent, controlled and uniform splices each and every time.

13 Installation Tools Far-Pul® HD® Belt Clamps are easy-to-use, lightweight and specially engineered for heavy-duty applications. Load capacity up to 2.7 metric tons (3 tons) when used with two 1-1/2 ton come-alongs. Provides even tensioning across entire belt width. Securely grips belts up to 25mm (1”) thick. Easily adjusts to fit a variety of belt widths.

14 Installation Tools Make straighter cuts – time after time – with the lightweight, easy-to-use 840 Series Belt Cutter. Cuts in both directions. Designed to enhance operator safety. Grips belts securely. Safety blade is shielded from operator contact.

15 Installation Tools Portable, lightweight FSK™ Belt Skiver adjusts easily and precisely to various cutting depths. Use on rubber-covered belts with top covers of 4.5mm (3/16”) or more. Provides skives from mm (1/16”-3/8”) deep in a single pass.

16 Installation Tool Reduce friction on metal tools, and rubber or fabric belt surfaces with Flexco® Silicone Lubricant. Makes cutting or punching holes in belting easier. Non-flammable. Does not contain fluorocarbons.

17 Installation Tools The Alligator® 300 Series Belt Cutter delivers clean, straight cuts quickly and safely. For belts of any width up to 28mm (1-1/8”) thick. Double-edged blade cuts in either direction.

18 Installation Tools When Belt Grips are slipped over belt edge at a right angle, belts can be pulled without damaging the belt surfaces. Makes pulling belting by hand a lot easier. Belt grips can be used on belts up to 16mm (5/8”) thick and come in pairs.


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