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Wel Handy Mini For horizontal and vertical (down) fillet welding operations.

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1 Wel Handy Mini For horizontal and vertical (down) fillet welding operations.

2 Wel Handy Mini The Wel Handy Mini thanks his name to the small dimensions and his light weight. The Wel Handy Mini is the best to work with in tight places. To minimize the dimensions a straight torch is the best solution for the Wel Handy Mini.

3 Features Wel Handy Mini  Excellent for working in tight places,  Bi-directional,  Digital display for speed adjustments,  Vertical welding (only downwards),  Easy guide wheel adjustment (12, 41, 57, 81mm),  16kg traction power,  Limit switch for auto stop welding,

4 Features Wel Handy Mini  Highest stand off in the market (6mm),  Easy analogue operation,  Can easily climb 45°slope,  Quick torch release holder,  Traveling speed 100 – 1000mm/min, Possible welding operations.

5 Wel Handy Multi

6 The “Multi” stand for Multiple Welding Operations. The Wel Handy Multi can be delivered with two types of controllers and two options, which makes it versatile. The welding operations are:  Horizontal Fillets Welding,  Vertical Down/up Fillets Welding,  Flat Butt Joint Welding (with rail),  Horizontal Butt Joint Welding (with rail),  Twin Torch  Longitudinal simultaneous welding both side  Tandem welding  Tack Welding  Adapt to the Weaving Device

7 Wel Handy Multi can pick from two base types. Wel Handy Multi Standard Basic type with no digital display Can be adopted to twin torch option Wel Handy Multi Advance Equipped with tack capability Can be adopted to twin torch option Can be adopted with weaving option Two types of Wel Handy MULTI’S

8  Increase productivity while decreasing heat distortion. Twin torch option

9 The Feature of WEL-HANDY MULTI  Low cost,  Compact & Light weight,  L259 x W259 x H264.  6.9kg.  High durability,  Aluminum die-cast body provides long and maintenance free life.  Low center of gravity,  Low center of gravity provides stable performance even when climbing on a wall.  Strong pulling power,  30kg pulling power is the No. 1 in the world and the climbing angle is up to 90°with standard machine.

10  Highest stand off in the market (6mm),  Heat resistance wheels,  High speed welding (1500mm/min),  Wide range of torch positioning,  Right and left positioning, Adjustment of 25mm of the shaft.  Torch angle, The torch can be set in the range of 40 ~ 55°  Slide unit, The 45mm of torch slide unit gives a wide range of torch adjustment.

11  Durable roller and arm,  The roller arm is a mono design and made with cast aluminum for higher durability.  Mono design also made harder for spatter to get inside of the roller for smoother movement.  Adjustable roller height Guide roller can set for 3 different height to avoid obstacles. 38mm20mm10mm

12  Push angle and Drag angle,  The push angle and drag angle can be set up to 5 degrees. Push angle Drag angle  Automatic return on magnet lever,  Even if you peel off the truck by hold the handle after work completion of weld, magnet returns to off condition automatically.  It is possible to turn OFF with lever manually. Magnet OFF Magnet ON

13  Direction of the Handle,  The left photograph is a standard position. It can turn 90 degree like the figure on the right.  Change the direction according to your torch configuration.  Absolute dustproof measure  The bottom board made complete dustproof structure by using the stainless steel of 1.5 mm.

14  Tool storage function  5 mm and also 6 mm L wrench are used for setting the torch position and the guide roller position.  These tools can be stored, as shown in the picture.  Operation panel  It is a compact and simple operation panel. the three kind of operation mode of TEST ARC, NEUT and ARC ON can be selected. "START" and "STOP" are shown in different colors for the easy operation.

15 Wel Handy Multi, ADV Setting the parameter for the TACK function:

16 Picture Tack Welding

17 Wel Handy Multi, ADV Setting the parameter for the WEAVING function:

18 Picture of Weaving

19 Comparison List

20 Optional Multi function Easy rail Option Flat Butt/Lap Joint Welding. Horizontal Butt/Lap Joint Welding. Twin Torch Option Longitudinal simultaneous Welding both side. Tandem Welding. Tack Welding Version (only Advance type) True distance tack welding Weaving Option (only Advance type) Large multiple and single pass welding up to 25mm

21 Optimum use in welding needs O R= 3,000mm I R= 3,000mm R= 1,000mm θ = 0-90°θ =0~20 ° 90 ° > θ θ =85 ° 90 ° < θ θ =110 ° L = More than 4 0mm Minimum 300mm

22 User modification samples



25 Shipyard production One operator can operate multiple Wel Handies for high productivity. On the pictures you see typical panel line production at a shipyard.

26 Summary of Wel Handy Series Versatility High Durability Compact & Light weight Simple structure Maintenance free The best on the market

27 FR-3 welding interface  Simple operation  Crater timer  Can be adapted up to 2 welding torch FR-3 is developed to make IK-12Max as a welding carriage. It makes automatic interface with welding machine.

28 WU Weaving unit  Two types to pick from  WU-1  WU-2 WU weaving unit is developed to make welding interface with weaving function to automate large weld. It can be adopted to a carriage, positioner or any other jigs.

29 WU -1 Weaving unit WU-1 is a stand alone unit. It can connect to welding power sources for automatic start and stop to synchronize with weaving. It can adopt to torch stand and manipulators.

30 WU-2 Weaving unit WU -2 is equipped with power out put IO. It can give an signal for any carriage or positioner. It is also equipped with automatic stop with (limit switch) for full automation.

31 Koike Europe thank you for your attention

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