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HANDY AUTO & HANDY AUTO PLUS. Handy Auto / Handy Auto Plus.

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2 Handy Auto / Handy Auto Plus

3 Features  Automatic igniting/extinguishing system  Safety valves maintaining the preset flow- condition of pre-heat oxygen and fuel gas. No re-adjustment.  Cutting Versatility: Straight line, Circle, Shape cutting and Bevel cutting  Easy to handle, and Highly efficient performance  Machine automatically starts when cutting oxygen is turned on.  Driving wheel rotates full 360°  All-direction cutting is possible.  Wheels can be changed in a moment  Step less speed regulator  Constant cutting height

4 Outline of Ignition Unit Ignition Nozzle Control Lever for Gas flow and Ignition Ignition Nozzle Control Lever Release Button

5 Adjusting procedure of igniting Pull the lever inside first before initial adjustment of flame. Next

6 Ignite procedure ① ④ ③ The fuel gas out of cutting nozzle will ignite. ④ Adjust the flame ① Pull the lever inside more, then pilot flame is made out of igniting nozzle ② Open the fuel gas and oxygen valve a little ② ③ ④

7 Pre-heat oxygen valve Fuel gas valve ④ ⑤ Adjust each gas flow ④ Open the oxygen valve a little ⑥ Get qualified flame Adjust the flame Valve condition can be locked after adjusting each gas flow.

8 The fire goes out only with pushing of the release button. Release button Push Extinguish the flame

9 Re-ignition by only the lever operation Pull the lever inside RE-ignite

10 Igniting ←→ Extinguishing Pull the lever inside Igniting Push the release button Extinguishing

11 Small circle cutting ① Setting a radius of circle ② Put on the plate ③ Igniting ④ Heating a piercing point ⑤ Cutting the circle

12 Specifications  Input power AC V  Cutting thickness5 ~ 30 mm  Speed range150 ~ 700 mm/min  Wheel driveFriction drive  Cutting tipType 102 or 106  Weight 3.5kg

13 Handy Auto PLUS Kit 1) Main unit 1 2) Square cutting attachment1 3) Auxiliary wheel for square cutting attachment1 4) Beveling wheel1 5) Small circle cutting attachment1 6) Manual guide lever1 7) Cutting tips, either type 102, or type 106; #0, #1, #21 each 8) Spanner for changing tip1 9) Fuse (1A)1 10) Carrying case (steel)1

14 Standard Attachment Auxiliary wheel for square cutting attachment

15 Standard Attachment Beveling wheel (22° ~ 45°)

16 Standard Attachment Small circle cutting attachment (φ30 ~ φ200mm)

17 Standard Attachment Manual guide lever

18 Optional Attachment Guide rail for straight line cutting

19 Optional Attachment Large circle cutting attachment (φ127 ~ 480mm)

20 Attachments can be changed in a moment The Handy Auto Plus can be set up for any type of cutting in a moment. Changing between any of the versatile attachments is a one-hand operation.

21 Cutting Versatility

22 All types of cutting in any shape possible 1. Straight line cutting 2. Beveling

23 All types of cutting in any shape possible 3. Curved line cutting 4. Circular cutting 5. A curved steel plate

24 All types of cutting in any shape possible 6. “U” shape bar 7. Square pipe 8. H-shaped steel bar

25 All types of cutting in any shape possible 9. Pipe cutting 10. Slot cutting 11. vertical surface

26 Practical example

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