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Established in 1920 AC at Madras as a not-for-profit organization for social and educational advancement of the community ‘Every community has a responsibility.

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1 Established in 1920 AC at Madras as a not-for-profit organization for social and educational advancement of the community ‘Every community has a responsibility to its poor first’

2 2 The Founders The Initiative was taken by Shri Nayani Venkata Ranga Rao Bahadur, Rajasaheb of Munagala Cuttamanchi Ramalinga Reddy, famous as Sir CR Reddy Kotireddigari Kotireddy of Cuddapah

3 3 Rai Bahadur S. Venkat Reddy of Bollaram K. Adinarayan Reddy of Allur, Nellore district Bezawada Chandrasekhara Reddy of Nellore District Malladi Sathi Reddy of East Godavari District E.V. Sundar Reddy of Madras Other members of the founding committee

4 4 Among its illustrious members.. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, former CM of AP and Speaker, Loksabha Bezawada Gopal Reddy, former CM and Union Minister Raja Rameshwar Rao of Wanaparthy Pingali Venkata Rama Reddy of Warangal Valivedu Narasimha Reddy of Chittoor BP Sesha Reddy of Kurnool Many other Reddys of some social standing

5 5 Twin Objectives To integrate different sects into one community (there were 10 major and several sub sects in those days) To make available financial assistance by way of scholarships to the poor and needy students of the Community

6 6 Early History Since inception in 1920, the Sangham had functioned from Madras till 1956 when the Hqrs. was moved to Hyderabad Hundreds of poor and deserving boys and girls were awarded scholarships over the years The beneficiaries were from all parts of the State - Telengana, Rayalaseema & Coastal Andhra; Tamilnadu and Karnataka

7 7 Among the early beneficiaries O Pulla Reddy of the ICS who served in the Madras Presidency and finally became the first Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh A. Guruva Reddy of Medak district, Communist leader and former MLA Late M. Balwanth Reddy, Professor in Economics who served as Director/Principal, Administrative Staff College of India Late M. Ramagopal Reddy, Trade Union Leader and Member Parliament from Nizamabad District Late Dr. D. Bapu Reddy, Internationally known Agricultural Scientist of Medak District

8 8 Sri V. Malakonda Reddy, Engineer and Educationist Dr. D. Bhaskar Reddy, former Director, Medical Services Dr. L. Bhasker Reddy, former Supdt., Osmania General Hospital Smt. Dr. P. Mahalakshmi, President of the Reddy Jana Sangham, former Commissioner of A.P. Vaidya Vidhana Parishan & formerly Physician to Prime Minister of India Dr. J. Bapu Reddy, IAS (Retd.) and Telugu Poet Sri O. Bhaskar Reddy, IPS (Retd.) and Among the early beneficiaries (Contd.) scores of distinguished professionals both inside and outside the country many of whom now help the Sangham with contributions in gratitude

9 9 Centenary not faraway The Sangham is shortly (10 years from now) to complete a century of service to the community Time to take stock of its activities and redefine the priorities for the second century

10 10 The Sangham succeeded in integrating different sects among Reddys into one strong community; this has enabled the community to make an impact in various fields, particularly in politics Of the two objectives set for the Sangham…

11 11 Reaching out to the poor and needy … Though the Sangham has helped many poor and needy students, what has been done falls far short of what needs to be done!

12 12 Reaching out … Many poor and deserving students are not given scholarships for want of funds Lucky ones who secure scholarships are to be content with modest amounts

13 13 Only education can empower the poor The poor Reddy boys and girls look up to the Sangham for support Number of applications has been increasing from year to year Education, the key initiative

14 14 Applications received for Scholarships from 2001-02 to 2007-08 YearNumber of Applications received 2001-02300 2002-03715 2003-04830 2004-05918 2005-06976 2006-071020 2007-081050 2008-09 1070 2009-10 1127

15 15 Education… Substantial Corpus Fund is required to meet the requirements To make some impact the Sangham has to have at its disposal at least Rs.100 m by 2010 Presently, the Sangham has only Rs.20m at its disposal

16 16 The growth of the Corpus Fund has been slow and does not reflect the recent prosperity of the community Education…

17 17 Scholarships Sanctioned & Corpus Fund from 2001-02 to 2008-09 Year No. of Amount Corpus fund Scholarships given disbursed Rs. 2001-20021145,89,10050,13,023 2002-20031155,80,0001,06,46,125 2003-2004824,25,0001,15,56,125 2004-20051417,26,0001,25,56,125 2005-200619410,05,0001,52,27,199 2006-200724512,84,0001,69,69,491 2007-200827715,15,0001,95,02,389 2008-2009 30016,89,000 2,19,31,801 Perceptible growth is seen only during the past 6 years. This is the period headed by two women presidents, Dr. C. Vasundhara Devi and Dr. P. Mahalakshmi and their team of Committee Members.

18 18 Scholarship Schemes - an overview Scholarships are presently given only to students pursuing professional courses For want of funds bright youngsters pursuing careers in sports, arts etc are left out We can disburse only 250 to 300 scholarships though the number of applicants is more than 1000

19 19 Scholarships … Scholarship Assistance Medical Students:Rs.8000/- p.a. Engineering Students:Rs.6000/- p.a. Others:Rs.4000/- p.a. Many deserving students are not given scholarships for want of funds

20 20 Sponsorship RJS has Sponsorship scheme also in addition to raising the corpus through lump sum donations. Individuals can sponsor one or more students at the rate of Rs.8000/- for a Medical student and Rs.6000/- for an Engineering student for a period of four years. As of now about 35 students are helped under Sponsorship program over the past three years.

21 21 Reddy Jana Sangha Foundation (USA) Non-profit Tax exemp organisation in the USA It is an extension and expansion of Reddy Jana Sangham, Hyderabad, India created outside India to carry forward the Philosophy of founding fathers by Dr. K. Narasimha Reddy Mission: To bring social change and promote well being of the community To dedicate itself to provide education with dignity & honour and enlighten the impoverished youth of the community Vision: To build an endowment to fulfill its mission of promoting academic excellence of the impoverished and deserving youth of the community.

22 22 The RJS Foundation USA contributed the following funds to RJS, Hyderabad during the past seven years for sanction of scholarships 2001-02Rs.3,47,538/- 2002-03Rs.1,84,688/- 2003-04Rs.3,67,751/- 2004-05Rs.1,97,389/- 2005-06Rs.2,19,818/- 2006-07Rs.3,04,610/- 2007-08Rs.3,03,487/- 2008-09 Rs.3,36,502/- 2009-10 Rs.2,32,042/-

23 23 Winners and Losers Though the Community has apparently prospered, for every one that has moved forward, at least three are left behind Those who have advanced in life have a responsibility to those left behind. We have to aim at a win-win situation

24 24 New Challenges Reddys are no longer a predominantly land- holding community Various legislations affecting rural landholdings have compelled large scale migration to the urban areas The youth of the community have now to compete for new professions

25 25 New Challenges… Rural youth have to be enabled to acquire skills required for urban professions Counselling the youth about the new opportunities and supporting them to acquire the necessary skills is an urgent necessity The Sangham could not take the initiative for want of funds

26 26 A wider charter for the second century To establish affiliate centers of RJS in every district To provide scholarships for all the deserving and needy students To substantially increase the scholarship assistance (suggestions welcome) To establish community facilities like Senior Citizen Homes and Working Women's Hostels To commission studies and publish literature of interest to the community

27 27 Empower the Sangham to do it all and more… The Sangham looks forward to your participation and help in a big way. We are not moving forward fast enough. At this pace, we will certainly be left behind!

28 28 How can you help? By your association and generous help in one of these categories Benefactor Rs.5 lakhs or US$15,000 & above Patron Rs.1 lakh or US$ 3000 & above Maharajaposhaka Rs.25000 or US$1000 and above Rajaposhaka Rs.10,000 or US$250 Poshaka Rs.5000 or US$100 Member Rs.3000 or US$100

29 29 Let us join hands to help the poor among us! Many extremists are Reddy boys and their victims are also Reddys. This sense of alienation has come about because we have not taken care of the poor among us! Surely we shall not allow the situation to continue

30 30 Let us keep this century old institution going for the good of the community! Let us associate ourselves with it and strengthen it! Thank you for your attention and patience

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