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Netball South Africa’s Presentation and Meeting with Parliament’s Portfolio Committee for Sport Tuesday 11 th September 2012.

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1 Netball South Africa’s Presentation and Meeting with Parliament’s Portfolio Committee for Sport Tuesday 11 th September 2012

2 National Structure President Vice President Director Demarcation Director Coaches Director Umpires Director Selection 9 x Provincial Structures 47 Regions, 5 x further Regions changing according to Municipal Demarcation National Schools Security Clusters University Netball Disabled Wards Schools and Clubs National Executive Affiliate Entities Sub Structures & Members The Executive Committee is structured to execute NSA’s mandate, which is: To arrange competitions to accommodate all levels of the sport (Juniors to seniors; Amateur to elite; Rural to Urban); To prepare and present the National teams for International Participation; and To regulate the sport of Netball

3 Netball SA’s Vision Netball SA’s Vision is based on 4 strategic imperatives: Make Money GrowDevelopWinMake Money Mass ClinicsAdministrationNational TeamsNew Competitions structure CoachingStrategic AlliancesHigh Performance New events and brands UmpiresRelationshipsTalent IDMedia partners NSA StaffCommunicationExcellenceSustainability PersonalitiesProfessional

4 Snap shot of Netball Head office in Pretoria By some distance, the largest women’s sport in South Africa (as well as England, New Zealand and Australia), and second biggest active participating sports in SA Estimated 1 000 000 adult participants & 1 500 000 School participants, make it the second biggest sport in SA Black women make up 60% of participants 49% are 18 – 24 years old Cross section of LSM sectors and race groups Netball has shown a significant growth since 1994 – an average of 9.5% growth per annum Recent Netball successes internationally have increased the profile of the sport In July 2011 the Proteas ended 5 th in the World Netball Championships in Singapore, a position they very seldom fall below on the world ranking scale. Further solid depth in having a strong U19 & U21 National side Netball SA has 9 Provincial bodies consisting of 47 Regions along with various Associate members such as National Tertiaries, Schools, SANDF, SAPS, Correctional Services and Disabled bodies. The core values of the sport is: Fun, fast, social, skillful and healthy orientated.

5 Snapshot of Netball…. Interesting statistics showcase Netball competing well in numbers and national spread with the country’s top sports such as Cricket, Soccer and Rugby, sadly this is not the case when coming to financial income streams!

6 Overall Structures (Competition, National Teams, Youth & Development) Support Services: External Roleplayers Broadcasters Lottery (NLDTF) Sponsors Provincial + Local Government Internal Roleplayers Netball SA Umpires Clubs Brands and Showcases Human Performance / Human Resources Finance, Legal and Administration Commercial and Sponsorship Marketing, Public Relations and Media Communication Media IFNA National Government Provincial Federations Players + Coaches National Team NPL [9 teams] W Champs Fast Net Series U18 Core Organisational Competencies: Competition management Brand and marketing management Strategic relationship management Commercial management Talent identification and scouting Team selection + allocation Player skill and mental development Coaching Game and Other analysis and learning Officiating Medical management Player physical conditioning Game-relatedManagement-related U21 & U19 ProvincialInternational National Champs Club Champs National Schools Regions ClubsUniversitiesSchools Players + Coaches CertificationDevelopment ContractingTransfers Regulations Event delivery Risk management

7 Finances Income StreamsPercentage 1. Lottery40% 2. Government30% 3. Sponsorship15% 4. Registration and Affiliations15% Expenditure StreamsPercentage 1. National Teams40% 2. National Competitions20% 3. Development30% 4. Administration10%

8 Challenges Financial Sustainability, short and medium term Full time regional structures Closing transformation gaps Consistent full national season Maintaining top 5 International Status for all National Teams Appointment of Professional fulltime administrative personnel A home for all Netball Internationals Facilities

9 Way forward Develop a comprehensive strategic plan for Netball SA Create a vibrant and consistent season structure Develop a professional netball league (NPL) that stands as the sports pinnacle showcase event Negotiate and entice more exposure for netball Seek new income streams Seek professional assistance from third party entities to help achieve the above objectives


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