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Because there is a need… UTB Chamber Education Foundation.

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1 Because there is a need… UTB Chamber Education Foundation

2 Because there is a need… UTB Chamber Education Foundation 3/29/20062 The Upper Tampa Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce and its member businesses have always been strong supporters of our local schools, participating in scores of school programs, projects and fundraisers through the years. In the summer of 2005, after nearly a year of discussion and consideration, the Board of Directors of the UTB Chamber voted unanimously to pursue the formation of a 501(c)(3)Foundation. Why did we do this? Overview

3 Because there is a need… UTB Chamber Education Foundation 3/29/20063 Student of the Month Awards - This program has been in existence since the early 1980s, honoring outstanding elementary, middle and high school students at the Chambers monthly luncheons, in recognition of their excellence and leadership both in and out of the classroom. Teacher Appreciation Breakfast - This program brings the faculty and staff of Oldsmar’s two elementary schools together for a late-summer breakfast designed to say Thank You in advance to the people we entrust our children to each day. Thousands of dollars in door prizes are raffled off, Teacher of the Year awards for each school are presented. and business/education partnerships are formed. Plans are in the works to extend this program to the Chambers Hillsborough County service area. Programs and Projects …to honor and say thanks

4 Because there is a need… UTB Chamber Education Foundation 3/29/20064 College Scholarship Program - Launched in the early 1990s, the Chamber initially awarded a single $1,000 scholarship to an East Lake High School senior who excelled in creative writing. In 2005, the Chamber presented four $1,000 scholarships one each to a college-bound senior from East Lake, Alonso, Sickles and Leto high schools. College Scholarship Endowment - Spurred by a $125,000 seed contribution made by a local benefactor, the Foundation is currently working to establish a $250,000 scholarship endowment, and plans to award up to $20,000 in scholarships annually to our regions top student leaders. Senior Leadership Scholarships Scholarship Eligibility: Candidate must be a senior Candidate must have an unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for his/her high school career Candidate must be planning to attend an accredited college or university in the fall following his/her senior year Candidate must be nominated by a high school teacher, advisor, coach, counselor or administrator …to reward their efforts

5 Because there is a need… UTB Chamber Education Foundation 3/29/20065 Youth Leadership Award - In the fall of 2003 the Chamber announced a new initiative to enhance the development of leadership skills, civic responsibility and character in our regions high school youth, establishing an annual award to recognize the contributions being made to our communities by local teens. This years award along with an additional $1,500 scholarship stipend was presented to one of our four college scholarship winners. Youth Leadership Program - The Foundation is currently working to implement a program designed to bring high school leaders with divergent backgrounds together to learn about their communities, each other and themselves. Through a year-long series of retreats and focus days, students will learn about the current and future needs of our communities; they all have an opportunity to interact with state and local business and political leaders; they all gain a greater understanding of educational, cultural and vocational opportunities available to them; and they’ll get actively engaged in charting the future of our region. Youth Leadership Scholarships …to recognize our youth leaders

6 Because there is a need… UTB Chamber Education Foundation 3/29/20066 …to alleviate financial hardships School Programs and Extracurricular Activities - Not all school programs or extracurricular activities are free of charge. To many students each year do not participate in these programs due to their families financial hardship. Programs like Band, Chorus and Robots require student fees for funding. Each program is supported by a booster organization. The boosters work together with the program director to raise funds. Programs like Band and Chorus compete in local, district and national competitions. In order to be competitive additional instructional staff is required. Travel to competitions is costly. Lodging, meals and transportation are just a few of the expenses not paid for by our local or state government. These costs are divided by the number of students in the program. Students involved in these programs participate in a number of fundraising opportunities. Unfortunately there are not enough of these opportunities to fund the entire program. School Programs & Extracurricular Activities

7 Because there is a need… UTB Chamber Education Foundation 3/29/20067 …to get students involved Expand Our Program to Reach More Students The UTB Chamber is looking for corporate partners to that will join in our efforts to expand this Foundation to include neighboring counties and schools. With your help we can recognize more outstanding students and teachers while providing assistance to more families in financial need. Expanded Programs to Include: Sponsorship For School Programs/Extracurricular Activities – Funds provided will pay student member fees to ensure their participation. 4 Year College Scholarship Program – The hope is to provide students with not only a one time scholarship but 4 times! Funds will be provided each year as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA. Adopt a Student(s) – School supply costs increase each year. This program will provided students with the necessary school supplies. Adopt a Classroom – Teachers are in need of supplies as well. All necessary supplies will be provided to them by the Foundation. We feel the payoff is worth the investment!

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