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Presentation Kruti Dhata Charitable Trust. What is Kruti Dhata ? Kruti-Dhata is a Non-profit Charitable Corporation, registered with the US Federal Government,

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1 Presentation Kruti Dhata Charitable Trust

2 What is Kruti Dhata ? Kruti-Dhata is a Non-profit Charitable Corporation, registered with the US Federal Government, under the category 501(C)(3) and is based in Houston, Texas, USA. ''Kruti', in Sanskrit language, stands for human effort. 'Dhata' is the giver. Hence 'Kruti Dhata' together signify the inseparable oneness of the Almighty God

3 Objectives a.Provide resources to promote educational opportunities to the poor and underprivileged children in the rural communities in India. b.Support mid-day meals programs for the poor school children c.Support immunization and free eye testing programs in villages d.Provide resources to treat blindness due to cataract and other minor diseases that can be easily treated or corrected. e.Conduct eye camps in the rural communities to screen for eye related illness and provide the necessary treatment. f.Set up an endowment to provide academic scholarships to economically disadvantaged students to encourage scholastic achievement

4 Vision … Kruti Dhata has made a small beginning, as even a thousand mile trek begins with a small first step. However, the founders have a great vision ! It is to see that rural population of India is provided equal opportunity to develop and grow as enlightened, healthy and responsible citizens of the 21st century. Founders of Kruti Dhata are convinced that realization of their vision is feasible with Education and Health Care for the poor in rural India.

5 Kruti Dhata’s Mission Our mission is to provide the means to improve quality of life of the rural poor in India, by supporting projects that promote opportunities for education and basic Health Care. Consistent with this mission, the Kruti Dhata,coordinates fund-raising activities in USA to promote and sustain a variety of Educational and Health-care Projects being undertaken for the poor and the downtrodden, rural population in India

6 What does Kruti Dhata Inc. do ? Even before its registration as Kruti Dhata this year, the group has been providing ongoing financial support to the following two humanitarian projects run by Sankurathri Foundation, in rural Andhra Pradesh, India. Srikiran Institute of Ophthalmology – 200 bed eye care center equipped with state-of-art medical equipment. Sarada Vidyalayam – Free school for the rural poor up to 7 th grade

7 Srikiran Institute of Ophthalmology

8 Srikiran Institute of Ophthalmology started with 26 beds and has grown into 200 beds, equipped with 4 state-of-the art operating rooms and surgical equipment. The Institute has provided service to more than 500,000 patients and performed 95,000 eye surgeries. Srikiran has kept pace with modern concepts of eye-care, and modern procedures to remove cataract as an outpatient procedure. Old Building New Building

9 Treated 500,000 Patients

10 …with modern state of art Surgical equipment Srikiran Institute has four Operating Rooms ….

11 Treated old and young

12 More Eye Operations …

13 Free Eye camps …

14 Counseling the patients …

15 Sarada Vidyalayam

16 Sarada Vidyalayam was established on 14 July, 1992 by Sankurathri Foundation, with an objective to provide free and informal education to non-school going children, illiterate adults and also make-up classes to the school going children. Starting with only25 students in Grade 1, the school acquired its own building in 1994 with more class rooms, a teacher’s room and a principal’s Office (1997). The school expanded into another level (1998) with a free school bus for the students.The school now has 7 grades with 110 students, 10 teachers and 2 staff. It has been recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. The school has been providing free education, books, lunch,uniforms, school bags, sandals, transportation, and medical check-ups since its inception.

17 Classroom teaching and close Contact with children… Brings out the best in them !

18 Playing in children’s park..…. Can be great fun !

19 Indoor and outdoor classes …. Children love the variety !

20 Free Mid-day meals And free books too !

21 Hand - work and Games.. For all- round development.

22 Donate Generously Why Donate? As you would have seen, the projects supported by Kruti Dhata are ongoing projects. The school has to expand to reach 12th grade and accommodate more and more children. Funds are required to get the school going and expanding. The Eye Care Centre too requires funds for day-to-day running expansion and modernization to cater to larger population. Further we wish to set up Schools and Health care centers in other villages too. Humble beginnings can grow into great human adventure only with help and support of generous donors like you. How Donate? You may please donate by check/draft drawn in favor of Kruti Dhata Inc and send it by post to: In USA : Kruti Dhata Inc P. O. Box 580409, Houston, Texas 77258-0409 Donate online at the website Note: Kruti Dhata has been recognized by US Internal Revenue Service as the tax exempt (non-profit) organization with the tax ID # 20-2411347

23 Contact Information Please contact Kruti-Dhata for further information about the activities and programs. Telephone 281-334-3796 FAX 281-334-3796 Postal address P. O. Box 580409, Houston, Texas 77258-0409 Electronic mail:

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