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Unit 5Cruelty. Why do some people tend to be heartless and cruel? Were they born that way or did circumstances harden them? Do some people care too much.

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1 Unit 5Cruelty

2 Why do some people tend to be heartless and cruel? Were they born that way or did circumstances harden them? Do some people care too much for people in general and forget the needs of their closest friends? Ranking activity (see next page) Pre-reading Task (P.331 for script)

3 Easy to Be Hard by Three Dog Night The name came from an Australian expression referring to it being so cold that one would need three dogs for warmth. In the years 1969 through 1974, no other group had more top 10 hits, moved more records or sold more concert tickets -

4 Ranking activity -- the determining forces in shaping human nature: –Genes; –Family; –Parenting; –Schooling; –Peers; –Socioeconomic factors; –…–… Text AA Friend in Deed ? Nature Vs. Nurture

5 British novelist, playwright, short- story writer, highest paid author in the world in the 1930s. Despite his popularity, Maugham did not gain serious recognition – he stood “in the very first row of the second-raters”. Maugham's skill in handling plot has been compared by critics in the manner of Guy de Maupassant. Maugham, W. Somerset (1874-1965)

6 "I have never pretended to be anything but a story teller. It has amused me to tell stories and I have told a great many. It is a misfortune for me that the telling of a story just for the sake of the story is not an activity that is in favor with the intelligentsia." (Creatures of Circumstance, 1947) Maugham, W. Somerset (1874-1965)

7 He was born in Paris as the youngest son of the solicitor to the British embassy. He learned French as his native tongue. At the age of 10 Maugham was orphaned. Maugham studied medicine at Heidelberg University and in London. He qualified in 1897 as doctor from St. Thomas' medical school but abandoned medicine after the success of his first novels and plays. Maugham, W. Somerset (1874-1965)

8 OF HUMAN BONDAGE (1915) 《人性的枷锁》 THE MOON AND SIXPENCE (1919) 《月亮和六便士》 THE TREMBLING OF A LEAF (1921) 《叶之颤抖》 ON CHINESE SCREEN (1922) 《中国见闻录》 THE PAINTED VEIL (1925) 《彩色的面纱》 CAKES AND ALE (1925) 《寻欢作乐》 … 威廉 · 萨默塞特 · 毛姆

9 The author shows us how powerful contrast is in delineating a person’ character. What are your first impressions of –the title? –Edward Burton? How are they changed while you are reading on? Text AA Friend in Deed

10 Text Organization (P.169) Text analysis and language study Exercises Text AA Friend in Deed

11 Part I (Para. 1) It is no easy job to judge people, for they aren’t always what they appear to be. 1. deceptive (p.160) 2. to shrug (one’s) shoulders (L.2) Text analysis and language study I

12 Part II (Paras. 2-3) Kind and gentle, Edward Burton, a wealthy merchant, appeared as if he could not bear to hurt a fly. 3. merchant (L. 7) 4. in business (L. 8 ) 5. definite (L.12) 6. station (L. 16 ) 7. dry (L. 22) 8.affectionate (L. 26) 9. benign ( L. 29) Text analysis and language study II

13 Part III (Para3. 4-51) As it turned out, Burton was cold-blooded enough to send a friend to certain death. the story can be subdivided into 3 sections: Section 1: Para3. 4-16 Section 2: Para3. 17-31 Section 3: Para3. 32-51 Text analysis and language study III

14 Section 1 (Para3. 4-16) What Edward knew about Lenny 10. frail ( L. 35) 11. lounge (L. 37) Text analysis and language study IV

15 Section 2 (Para3. 17-31) How Edward respond to Lenny’s request 12. …he was all to pieces ( L. 85) Text analysis and language study V

16 Section 3 (Para3. 32-51) How Edward, a “kind” gentleman, handled a friend in desperate need of help 13. on account of (L. 105) 14. creek (L116) 15. “ Done!” ( L.118) 16. dissipation (L.124) Text analysis and language study VI

17 adj. deceiving or intend to deceive n. deception v. deceive 1. deceptive (p.160)’

18 Deceive implies imposing a false idea or belief that causes confusion, bewilderment, or helplessness ant. Undeceive, enlighten Mislead implies a leading astray from the truth that may or may not be intentional Delude implies deceiving so thoroughly as to make one a fool or to make one unable to distinguish the false from the truth ant enlighten Beguile stress the use of charm and persuasion to deceive 1. deceptive (p.160)’’

19 to raise (one’s shoulder) esp. as an expression of doubt or lack of interest He shrugged ( his shoulder) saying he didn’t know and didn’t care. 2. to shrug (one’s) shoulders (L.2)

20 merchant n. a person who buys and sells goods, esp. in large amounts in foreign countries businessman n. a man in business, esp. as an owner or executive merchantman n. also merchant ship 1) a ship carrying goods for trade 2) {Archaic} a merchant merchant adj. of or used in trade; commercial merchant fleet merchant town 3. merchant (L. 7)

21 1) 经商, 经营 He is in business himself. 2) 开始工作 The 15-member committee is expected to be in business by early June. on business visit Africa on official business No admittance except on business 4. in business (L. 8 )

22 Definite stresses precise, clear statement or arrangement that leaves no uncertainty or indecision ant indefinite, equivocal Explicit implies such verbal plainness and distinctness that there is no need for inference and no reason for ambiguity or difficulty in understanding ant. Ambiguous Express implies both explicitness and direct and forceful utterance Specific applies to what is precisely and fully referred to or treated in detail or particular ant vague 5. definite (L.12)

23 n. [of + U] (lit.) one’s position in life; social rank: She married beneath her station (= someone of lower rank) people in humble stations 地位低下的人们 all stations of life 社会各阶层 6. station (L. 16 )

24 amusing without appearing to be so; quietly ironic I like his dry humor. dry wit 7. dry (L. 22)

25 full of affection, tender and loving She was very affectionate to / with him affectation n. 1) behavior which is not one’s natural manner: She is sincere and quite without affectation. 2) a feeling or manner that is pretended 8.affectionate (L. 26)’

26 affection suggests warm, tender feelings, usually not as powerful or deep as those implied by love love implies intense fondness or deep devotion and may apply to various relationships or objects < sexual love, brotherly love, love of one’s work, etc.> 8.affectionate (L. 26)’’

27 adj: 1) having or showing a kind or gentle nature: a benign teacher/ expression 2) med. (of disease) not dangerous to life, not malignant: A benign tumor can usually be cured. 3) favorable, beneficial: a benign effect a benign influence 9. benign ( L. 29)’

28 benign suggests a mild or kindly nature and is applied especially to a gracious superior rather than an equal ant: malign kind implies the possession of sympathetic or generous qualities, either habitually or specifically, or is applied to actions manifesting these ant: unkind kindly stresses more the expression of sympathetic nature, mood, or impulse ant: unkindly 9. benign ( L. 29)’’

29 adj. Slenderer and delicate; not robust; frail suggests an inherent or constitutional delicacy or weakness, so as to be easily broken or shattered weak the broadest in application of these words, basically implied a lack of inferiority of physical, mental or moral strength feeble suggests a pitiable weakness or ineffectiveness infirm suggests a loss of strength or soundness, as through illness or age 10. frail ( L. 35)

30 11. lounge (L. 37) n.a comfortable room for sitting in, as in a house, hotel, or inn: arrivals lounges in principal airports v. 1) to stand or sit in a leaning lazy manner : lounge against the wall; lounge on a sofa 2) to pass (time) in a lazy manner, doing nothing: She lounged the afternoon away at the beach. He lounged away the day reading

31 1) to break into pieces; fall apart The ship went to pieces on the rock. The economy of that country went to pieces. 2) to lose all-self-control, morally or emotionally She went to pieces when her husband died. of a (one) piece (with) pick up the pieces pick ( pull) to pieces 12. …he was all to pieces ( L. 85)

32 - because of resign on account of age on account - on a charge account: He owed $50 and sent me $10 on account. on no account - also not on any account not under any circumstances: On no account should you go. on/for someone’s account - for someone’s sake I hope you didn’t bring beer to the picnic just on my account. 13. on account of (L. 105)

33 n. a small stream, somewhat larger than a brook brook,< creek,< stream. 14. creek (L116)

34 =“Agreed!”; “I accept”! - “I ‘ll give you $5 for it” -“Done!” 15. “ Done!” ( L.118)

35 n. the continual search for foolish or dangerous pleasure a life of dissipation 放荡生活 dissipations of life 生活里种种无意义的消遣 16. dissipation (L.124)

36 1.To be _____, I don’t think you have the talent to be a great violinist. A. open B. plain C. general D. candid 2. They have _____ many horrible crimes against the Chinese people. A. done B. made C. took D. committed 3. The _____ of thought in the country has turned against war. A. tide B. flood C. current D. currency Exercises for Unit 5 D D C

37 4. An _____woman came to consult him about her throat. A. older B. elder C. elderly D. eldest 5. Seeing a plain roared towards him, Tom was in a blue _____. A. frank B. funk C. funeral D. furnace 6. It’s _____ to fly in this weather. A. mad B. crazy C. crazed D. insane Exercises for Unit 5 C B D

38 7. She has too _____a nature to get angry, even if he has good cause. A. bland B. mild C. militant D. middling 8. Take a _____ of my drink and see if you like it or not. A. suck B. sip C. lick D. lap 9. Don’t bother to look for my umbrella, it will _____ some day. A. turn over B. turn up C. turn out D. turn on Exercises for Unit 5 B B B

39 10. _____, we were just talking about the same thing. A. Too oddlyB. Too strange C. Oddly enoughD. Strength enough 11. If trade’s no better next month, we shall go _____ and then what will you do for jobs?. A. stuck B. blocked C. broke D. blank 12. His actions and principles are all _____ a piece. A. to B. in C. by D. of Exercises for Unit 5 C C D

40 13. I don’t think the answer lies simply in their physical _____ or in something unique about the climate in which they live. It is concerned with their attitude toward life. A. physicianB. constitute C. constitutionD. institute 14. In many large cities of the UK, there are many people who are _____. They have no money, no friends and no time. A. down-to-earth B. down and out C. up and downD. odds and ends Exercises for unit 5 C B

41 15. He always _____ his beard with a pair of scissors instead of a razor. A. cutsB. trims C. plucksD. trains 16. He was _____ when he heard he was promoted. He had suffered too many years from his wife’s endless complaints. A. taken aback B. taken ahead C. taken awayD. taken after 17. Many people are of the opinion that advertisements are _____. A. receptive B. conceptive C. deceptive D. deception Exercises for Unit 5 B A C

42 18. He never cares about such _____ as he is a broad-minded man. A. stiflesB. strife C. trifles D. strives 19. His behavior has _____ shown that he is trustworthy person. A. imaginatively B. intuitively C. evidentlyD. instinctively 20. He accepted our invitation to hold this party _____. A. in good grace B. out of a good grace C. with a good graceD. with better grace Exercises for Unit 5 C C C

43 21. Seeing the cute baby, I couldn’t help _____ his cheek tenderly. A. teasingB. stroking C. contacting D.rubbing 22. Students will be punished if their behavior is not _____ school rules and regulations. A. in accordance toB. in accordance with C. in according toD. with accord to 23. Trust your _____ and do what you think is right. A. self B. confidence C. instincts D. nature Exercises for Unit 5 B B C

44 24. You’ll soon go all to _____ if you keep on working like that. A. bitsB. pieces C. segments D. parts 25. Can’t you see all what he told us are _____ lies? A. opaqueB. transparent C. thoroughD. entire 26. I peg your pardon? I don’t know what you are _____. A. driving by B. driving on C. driving atD. driving off Exercises for Unit 5 B B C

45 27. She has been in bad _____ these days so she asked for a sick leave from the office. A. time B. condition C. way D. mood 28. He is making some progress in his work since his last project was well done _____. A. in a way B. in a day C. in a lay D. in a ray 29. He doesn’t think he is suitable for this job for his own _____. A. reasonB. idea C. divisionD. part Exercises for unit 5 B A D

46 30. We have a _____ for a computer programmer.. A. vacantB. vacancy C. emptiness D. gap KEY to Exercises for Unit 5 1---10 DDCCB DBBBC 11---20 CDCBB ACCCC 21---30 BBCBB CBADB Exercises for Unit 5 B

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