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A Foolish King And His Wife By: Felicia Ballard. There once was a foolish king named king Tut and a peasant named Ara. She was the most beautiful thing.

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1 A Foolish King And His Wife By: Felicia Ballard

2 There once was a foolish king named king Tut and a peasant named Ara. She was the most beautiful thing created by nature thought king Tut; And so did others. She was so beautiful that King Tut couldn’t imagine losing her to someone else. Just because of the thought King Tut did the unexpected, he asked her to marry him. He felt like the luckiest frog in the swamp to have her as his wife.

3 Every male creature all over East Africa’s swamp wanted to marry her and every female creature envied her. She had men waiting at her foot. Just a simple “hello” would make the men feel lucky. But there was only one thing in their way of getting their chance, and that was King Tut. He was very protective over his wife.

4 King Tut, the frog, and his wife Queen Ara were having problems in their relationship. King Tut would go about town longing for answers on what it was that was wrong. He wanted so badly to fix their relationship because he indeed wanted things to work out with his wife.

5 One day Mansa Musa, a peasant frog, heard of how the king would grant anyone who could mend his relationship anything they had ever longed for. Not long after hearing the news, Mansa Musa went to King Tut asking for a chance to help him. King Tut Accepted and asked what it was that he needed to do. “Plan an evening for tomorrow night for me and your wife. During that time I will get you all the answers you need to know.” said Mansa Musa. “As you wish.” responded King Tut. “Thank you my King.” said Mansa Musa. “No thank you. So what will this cost me sir?” asked King Tut. “Nothing at all my lord. You have already done much for me in many ways that you will ever know. Don’t thank me now, but do so later when I have fully granted your wish.” responded Mansa Musa.

6 The next night, King Tut had already planned an evening for Mansa Musa and his wife Queen Ara. King Tut spent the entire evening with Queen Ara talking about what it is she likes and dislikes that King Tut does. Mansa Musa found everything Queen Ara had to say quite amusing.

7 The next day Mansa Musa called King Tut over to discuss the date. “Oh king! Oh king! Thou wife hates how you eat flies. You capture too many at once. She even compares you to a pig.” said Mansa Musa. “But it is her who eats way too much.” said King Tut. King Tut grew furious and decided to send them on a second date. This time Mansa Musa had picked the place. He chose to have a picnic on the side of the river under the tree because King Tut had said it was Queen Ara’s favorite place. “Oh King! Oh King! Thou wife hates how you hop. She says you bounce too hard when you land.” said Mansa Musa. “But it is her who bounces too hard.” says King Tut. King Tut could not understand why his wife would make so many false accusations of him. This is an outrage he thought. “When is the soonest you two can meet again?” asked king Tut. “As soon as possible my lord. Anything for you” responded Mansa Musa.

8 That same night Queen Ara and Mansa Musa met again. This time was going to be the last time. King tut wanted so badly to fix his marriage.

9 King Tut was so upset that he decided to go talk to his wife and tell her how he truly felt. He returned home he found nothing but a letter on the counter. The letter read: My Dear Beloved, For so long I have tried to mend our relationship. But time and time again you insult me. You send me on these foolish dates doubting my love for you. How could you compare me to a pig? All I wanted was for us to work out. But it seems that I land everywhere hard except your heart. I refuse to live in such place. Home affairs should never be discussed on the public square. I loved you but you don’t love me. I have decided to end your misery. I have moved to West Africa to be with someone who actually loves me. i thought what we had was true but indeed u never felt the same. - Farwell my king. Love your Queen Ara

10 King grew furious and stormed out to find her. All he had wanted was to work things out and everything seemed to fall apart. He went again to visit the spider, Mansa Musa only to find an empty space. He entered the swamp house to find a a note attached to the chimney that read: My King, You are indeed the greatest. There is no way I could ever repay you for what you have done for me. Queen Ara is a beautiful woman who deserves better and better is me. You foolish king! No man should ever leave his woman alone feeling the need for love. You have granted me all that you could in repay for what I have done for you. I promise to love her more than you ever could possibly do and treat her to nothing but the best things in life as you had wished. We reside on the West african Coast which is closer to home for her. Your wife had no problem with your relationship, she had only longed to see her relatives. -Farewell King, sincerely a very smart peasant

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