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Professional Development Session February 9, 2011.

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1 Professional Development Session February 9, 2011

2 Endowments One time gifts Annual Giving

3  Larger monetary gift capable of producing interest income to support on-going need. ◦ Scholarships ◦ Operating Costs ◦ Programmatic Costs


5 Herbert and Sylvia Fisher Fisher Student Center Fisher University Union Scholarship in the Watson School of Education Fisher Field House

6 Herbert and Sylvia FisherFisher Student Center

7 Senior Class Gifts

8  Financial gifts intended to support a specific initiative. ◦ Seahawk Sculpture ◦ Memorial Garden ◦ Senior Class Gifts

9 ThenNow

10  History of Senior Class Gift Giving ◦ Campaign Success ◦ Institutional Obligation to on-going care/expense  Demonstrated success with options for giving ◦ College or School ◦ Department ◦ Student Organization ◦ Memorial Garden  Shift to Class Year amount -- $20.11 ◦ Focus on number of individuals giving rather than the size of the gift.

11 To General Fund To Scholarships To Department or Program of Donor’s Choice Parent Fund

12  Annual Campaigns ◦ Faculty & Staff Campaign ◦ Parent Fund Phone a Thon ◦ Church Stewardship


14  Tend to occur in cycles over several years. ◦ UNCW’s last capital campaign concluded in 1997. ◦ Public phase of current campaign to launch this month.  Target multi-million dollar goals. ◦ Public phase often announced when majority of funds are in hand or committed.  Often target specific priorities. ◦ Scholarships ◦ Construction Projects

15 Show me the money…or not

16  Good Times ◦ FSC Endowment produced $90,000 in useable interest income in a single year  Bad Times ◦ FSC endowment is now “under water,” so not capable of producing interest income

17  Unhappy UConn Donor Wants His $3-Million Back The Chronicle of Higher Education January 25, 2011  T. Boone Pickens has a simple message for UConn officials as they attempt to placate an angry benefactor who has demanded his $3-million back.demanded his $3-million back “Your donors are as important to you as some of your players are,” Pickens told USA Today. “So you don’t want to offend anybody.”told

18 January 20, 2006 Athletics at Okla. State Receives $165-Million By ERIN STROUT A billionaire alumnus has given Oklahoma State University at Stillwater $165-million for new athletics facilities, in what university officials said last week was the largest donation ever to a college athletics program.

19  October 26, 2008  T. Boone Pickens Pledges Another 'Major Gift' to Oklahoma State U. Athletics T. Boone Pickens, the billionaire oil tycoon who gave $165- million to Oklahoma State University’s athletics department in 2005, said on Saturday that he would announce “another major gift” to the department on Monday. He did not reveal the value of the gift, but according to the Tulsa World, a source familiar with the situation said it would be $63-million.gave $165- millionTulsa World, The new gift will replenish a fund started with the earlier donation, Mr. Pickens said. That fund constitutes a big chunk of the money for stadium upgrades and an athletics village to be built at the Stillwater, Okla., campus, but the controversial project has been put on hold because the fund has taken a beating in the national economic downturn. Mr. Pickens would not divulge the fund’s value, the newspaper reported, but he did acknowledge that it had dropped about 60 percent.athletics villagecontroversial project

20  Baldwin-Wallace College Sells Donated Art for $1.4-Million February 7, 2011, 1:40 pm Baldwin-Wallace College, a liberal-arts institution in Ohio, has made $1.4-million by selling 1,700 donated works of art it said it was unable to properly care for or even to display, The Plain Dealer, a newspaper in Cleveland, reported today. The artworks, including a lithograph by Roy Lichtenstein, were auctioned by a Cleveland gallery, and the college will use the proceeds to establish a $100,000 endowment for its art department and to finance capital improvements. Such sales often draw criticism from donors or their heirs, as well as from museum officials who generally view deaccessioning as unethical, but The Plain Dealer didn’t report any complaints.The Plain Dealer,

21 Recognizing those that give

22  How do you find the right match of a donor with a need? ◦ Identify the needs in detail and have them readily available. ◦ Listen to your donors and other friends of the university to determine interests. ◦ Offer options, complete with details about the kind of difference a gift can make in a specific situation.

23  Recognition Ceremonies  Recognition Emblems ◦ Fisher Display in the FSC ◦ Varsity Display in the FUU ◦ Bronze Dedication Plaques in both facilities ◦ On-going outreach to them  When to involve  When not to involve


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