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Welcome to Open House! WHILE WAITING… Please complete all the forms in the colored folder & leave the folder with forms on your child’s desk when you leave:

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1 Welcome to Open House! WHILE WAITING… Please complete all the forms in the colored folder & leave the folder with forms on your child’s desk when you leave: Inclement Weather form Safety Village Field Trip Permission Slip Safety Village Waiver Mad Lib list sheet (adjective, verb, etc.) Permission for PG movies

2 COMMUNICATION The most important key to a successful experience in 4 th grade. My blog is the main tool for communication. Thursday papers Weekly behavior sheet- will be in front pocket- go ahead and sign- no marks is good news Email- Please contact immediately if you have a question or concern—do not stew about it- I’d rather you communicate to me than let frustration build up.

3 Central Intelligence Your child’s multi-pocketed folder is called his/her CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. The first two pockets will serve as their Thursday folder. PAPERS TO SIGN AND RETURN-The first pocket will hold papers that need to be signed and returned as well as important flyers. Please keep the flyers at home. PAPERS TO KEEP AT HOME-The second pocket will contain graded papers. Please take papers out of this pocket. Go over the papers with your child to make sure they learn from his/her mistakes. The papers in the other pockets are still works in progress or are reference papers for classwork. If taken out, your child will not have needed materials.

4 READING LOG Students are asked to read 20 minutes daily with a goal of 400 minutes per month. On the reading log, the students needs to record the # of minutes read each day. List the books in the gray square. Parents should sign every Thursday night to help the child keep up with the record keeping. Go ahead and sign your child’s log for tonight.

5 AR Points AR points are NOT REQUIRED, BUT highly encouraged and rewarded. Each nine weeks those students that earn 20 AR points are invited to a reading celebration. Books should be within their reading level and students should earn an average of 80% or higher on the tests. Check blog for access to Home Connect which will allow you to see your child’s AR test record

6 WHAT’S NEW? Grades 90 – 100 = A 80 – 89 = B 75 – 79 = C 70 – 74 = D 69 or below = F The grades from last semester of 4 th grade will be evaluated when determining 5 th grade awards.

7 Common Core Standards The CCS affect reading, language arts, & math. Emphasis on reading skills and writing in science and social studies. Rigor – performance tasks, higher-order thinking, text complexity, and written explanations across content areas

8 Our Daily Schedule 7:55 Math 8:50 Specials 9:35 Reading/Language Arts 11:21 Lunch, Restroom 11:51 Recess 12:15 More math 12:50 Social Studies and Science

9 Math Place value, rounding, decimals Multiplication (4 digit x 1 digit, 2-digit x 2-digit) Factors, Multiples Long division with 1-digit divisors Measurement (length, mass, capacity, time) Geometry (angles, 2D figures, symmetry) Algebra skills (use of variables, symbols) Problem Solving Fractions (order, equivalence, +, -, x)

10 Specials Will be posted weekly on the BLOG Be sure to wear tennis shoes on PE days. On music days, students need to be prepared with recorder, music binder and pencil.

11 Reading & Language Arts Vocabulary Building: orange workbook- see password list for online access Spelling program: Words Their Way list with Spelling city practice- see password list for Spelling City access. Tests are usually on Fridays. Reading program: combination of shared reading, guided reading and independent reading. Writing focus: opinion pieces, informational pieces, and narratives

12 Social Studies Economics Map and Globe skills Native Cultures Early Exploration Colonization American Revolution Government Westward Expansion

13 Science Water Weather Force and Motion (simple machines) Light Sound Space Ecosystems Protective Adaptations

14 Online Textbooks and Resources In your stack of papers, you have a personalized list of websites, usernames and passwords for your child. Please keep this copy near your computer to help your child access all resources that will help him/her be successful. Your child will have a copy at school to reference.

15 Scholastic Book Club Students will be given the opportunity to order books from Scholastic at very reasonable prices. I will send home flyers, but you can always go online and order books. ONLY online orders will be submitted NO CHECKS should be sent to school –please pay online See blog for access to Scholastic website and book orders

16 Cobb Virtual Library Great research resources! Available at home Username: cobb Password: bird

17 Important Information Water bottles, snacks Birthdays/V.I.P.: Treats (individual portions) are welcome. If there is a change in your child’s afternoon transportation, it must be done in writing to the school before the end of the day. Please use official CCSD bus pass for changes in bus transportation.

18 From the Nurse Please re-confirm any allergies, medical problems, etc. Please stop by the clinic to update your child’s clinic card, if necessary. Please remember that ALL medications need to be checked in at the clinic by a parent.

19 From the Attendance Clerk Absent & Not Taken to the Doctor – Please send a note from the parent stating the dates and illness. Absent & Taken to the Doctor – Please send in a doctor’s note. Tardy – Please send in doctor’s note, dentist’s note, or dated note from parent.

20 Other Information Tuesday, August 20th - Trained Parent Volunteer Training, 9:00-10:00 A.M. Monday, August 26th - Trained Parent Volunteer Training, 1:00 - 2:00 P.M.

21 How to Be Successful in Fourth Grade Agenda – check daily to keep updated on homework Check & sign your child’s reading log and behavior report every Thursday. Read! Practice math facts. Have a homework routine & designated location Pack up the night before. Be diligent and VERY NEAT! Strive for excellence!

22 Leave Folder and Paperwork Mad Libs for Students Inclement Weather Forms Field Trip Forms Permission to watch PG movies Questions? THANK YOU FOR COMING


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