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Welcome to Ms. Teague’s M.Ed. Classroom Social Studies Teacher 7 th Grade History Rm. 118 Martin Luther King Middle School.

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1 Welcome to Ms. Teague’s M.Ed. Classroom Social Studies Teacher 7 th Grade History Rm. 118 Martin Luther King Middle School

2 Am I in the Right Room?  If your homeroom/history teacher is Ms. Teague; you are in the correct room. Ms. Teague History Grades 7 Room # 118

3 Where am I supposed to sit?  You are placed in alphabetical order.  The number on your card should match the number at your desk.  This will be your seat until advised otherwise.

4 Who is this teacher as a person? POETRY

5 Will this teacher treat me fairly? Yes, Always!

6 What will I be doing this year?

7 How will I be graded?  Grading Scale:  100- 92 A  91 – 82 B  81 - 74 C  73 – 60 D  59 and below F  Test : 50% of grade  Quizzes: 20%  Projects: 20%  Homework: 5%  Class Participation 5%

8 What are the rules in this classroom?  The classroom rules can be found in your syllabus as well as on the wall in the classroom.

9 Ms. Teague’s Classroom Contract Guidelines Procedures

10 Classroom Guidelines

11 Guideline #1  Be in your assigned seat and working on the assigned bell work when the clock strikes 9o’clock. (The bell work may be on the board or the overhead projector)

12 Ms. Teague’s S.S. Lounge Today’s Special September 7, 2008  Bellwork:  Express your feelings about history. Do you like or dislike the subject? Why or why not? Do you feel like you know a lot about history? What would you like to learn this year in history?  Objectives:  Students will be able to understand the classroom policies and procedures.

13 Guideline #2  Bring ALL books and materials to class and take them with you when you leave. (You will not be permitted to return to your class for materials left behind. Materials left behind will be either sent to lost and found or disposed of in the garbage.)

14 Guideline #3  Follow directions the first time they are given.

15 Guideline #4  Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.

16 Guideline #5  Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the Martin Luther King Student handbook.

17 Special Guideline  This classroom is a “No Whining/ No Bullying” Zone. That means that there will be no whining or bullying, for ANY reason.  Everything that I do is in your best interest, so please…respect the “No Whining/Bullying Zone” this year.

18 Guideline Infraction Notice  Read it  Sign it  Keep it until the end of class Guideline Infraction Notice (Pink Slip) Please: correct your behavior ___ and/or return to task___ Signature:______________________________ Date__________ Offense: _________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Conference Result: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Teacher Signature: ______________________________

19 Following Guidelines will result in:  Verbal Acknowledgement  A Stress free learning environment  A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere

20 Not Following Guidelines will result in: 1 st Warning and documentation 2 nd Action Plan, Parental Contact, and 30 minute after school detention * * Fridays Only!! 3 rd Disciplinary Referral

21 Severe Clause  Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school property (this includes the property of the teacher and other students), or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the principal IMMEDIATELY.

22 Classroom Procedures

23 Entering the room  Please enter quietly  Have a seat  Take out your materials  Review the agenda  Write down your homework (I will initial it.)  Begin bell work assignment

24 When you are tardy  Enter quietly  Excused: Place excuse in the basket on my desk  Repeated tardiness (more than 3)will result in a detention and/or parent conference.

25 Getting your attention I will:  Stand in front of the class  Raise my hand / patterned clap  Wait for everyone to be quiet and follow my signal  Then, I will begin speaking

26 Signals to Know  1 finger: to speak or hand  2 finger: to leave seat  3 fingers: ask a question or hand  4 fingers: to use the restroom  5 fingers: Quiet Sign

27 Paper Heading  Name plus special #  Homeroom Teacher  Assignment Name  Pg. Number (s) if applicable  Date  (the paper heading should be in the upper right hand corner) * Place on all homework and class assignments Ms. Teague (19) HR: Mr. Shelby Unit 1: Reflection pg.10 September 2, 2008 Example

28 After an excused absence  It is your responsibility to see me to get your makeup work after class. You will have up to the amount of days missed to complete assignment(s).

29 Student Responsibility Card This is for students who do not have the assigned homework  Fill it out  Sign and date it  Turn it in with the homework papers STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY CARD It is your responsibility to complete all homework assignments on time. Name _______________________________ Number ______________ I did not turn in my homework because: _______I did the assigned homework, but did not bring it to class. _______I chose not to do my homework. _______I forgot to do my homework. _______I did not have the appropriate materials at home. _______Other-please explain on the back. Signature _____________________________ Date _________________ (Write the assignment name on the back of this card.)

30 Finish Classwork Early “What do I do next?”

31 What Do I Do Next? Activities  Work on unfinished Social Studies assignments  Read your “choice” novel  Write a reaction to the topic(s) being covered  Review vocabulary words  Write a letter to someone in history  Study notes  Review old test or quizzes  Start working on tonight's homework

32 Scheduled check out  Please let me know as you enter the classroom. *I will be at the door.  Quietly raise your hand to get my attention  Pack your materials and leave at the scheduled time  If it is an emergency, quickly get my attention and I will assist you.

33 Turning in papers  Place your paper in the center of the tables and wait for them to be collected.  I (or a class helper) will come by and collect all stacks  Assignments will then be placed in the HW or the Completed Work basket located on top of the bookshelf.

34 Classroom Discussions  PLEASE participate  I want to hear what you have to say  Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion  If your question is off the topic, write it down and ask later. (Respect will be given to all comments. No comment is silly. Rudeness will not be tolerated!)

35 Moving around the room  You must ask permission  Do not ask during a classroom discussion unless it is an emergency

36 Class Dismissal  The teacher dismisses you, not the bell (or the clock)  Do not start packing up prior to the bell  Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with.

37 Restroom Breaks  Students are not permitted to leave the classroom during the first fifteen or last fifteen minutes of class, or while direct teaching is taking place.  After 4 fingers have been displayed and permission is granted the student must then,sign out and write the time, then exit to the restroom.  The restroom clipboard is located by the door.  No more than 2 restroom breaks a week, so pace your time.

38 Hallway Procedures  Single filed line  Walk on the right side of the hallway.  NO talking is permitted. (SAVE ALL questions until we reach our destination.) * If hallway procedures cannot be followed we will practice until we get it right. The more minutes wasted, the more you will have to makeup.

39 Going to Lunch  Come into the room and place your belongings at your seat and quietly line up.  The students will be called to the line in groups or individually. (Alternative)  The line must be straight and quiet at all times.

40 Cafeteria  Sit at assigned table.  Follow the cafeteria procedures as well as the classroom rules.  Students must clean up their area after they have finished eating. (Teacher will typically call you to dump your tray when present.)  Teacher will call you to the line for cafeteria dismissal.  Students should be on their best behavior at all times.

41 Working in Cooperative Groups Students are placed in teacher chosen groups at all times. You are responsible for your own work. You are to ask a “support buddy” for help if you have a question. You must help if you are asked for help. You may ask for help from the teacher when the group agrees on the same question.

42 Changing Groups/ Transitions A verbal announcement of five minutes left before changing centers, lessons, activities, etc. Will given to inform you that the assignment is coming to a close. When it is time to change, a variety of methods are used: Play music Snap/clap rhythm pattern led by teacher The timer will ring

43 If the Teacher is Out of the Room  Students remain on task while the teacher is out of the room. Classroom rules and procedures are followed and work should be continued.  Save any questions and comments for when the teacher return.

44 “Special” Procedures These will be introduced on an “as needed” basis  Library/Media Center  Special guests  Working Cooperatively  Fire Drill - quietly line put your things down and line up. In a straight line head to the assigned exit.  Intercom Announcements – Remain silent while the announcements are on.  Assemblies – Single filed line and remain silent.  Substitute Teacher

45 Remember …  I truly believe in your potential and I want you to believe in it too!

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