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JSA/Jefferson Lab Green Purchasing JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Green Purchasing Overview Green Purchasing Overview Introduction Actions Why.

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2 JSA/Jefferson Lab Green Purchasing

3 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Green Purchasing Overview Green Purchasing Overview Introduction Actions Why Green Purchasing? Opportunities to Buy Green Directives/Categories Summary

4 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program INTRODUCTION Our DOE Contract Mandates Compliance with Executive Order (EO) 13101 Greening the Government through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition 3 Main Elements: Waste Reduction/Prevention Recycling Affirmative Procurement Program (APP)

5 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Green Purchasing Major Responsibilities DOE Comply with federal directives Provide guidance to prime contractors JLab Promote environmentally friendly purchasing & disposal Procurement JLab’s Affirmative Procurement Advocate Provide lab-wide information/education/assistance Employees Support Green Purchasing guidance and environmentally friendly disposal programs

6 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program What We Must Do ! Purchase items with the highest recovered materials content level practicable

7 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Green Purchasing Why Green? Cost Comparisons Examples

8 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Why Green Purchasing? Preserves natural resources Increasingly easier Potential cost savings National policy

9 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Cost Comparison of Green Purchasing Item #1 Toner Cartridge (Canon Machines) $67.74 Recycled Toner Cartridge $30.67 Savings 55% Item #2 Binders (3” White slant/w clear cover) $11.59 Recycled Binders $6.28 Savings 54%

10 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Examples of Buying Green Numerous Office/Administrative Supplies Recycled paper Remanufactured toner cartridges Call for use of green products in service contracts Include specifications in construction contracts

11 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Green Purchasing Methods Purchase card opportunities Electronic commerce

12 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Opportunity to Buy Green Include green purchasing considerations in Purchase Card, PCard, actions JLab PCard use: > $6 million in FY ‘05 About 130 JLab card holders About 1,000 purchases per month Expanded opportunities to purchase green products using electronic commerce Several vendors offer on-line “Green” catalogs

13 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program 8 Product Categories To date, the EPA has designated recycled content items in 8 product categories: Landscaping Non-paper office products Miscellaneous Parks & Recreation Vehicular Construction Transportation Paper and paper products Proposed Items for future reporting: Bio-based products: "commercial or industrial products (other than food or feed) that are composed in whole or in significant part of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural materials (including plant, animal, and marine materials) or forestry materials. “see

14 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Paper and Paper Products Designated Items: Printing and writing papers Miscellaneous papers Paperboard and packaging products Newsprint Commercial/industrial sanitary tissue products

15 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Non-Paper Office Products Designated Items: Binders (paper, plastic covered) Office recycling containers Office waste receptacles Plastic desktop accessories Plastic envelopes Plastic trash bags Furniture – new ‘05 Printer ribbons Toner cartridges Plastic binders (solid) Plastic clipboards Plastic clip portfolios Plastic file folders Plastic view graphs & presentation folders

16 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Construction Products Building insulation Carpet Cement & concrete containing: Latex paint Floor tiles Carpet cushion Flowable fill Laminated paperboard Railroad grade crossings/surfaces Patio blocks Shower and restroom dividers/partitions Structural fiberboard Roofing material – New FY’05 Modular Threshold Ramps – New FY’05 Non Pressure Pipe - – New FY’05 Designated Items:

17 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Landscaping Designated Items : Garden and soaker hoses Hydraulic mulch Lawn and garden edging Yard trimmings compost Food waste compost Landscaping timbers and posts (plastic lumber)

18 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Vehicular Products Designated Items: Engine coolants Re-refined lubricating oils Retread tires

19 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Transportation Products Designated Items: Channelizers Delineators Flexible delineators Parking stops Traffic barricades Traffic cones

20 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Miscellaneous Products Designated Items: Pallets Sorbents Awards and plaques Strapping and stretch wrap Mats Signage Industrial drums Bike Racks – new FY’05 Blasting Grit - new FY’05

21 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Summary Purchasing green products makes good business sense, is often more cost-effectively, and is good for the environment

22 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Jefferson Lab Green Team For more information… Green Purchasing: Dennis Dobbins #5139 Recyclables:  Paper Products & Aluminum Cans: Mike Lewellen #7169  Scrap Metal:Joan Campbell #7348  Batteries & Used Oil:Patty Hunt # 7039 Pollution Prevention Information or Suggestions: Linda Even #7308

23 JLab Affirmative Procurement Program Green Purchasing Finish Line

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