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Using Your Purchase Card to Buy Biobased Products Linda Mesaros U.S. Department of Agriculture 2010 GSA SmartPay ® Training Conference.

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1 Using Your Purchase Card to Buy Biobased Products Linda Mesaros U.S. Department of Agriculture 2010 GSA SmartPay ® Training Conference

2 Discussion Topics What is a Biobased Product? Statutory Requirements Why Purchase BioPreferred Products? What is BioPreferred? Tools for Purchase Card Holders USDA Walking the Walk Your Next Steps… 1

3 What is a Biobased Product? 2 Biobased products are those the Secretary of Agriculture determines to be composed in whole or large part of renewable agricultural or forestry materials Biobased products can include plant, animal, and marine materials. Biobased Products Include: Hand cleaners Multi-purpose cleaners Engine Oils Graffiti and grease removers Cutlery Adhesive and mastic removers Laundry Products

4 Statutory Requirements 3 2008 Farm Bill 2002 Farm Bill Executive Order (EO) 13514  Signed October 2009 Executive Order (EO) 13423  Signed January 2007 Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)  updated for BioPreferred Nov 2008

5 4 Federal Purchasing Power The Federal government alone owns and operates nearly 500,000 buildings. The Federal government spends $500 billion annually on goods and services.

6 Why Purchase BioPreferred Products? 5 Increase our energy security and independence Spur economic development Improve our environment Meet legislative mandates and regulatory requirements

7 What is BioPreferred? 6 USDA brand name for Biobased Markets Program established in Farm Bill 2002/2008 Identifies and seeks to establish new markets for biobased products Two program parts –Federal procurement preference program –Voluntary labeling program

8 USDA’s Role in BioPreferred Procurement Preference 7 Establish Guidelines (published January 11, 2005) Designate BioPreferred items -- generic groupings of biobased products -- that receive procurement preference Establish BioPreferred model procurement program

9 Designated Items 8 50 items have been designated More than 5,000 products represented Many products that can be bought using purchase cards: –Facility Operations and Maintenance Products –Janitorial/Cleaning Products –Vehicle Maintenance Products –Cafeteria

10 Items Purchased Via P-Cards 9 Construction/ Facility Operations De-Icers Paint Removers/Strippers Janitorial Carpet Cleaners Glass Cleaners Graffiti/Grease Removers Hand Cleaners Floor Cleaners Vehicle Maintenance Greases Lubricants AbilityOne Items Glass & Bathroom Cleaners Absorbents Disposable Cutlery Graffiti Remover Hand Cleaners & Sanitizer Pens & Highlighters

11 Basics 10 Formerly Javits-Wagner-O’Day (JWOD) Program –AbilityOne is the program name –SKILCRAFT is the product brand name –JWOD is the law supporting the program Mission: Provide employment opportunities for people who are blind or severely disabled –Employs more than 40,000 people Federal Government Purchased $2.3 billion of products and services in 2006

12 AbilityOne & BioPreferred 11 More than 40 products provided through AbilityOne are BioPreferred Products: –Absorbents –Cleaners & Degreasers –Food Service Flatware –Office Products & Pens –Personal Care Cleaners –Laundry Detergent NSNs and product descriptions can be found in AbilityOne catalog: –

13 BioPreferred Labeling 12

14 Labeling Program 13 Voluntary labeling program will allow product vendors to use a USDA logo to identify qualifying products. Final rule is in process.

15 Tools For Purchase Card Holders 14 Online training about BioPreferred and all other green purchasing programs and how to purchase these products Classroom training – our staff will come to you and explain if requested Fact sheets prepared specifically for purchase card holders –Online catalog of BioPreferred items

16 Tools: Website 15

17 USDA Walking the Walk 16 USDA letter to all Cabinet Secretaries. Reminder that purchasing biobased products creates new green jobs and new markets for farmers, manufacturers, and vendors. Secretary Vilsack calls on Chief Acquisition Officers to support the BioPreferred program through direct purchases and in service contracts.

18 USDA Walking the Walk 17 USDA Green Purchasing Plan USDA Advantage USDA bioproduct use –Green Bottle water in USDA cafeterias –BioGreen ® fertilizer applied to Whitten lawn –Biobased roof coating on USDA facility in WV

19 USDA Walking the Walk 18 Biobased drain cleaner used in USDA cafeteria kitchen

20 Federal BioPreferred Product Use 19 Security Bins – (DOT/TSA) -- Used in many airports.

21 Your Next Steps / “Take-Aways” 20 Learn more about BioPreferred-designated items Share what you know with fellow purchase card holders Next time your supervisor or group needs a product, Think first …is a BioPreferred item available? Purchase BioPreferred products to meet your needs Communicate with us and let us know!

22 For Further Information 21 Ron Buckhalt, Program Manager BioPreferred Program 202-205-4008 Website: Linda Mesaros

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