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Training for Purchase Card Users and Approving Officials

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1 Training for Purchase Card Users and Approving Officials
Environmentally Preferable Procurement Training for Purchase Card Users and Approving Officials

Affirmative Procurement Program Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Green Purchasing Preferred Procurement

3 Affirmative Procurement Program
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 at Section 6002 established the Affirmative Procurement Program allowing EPA to designate products which Federal agencies would be required to acquire with recycled content Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 established the Biobased Products Procurement Preference Program allowing USDA to designate products which Federal agencies would be required to acquire with biobased content

4 Affirmative Procurement Program
Federal Acquisition Regulation was amended 11/07/2007 to add the Biobased Preference Program to the Affirmative Procurement Program so it became a program allowing EPA and USDA to designate products that Federal agencies are required to acquire with recycled or biobased content.

5 Environmentally Preferable Procurement
DOE includes: Affirmative Procurement plus: Energy Efficiency Programs EnergyStar and FEMP Alternative Fuels and Alternative Fueled Vehicles Non-Ozone Depleting Substances Water Efficiency Program i.e. WaterSense Electronic Products Environment Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Program Sustainable Design/Green Buildings

6 Green Purchasing Green Purchasing is an Internationally Accepted Term Synonymous with Environmentally Preferable Procurement

7 Preferred Procurement
Within DOE, the Terms Preferred Procurement and Environmentally Preferable Procurement are Used Interchangeably

8 Opportunity to Buy Green
2007 Government-Wide Statistics for the Purchase Card Program Purchase card spend- $18.7 billion 283,861 cardholders 26.5 million transactions Important to include green purchasing in all purchase card training and manuals


10 Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Environmentally preferable products or services have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.

11 Affirmative Procurement
The policy and practice of purchasing goods made with recycled or biobased materials For Example – Paper with 30% Post Consumer Content (Read definition.) Otherwise known as “Buying Recycled”. Shown here is one of the few absolutely mandatory standards – that we as federal agencies purchase paper with a minimum recycled content of 30%. This became effective 1 January 1999.

12 Environmentally Preferable Products Include All of These
Alternative fuel vehicles and alternative fuels required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 at Biobased products designated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the BioPreferred program. Biobased products are those designated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) pursuant to the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act, 7 USC This coverage is part of the Affirmative Procurement Program found at FAR USDA maintains a Home Page with the list of designated items at: . Energy from renewable sources required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 at

13 Environmentally Preferable Products Include All of These
Energy Star® products identified by DOE and EPA at , as well as FEMP-designated energy-efficient products at EPEAT-registered electronic products. The EPEAT initiative is a relatively new initiative added to the Federal Acquisition Regulation in A Home Page has been established to identify environmentally preferable electronic equipment at: . Non-ozone depleting substances, as identified in EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Program at .

14 Environmentally Preferable Products Include All of These
Products with low or no toxic or hazardous constituents, consistent with section VIII.A of the implementing instructions for Executive Order Each agency is tasked by the Implementing Instructions to develop goals and a list of toxic chemicals, hazardous substances and other pollutants by January 24, Information on this is available at Recycled content products designated in EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines at Water-efficient products, including those meeting EPA’s Water-Sense standards . EPA has already introduced some water efficient technology advancements but has others in process. More information is available at their Home Page.

15 Affirmative Procurement and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
When Biobased Products were added DOE was an early adopter of the U.S.D.A. Biobased Products Program DOE Contracting Activities and Management Contractors were encouraged to acquire biobased products on a voluntary basis in advance of the mandatory biobased preference program The Biobased Preference Program became effective 11/07/ As a practical matter, agencies have a 1 year period to implement as USDA adds new products to their Program.

16 Biobased Product Categories
Adhesive/Mastic Removers Carpet/Fibers Cleaners/Solvents Construction Materials Fuel Additives Inks Landscaping Lubricants Packaging Paint/Coatings Papers Plastics Sealants Sorbents

17 Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Environmentally preferable products or services do one or more of the following: Minimize the consumption of resources, energy and water Prevent the creation of solid waste, air pollution or water pollution Minimize or eliminate the use of materials or processes which compromise the environment (global warming, ozone depletion and acid rain) Promote the use of non-toxic substances and avoid toxic materials or processes

18 Exemptions According to both statutes, procuring agencies must procure the designated products unless the product: Is unavailable at a reasonable price Will not meet reasonable performance standards Is unavailable within a reasonable timeframe at a sufficient level of competition Price Performance Availability

19 And The Products Are: EPA-Designated Product Categories Construction
Landscaping Non-Paper Office Paper and Paper Products Parks and Recreation Transportation Vehicular Products Miscellaneous

20 Construction Products
Designated Items: Building insulation Carpet Carpet cushion Cement and concrete Consolidated and reprocessed latex paint Floor tiles Flowable fill Laminated Paperboard Modular threshold ramps Nonpressure pipe Patio blocks Railroad grade crossing surfaces Roofing materials Shower and restroom dividers Structural fiberboard

21 Landscaping Products Designated Items:
Compost made from yard trimmings or food waste Garden and soaker hoses Hydraulic mulch Lawn and garden edging Plastic lumber landscaping timbers and posts

22 Non-Paper Office Products
Designated Items: Binders, clipboards, file folders, clip portfolios, and presentation folders Office furniture Office recycling containers Office waste receptacles Plastic desktop accessories Plastic envelopes Plastic trash bags Printer ribbons Toner cartridges

23 Paper and Paper Products
Designated Items: Commercial/industrial sanitary tissue products Miscellaneous papers Newsprint Paperboard and packaging products Printing and writing papers

24 Park And Recreation Products
Designated Items: Park benches & picnic tables Plastic fencing Playground equipment Playground surfaces Running tracks

25 Transportation Products
Designated Items: Channelizers Delineators Flexible delineators Parking stops Traffic barricades Traffic cones

26 Vehicular Products Designated Items: Engine coolants
Rebuilt vehicular parts Re-refined lubricating oils Retread tires

27 Miscellaneous Products
Designated Items: Awards and plaques Bike Racks Blasting grit Industrial drums Manual-grade strapping Mats Pallets Signage Sorbents

28 Biobased Initial U.S.D.A. Designations
Mobile equipment hydraulic fluids Urethane roof coatings Water tank coatings Diesel fuel additives Penetrating lubricants Bedding, bed linens, towels

29 Biobased Products (cont'd)
Round 2 Designations – Effective May 14, 2009 Adhesive and Mastic Removers Biodegradable Containers Bio-Fluid Filled Transformers Composite Panels Fertilizers Grease and Graffiti Removers Hand Cleaners and Sanitizers Insulating Foams – Wall Construction Metal Working Fluids Sorbents

30 Biobased Products (cont’d)
Round 3 Designations – Effective May 14, 2009 Dust Suppressants Glass Cleaners Greases Hydraulic Fluid – Stationary Equipment Lip Care Balm 2 Cycle Engine Oils Biodegradable Cutlery Biodegradable Films Carpet Cleaners Carpets

31 Biobased Products (cont’d)
Round 4 Designations – Effective May 14, 2009 Durable Plastic Films Fire Arm Lubricants Floor Strippers Laundry Products Wood and Concrete Sealers Bath and Tile Cleaners Biobased Clothing Concrete and Asphalt Release Fluids Cutting, Drilling and Tapping Oils De-Icers

32 Where Can These Products Be Found?
Open Market Government Supply Sources General Services Administration (GSA) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Government Printing Office (GPO) Your Facility Supply Store JWOD

33 AP Made Easy… Use The Web DOE:
For Information EPA: and USDA DOE: To Search for Products GSA DLA EPA CA Waste Management Board’s Recycled Content Database:

34 How Will Purchases of EPA- Designated Items Be Monitored?
EPA RCRA Inspections EPA Facility Questionnaires Reporting of Purchases Annual Purchase Card Audit IG Inspections

35 How Do I Report Purchase Card Transactions?
Purchases Should Be Reported Above the Micro-purchase Threshold Affirmative Procurement Reporting Procedures Vary From Site to Site Contact Your Recycling Coordinator, Green Acquisition Advocate, or Equivalent for Procedures at your Site Contacts are at

36 What Should You Do? Keep the list of handy or bookmark EPA’s and USDA’s Recycled and Biopreferred Home Pages – refer to them when planning purchases Maximize your purchases of recycled- content items by Searching for recycled-content products in catalogs and online sources Requesting recycled-content items from your vendors Document noncompliant purchases (those not meeting recycled or biopreferred content requirements) for reasons of availability, price or performance

37 Need More Information? Denise Clarke - DOE Purchase Card Program Manager ( ) Richard Langston - Procurement Policy Analyst ( ) Donald Lentzen - Affirmative Procurement Program Manager ( ) Print your completion certificate from the next slide. If you are using NetScape, press escape if in view mode, click on the center of the slide, enter your name, then print slide 35. If you are using Internet Explorer, right click on the next slide, select EDIT, insert your name and then click outside the slide; print slide 35. Furnish a copy to your local purchase card coordinator! Just one more step – Prepare your Certificate Thanks for learning about our Program.

38 Affirmative Procurement Program Overview Training 1 Hour Credit

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