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Welcome! Mrs. Gauthier U.S. History. What will I be doing this semester?

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1 Welcome! Mrs. Gauthier U.S. History

2 What will I be doing this semester?

3 How will I be graded? Assignments 25% Assessments 45% Novels 10% (3 novels) Discussions & Debates 5% Oral Interview Project 5% Final Exam/Project 10%

4 What are the rules in this classroom? Be Ready Be Respectful Be Responsible

5 Will the teacher treat me fairly? Yes,Always!

6 Who is this teacher as a person?

7 Mrs. Gauthier’s Classroom Expectations

8 Expectation #1 Be in your assigned seat and ready to learn when the bell rings.

9 Expectation #2 Bring ALL materials to class and take them with you when you leave.

10 Expectation #3 Follow directions the first time they are given. However, do not be afraid to ask questions.

11 Expectation #4 Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.

12 Expectation #5 Phones, I-pods, headsets, walkmans, etc. will not be permitted during class.

13 Expectation #6 Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the NJSD and Neenah High School handbooks.

14 Special Expectation This classroom is a “No Whining Zone”. That means that there will be no whining, for ANY reason. Everything that I do is in your best interest, so please respect the “No Whining Zone” this semester.

15 Following Expectations will result in.. Verbal acknowledgement A stress-free learning environment A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere

16 Not Following Expectations will result in... Verbal Warning Written Expectations Infraction Notice and Consultation Student Action Plan Parent Contract 30 minute detention Disciplinary Referral

17 Expectation Infraction Notice Read it Sign it Keep it until the end of class


19 Student Action Plan for Mrs. Gauthier’s classroom 1.What’s the problem? 2. What’s causing the problem? (Please list the factors) 3. What plan will you use to solve the problem? ________________ Date _____________________________________________ Student’s SignatureParent/Guardian Signature

20 Severe Clause Any student who is severely disruptive or disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office IMMEDIATELY.

21 Procedures Mrs. Gauthier’s Classroom

22 Entering the Room Please enter quietly and quickly. Have a seat before the bell rings. Take out your materials. Review the schedule on the board.

23 When you are tardy... Enter quietly and quickly. Excused: Place pass on my desk. Unexcused: After two, parent contract and detentions may occur. Have a seat and take out your materials.

24 After an Excused Absence Retrieve any handouts. Copy the notes. Make-up work for unexcused absences is not available. Make-up tests: In the ARC

25 Please give the teacher your full attention. Do not talk while the teacher is talking. Please wait to be recognized by the teacher before you begin speaking. During Instruction

26 Classroom Discussions PLEASE participate. I want to hear what you have to say. Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion. If your question is off the topic, write it down and ask later.

27 Work Time Make sure you read or listen to the directions about your work and understand them. If you didn’t understand, ask for help from the teacher. If you need to talk to another student, it should be no louder than a whisper. The person sitting on the other side of the room should not be interrupted by your noise. Use your time wisely. Put forth your best effort to finish your work on time.

28 During Group Work Time You will be assigned to a group/partner. No side-bar conversations during group/partner activities, focus on the task at hand. You must contribute to your group.

29 Finish Class work Early “What do I do next?” Check your work and the directions one more time to see if you missed anything or did something incorrectly. If the assignment is to be turned in, do so.

30 Other Activities Make every minute count! Work on unfinished History assignments. Read your novel. Review vocabulary words. Organize your folder. Up date your notes.

31 Scheduled Check Out Please let me know as you enter the classroom. Quietly raise your hand to get my attention. Pack your materials and leave at the scheduled time. If it is an emergency, quickly get my attention and I will assist you.

32 Passes Bathroom, Locker, Office YouYou Do not leave during instruction time or classroom discussion unless it is an emergency. Sign in and out on the form located in the folder located by the computer. Take and return the appropriate pass.

33 Class Dismissal The teacher dismisses you, not the bell. Do not start packing up prior to the bell. Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with “Have a nice day! ” “I will see you tomorrow!” (7 th hour please put up the chairs)

34 “Special” Procedures These will be introduced on an “as needed” basis. Library/ARC Special guests Fire and Tornado Drills Intercom Announcements Assemblies Substitute Teacher

35 We will have a great semester together. Procedures and Expectations will enhance your learning experience. I will give you my very best everyday and ask the same from you in return. I truly believe in your potential and I know that you have the ability to succeed! Let’s have a GREAT semester! Mrs. Gauthier

36 What will I be doing this semester?

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