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Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT) Platform Review Tracking, Logistics and Workforce Management Solutions across the Industries A PPLYING T.

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1 Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT) Platform Review Tracking, Logistics and Workforce Management Solutions across the Industries A PPLYING T ECHNOLOGY TO I MPROVE B USINESS E FFICIENCY 01 JULY 2014, M ALTA Ron Burdis

2 2 I FIT: M ULTI -P URPOSE P LATFORM A PPROACH iFIT Approach: Multi-Industry Applications  Healthcare  Oil & Gas  Utilities  Telecommunications  Logistics  Legal, Banks and Finance Incremental Rollout of Application Sets:  Paper/Electronic Records Management  Asset Tracking and Management  Supplies and Batch Management  Workforce Management  Logistics Management  Geo-Spatial Management  Integrated Engineering and Back-office systems Transition tool for EDRM and Scanning

3 iFIT: Multi-Industry Tracking and Management Application Sets

4 4 I R ECORDS : K EY D RIVERS FOR C HANGE Drivers: Improve Information Governance Full Audit Trail of Records Activity Streamline internal/external Audit Activity Improved Statutory/Mandatory Reporting Improve Service to User Community. Reduce Admin Overhead Secure and Audit Libraries, Drawing Offices, Archive rooms and Associated Access. Replace an antiquated paper management Application. Prepare for EDRM Apply iFITs’ Integrated Records Management (IRM) Framework

5 5 I R ECORDS : A DVANCED P ROCESS F UNCTIONALITY Intelligent Barcode Management (IBM): Un-Tethered Tracking Location Base Filing Bulk Loading and Delivery Containerisation RFID Passive Tracking Technology Auto Check in/out of the libraries Streamline Record Searches Streamline Audits of files/drawings in circulation Process Management: Automated:  Picking, Re-Filing, Reminder lists  Alerts and Call Backs Retention management Third Party Offsite Storage Integration Auto generation and electronic delivery of Picking List Tracking of agreed SLAs

6 6 I S UPPLIES : B ATCH AND S ELL BY DATE E XAMPLE R ESUSCITATION C ASE T RACKING AND D RUG M ANAGEMENT Previous Issues: Paper oriented logging process Relies on Clinical Staff Returning Cases to Emergency Cupboard Sell by Date Management all manually performed Batch recall all manually performed Paper based process subject to errors Patient Risk exposure Staff Overhead iFIT Resolution All Resus Cases are RFID tagged Content loading electronically logged: Batch and Sell by date. Generates the First Line Cardiac Arrest Box Log. Streamline search for Cases in circulation Automates Case Refresh Routines: Sell by Date Automates and Tracks Batch Recalls Automates Manual Logs

7 7 I E VIDENCE : T RACKING AND M ANAGEMENT A PPLICATIONS iEvidence Management: In-Field electronic logging and cataloguing of evidence collection RFID tagging at point of collection All activity logged per user for reporting Passive tracking in Property Rooms/Lab areas Virtual Storage area against each Case Assures chain of custody logging during transport, delivery and collection/return. Forensics area tracking and process management.

8 8 I A SSETS : T RACKING AND M ANAGEMENT A PPLICATIONS iFIT Asset Tracking and Management: Track any Physical Device Containerise Assets to Buildings/Areas/Clients Maintenance scheduling and Cost Management Capabilities. Provide integrated Geo-Spatial views with relevant asset information.  Documentation  Latest Maintenance information  Cradle to Grave Costing  Work Permits issued Interface with Third Party Engineering/ Infrastructure Systems

9 9 I T RANSPORT : T RACKING AND M ANAGEMENT A PPLICATIONS iTransport Tracking and Logistics Management: Scheduling and Route Management Integrated with iSpatial for Geo-Mapping Connectivity. Auto-Dispatch and Management  Van and Driver collection and distribution routes  Track in real-time van location  Enable ad-hoc collections to closest resource  Supports Staff availability levels Fully integrated with iMobility and iTracking Improve Customer Service.  Track and capture each step in a collection/delivery process.  Provide electronic confirmation of receipt.  Capture signatures at point of service

10 10 iFIT: Resolution Making the most from existing case management systems Adding physical attributes to static data bases Assuring “The Physical” is accounted for. Scheduling the right information at the right time. Open API to interface historic data and current transaction information. Associate Records, Folders, Physical Items, to a single “Case Entity”. Track from variable storage points (Virtual Storage). Locate all associated elements to a Case/Business Transaction. Ideal for Banks, Law Enforcement and Legal firms dealing with Sensitive Loan, Evidence (Chain of Custody assured) and Case management paper work. PAS: Healthcare interface to manage Patient/Item Pathway. I FIT: C ASE M ANAGEMENT I NTEGRATION B ACK -O FFICE S YSTEMS M ANAGEMENT

11 11 iFIT: Resolution Shared information in “Real-Time”.  iFIT Transaction tracking elements  iFIT Item information  iFIT paper and electronic Information held  iFIT current asset status Interfaces with:  SCADA/DCS  PIMS  EMS  Work Management/Outage Management Systems  AutoCAD  GIS  Asset Management Solutions I FIT: E NGINEERING M ANAGEMENT I NTEGRATION R EAL -T IME AND SUPPORTING S YSTEMS M ANAGEMENT iSpatial iControl iCAD

12 12 I W ORKFORCE Group Pager Replacement Task Management Interface to Time & Attendance Systems Fully integrate with iTracking and iTransport Improves internal/external communications

13 iFIT: Multi-Purpose Investment Base Platform Review

14 14 Enhanced Mobility Functionality: Mobility: SmartBadge: 1 and 2D Barcode Scanner and Task/Communications Manager 6 or 7" Mini: Android Mobile Desktop 9" Android Mobile tablet 11" Android/Windows Mobile tablet All Mobile Desktop devices include:  1 and 2D Barcode Scanner  UHF RFID Portable Tracking capability  Smart Chip & Pin read/write.  Ruggedised IP54 Rated Intelligent Barcode Item Management: Un-Tethered Tracking Bulk Loading and Delivery Containerisation Tag assignment at point of need RFID Tracking and Audits Passive Tracking Technology Streamline asset Searches Streamline Audits of assets per room/area iFIT Process Management: Health Records Medical Devices Supplies Pharmacy Pathology Plus more I M OBILITY

15 15 I C OMMUNICATIONS Extend Existing Network capabilities: Network Audit Services Utilise and Enhance Current Infrastructure Enable and Secure BYOD Eliminate Costly Bleep/Pager systems Provide Two-Way Communication WiFi Enable Smartphones Track and Pair Staff to Assets to Need iFIT: CloudLink On-Premise cloud computing security solution. Provides file share and synchronisation features commonly found in commercial cloud services. All data kept secure on your site.


17 17 I T RACKING T RANSACTION A GNOSTIC : RFID/RTLS T AGGING The iFIT RFID platform can cater to a variety of physical asset tracking and management requirements: Any physical item can be tagged and uniquely tracked. A variety of in-expensive asset Passive RFID tags are available including autoclave use. Inexpensive tagging and tracking of Pathology Samples. Assets can be containerised and held within certain geographical boundaries. iFIT RFID Network in conjunction with SmartMobile devices track and find any tagged item (Assets/People/Records etc.). Clients who have implemented 6PMs’ iFIT for Records management are now extending the solution for physical asset tracking. Active Tag (RTLS) solutions can be added and/or integrated into iFIT

18 18 I P ROCESS Enterprise Process Engine Scheduling Management Auto-Notifications Rules Base Config. per Item Alerts and Reminders Retention Policies Model Activity Logging

19 19 I R EPORTS & I A NALYTICS Records KPI Reporting Departmental/Enterprise Reporting Tool Daily Data Quality Reports Pre-defined reports (Statutory/KPIs). An ad hoc reporting facility. Full auditing and report facilities Supports Regulatory/Industry Audits Executive Dashboard

20 iFIT User Interface Examples Meeting Simplicity and Mobility Needs

21 216pm Holdings plc. I FIT: E NHANCED S ECURITY Integrated SSO Active Directory Interface iMobility Encryption

22 22 I FIT: S IMPLIFIED D ESKTOP De-Cluttered and Simplified: Reduced User Training Extremely Intuitive Built-In Help Videos by Function Designed to fit iMobility Supported Devices





27 27 I FIT: I R EQUEST M ODULE Managing Ad-Hoc Requests: The iRequest Module is used for Ad-Hoc requests. From the Search Screen an iRequest action can be kicked off. This step can be automated thru other actions such as Temp File Generation or new Asset introduced.

28 28 I FIT: I R EQUEST “D IALOGUE B OX ” Managing Ad-Hoc Requests: Easy “Pull Down” menus allow for quick data entry. The “Dialogue Box invites Users to easily input details around his/her request:

29 29 I FIT: I R EQUEST “D ASHBOARD ” Managing Ad-Hoc Requests: iRequest “Dashboard” provides each User with the current status of all iRequest activities: Any Item requested: Records Supplies Assets Etc.

30 iFIT: iMobility Out and About June 2012

31 31 I FIT: T HE I M OBILITY P LATFORM Android Enhanced Mobile Line: Feature Rich Multi-Function Mobile Management Fully Web Enabled  Mobile Desktop Enhanced Search and Notify Pairing Capability  RFID Tagging  Barcode Matching Remote Label Printing  Zebra Portable Printer interface  Location Barcode Labels  RFID tagging at point of need iMobility Software Specific per Departmental Application

32 32 I M OBILITY : S ECURE U SER L OG - IN 7” Android SmartPhone Full Web Enabled, 4G, GPS Locate, VOIP and Text, 1 and 2D Barcode and RFID Scanner

33 33 I M OBILITY : F ULL D ESKTOP 7” Android RFID & Barcode Management

34 34 I M OBILITY : L OCATION T RACKING 6” Ruggedised Android RFID & Barcode Management Chip & Pin

35 35 I M OBILITY : T RACKING R ESULTS 6” Android with RFID & Barcode Management

36 36 I FIT: C OMMERCIAL C ONSIDERATIONS Economical to Expand: New Android based Mobiles 33% less than single function dedicated devices. Full range of “Bluetooth” enabled RFID Wands. Supports BYOD (subject to device and cost review). Wide Range of iTracking Products

37 iFIT: Surrey and Sussex NHS Healthcare Videos iRecords Video:



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