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QLM ® CAPS CAPITAL ASSET PLANNING SYSTEM. QLM ® CAPS The focus should be on getting it right the first time. QLM Capital Asset Planning System (CAPS)

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2 QLM ® CAPS The focus should be on getting it right the first time. QLM Capital Asset Planning System (CAPS) benefits: Improved Forecasting Project Management Constraints Quality Outcomes QLM CAPS benefits user communities by speeding the planning/budgeting process & improving the accuracy & timeliness of data quality.

3 QLM ® CAPS – A Core Tool

4 Sourcing Sourcing – a sequential process to find best value for requirements The process: Identify Potential Vendors Solicit Bids (quotations) Detailed Specifications (cut sheets) Sole Source Justification Process Price, Terms, Lead Time, Warranty Information, OEM installation, Etc. Assemble Bid Package – Draft Purchase Requisition, Best Value Comparison

5 Features and Benefits KEY FEATURES Equipment inventory location management Financial tracking & summary Reporting providing summary reports to enhance planning & budgeting Comprehensive report capabilities, including the ability to display soft or hard copies of reports for optimizing management activities & enhancing productivity Multi-level security is provided to protect against unauthorized system access Auto-ID – Barcodes & RFID BENEFITS QLM Capital Asset Planning System (CAPS) is based on a user-friendly and easy to learn web-enabled, scalable application CAPS runs on Microsoft Operating System platforms On-line help facilitates end-user orientation to extensive logistics capabilities CAPS minimizes the need for special training & ensures easy implementation through system reliability & self-recovery features designed into the system

6 State-of-the-Art Equipment Planning Capabilities State-of-the-Art Equipment Planning Capabilities QLM ® CAPS Capital Asset Planning System

7 Equipment Planning Events Facility Project Plans New or Renovation Facilities Preliminary Project Plans Project Room Contents Report (PRCR) Typical Equipment List(s) (TEL) User Group Reviews to Develop REL(s) Sourcing RFIs & Approvals ProcurementInstallation Transition & Training Turnover SEPS MHS Templates & MIL-STD 1691 or other design standards Documented Processes with Quality Assurance

8 Losing Activities Equipment Lists Clinical & Operational Expertise Government Generated Lists Equipment Planning & Strategic Sourcing Inspection & Holding Installation/ Training Certification War. Support Shipping Relocation Maintenance istory by ECNs (DMLSS) Maintenance History by ECNs (DMLSS) Operations Training Activities Rev. TEL – Create REL Purchase Receiving Warehousing Schedule Coord. BOD Transition Occupancy Typ. Equip. List (TEL) Rev. REL Equipment Planning and Strategic Sourcing Inspection & Holding Shipping Relocation Installation/TrainingCertification War. Support Creation of Room Equipment Lists (RELs) With Data Integration to DMLSS Asset Planning

9 Creation of Room Equipment Lists (RELs) Government Sources: Government Equipment Plans & Lists (e.g., PRCR) Typical Equipment List (TEL) Inventory & Updated TEL TEL Eliminated Unsuitable Equipment Preliminary REL Reviews Update REL Losing Activity Equipment Lists (DMLSS) Maintenance History By ECN (DMLSS) Clinical Expertise Operational Expertise Project Team Actions/Outputs: REL

10 The REL - QLM ® CAPS INPUT/LINKS Planning Templates (e.g. SEPS) List of Assets to Relocate Purchase Descriptions MIL-STD 1691 Maintenance Records Sourcing Information Utility Requirements Warranties Other OUTPUTS List of Assets to Relocate Item-by-Item Equipment Lists Special Handling Requirements Installation Requirements Move From - Move To Lists Shipping Documents Property Transfer Documents (e.g. DMLSS) REL by Department Custom Reports REL The REL is the heart of CAPS

11 Online Help Capabilities Auto ID Integration & Sample Reports Online Help Capabilities Auto ID Integration & Sample Reports QLM ® CAPS Capital Asset Planning System

12 Master Data Images & Videos Ethernet Network Switch Wireless Access Point Handheld RFID / Barcode Scanners Network Management Server Workstations Touch Screens Tablets Printers Ethernet Network Switch Reports & Asset Labels (Barcodes / RFID) System Architecture

13 QLM.Net Help Guide

14 CAPS Reports Inventory with barcode tags Typical Equipment List (TEL) Rough Order of Magnitude report Room Equipment List (REL) reuse items new items items to be relocated from/to moves Bid Packages Quotations support Requisitions Purchase Orders Associated media files and document repository for audit trails Buy List Status Report Receiving tracking Transfer documents Testing & Calibration Documentation Installation Training documentation QLM CAPS enables user on-line access to sourcing & procurement history of items, vendors, part numbers & prices. Sample CAPS Reports:

15 QUESTIONSANSWERS Does CAPS have the ability to interface with government systems? Government will not allow contractor systems to interface with DMLSS and/or HFPA systems. CAC cards security clearances needed for DMLSS access. May use.xls extracts for data loads, printouts can be scanned and loaded. Inputs to DMLSS must be hand jammed unless exceptions allowed. Does CAPS have the ability/ adaptability to meet contract requirements? CAPS was designed for the use of TELs, RELs and Property Books. Can CAPS handle AutoID use? Barcodes and RFID? System can handle both if required. Interface required for RTLS capabilities. Does CAPS have frequency of system updates? Updates are typically scheduled for every two weeks with extensive testing before each release is made to production. About CAPS

16 QUESTIONSANSWERS Is experience required to use CAPS? CAPS is user-friendly. There is also a user manual available online. What is the time needed to install and learn the system? Personnel will use limited functions with user guides. Should be <1 week. CAPS was designed for rapid deployment with minimal requirements for end-user IT support. How are reports provided? Reports are available to authorized users online or by printing to Excel spreadsheets or.pdf formatted reports. All reports are in an easy-to-use format, familiar to end users. We recommend posting recommendations and reports to Share Point for review, standardization activities, approvals for procurement actions, links to integrated master schedule, etc. Procurement and warehousing systems require data integration and interfaces. About CAPS (continued)

17 For more information about QLM ® CAPS or To obtain a free trial, please call us at 1-888-266-ATI1 (2841) or email us at

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