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Welcome to Learn & Earn Affiliate Program

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1 Welcome to Learn & Earn Affiliate Program
Defining real mantras ~ real secrets of Success Welcome to Learn & Earn Affiliate Program

2 True story of ordinary people’s life
Financial freedom Time freedom Category I No Yes Category II Category III Total Quality People Which category you want to be in ?

3 Who is more successful ? Employee/Self Employed Self effort Finite income Active No time freedom Or Entrepreneur Team effort Infinite income Passive Time freedom

4 Do you want to become highly successful ?
Do You “find yourself in Stress because of" … Relentless, boring 8-9 hours pathetic job day after day! Rising inflations… Everyone trying to be Your boss, and giving you more of headaches than healthy perks ? Those who you’ve always treated as friends, now turning out your competitors and getting ahead of you!!! Piling Work pressure!! No time for Family ~ Friends ~ end of your Social Life ??? Have You always just wanted … Some Extra Income, Some extra Savings!!! Financial Freedom! Time freedom! Luxury cars! Travel around the world! Your Name ~ Fame ~ and recognition! A Peaceful Total Quality Life…? Worry No more! Since its not just you. Everyone of us, wants that “Secret of success.”

5 There’s no Magic Wound… No, there isn’t! But, Definitely a Formula…
Why many people get extraordinary success while many more talented, more hardworking people continue struggling hard ? Success = Smart Goals + Right Platform + Right Actions Goals : Your SMART goals Right Vehicle : Infinity Affiliate Program Right Actions : As per guidelines and system explained during trainings Join Infinity As Infinity combines the fastest growing trends of the world *(SMART = Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound)

6 Before you begin, allow us to introduce you to ourselves and about us…
Who we are - Infinity Marketing Services Pvt Ltd. Incorporated with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India in Sep,2009 Head Quarter in New Delhi, India Online operations started in Oct 2009. ISO 9001:2008 Certified company Infinity Web package Launching on August 2013  More than 10,000 associates already registered . What we do - Infinity Group Comprises of :- Infinity Virtual Campus Infinity Web Development Infinity Textiles Infinity Travels Our Mission Spread Education to world masses ~ Spread Financial Freedom to world masses. Infinity Success Academy Infinity Foundation Infinity e-Shopping Infinity Direct selling Business

7 IT Industry - the door of opportunity…
Internet is considered as the most powerful tool ever invented by mankind. Websites play a very important role on internet. Every second 4 new websites get launched Best way to become from local person to global Personality 2.2 billion – Number of users worldwide. 634 million – Number of websites 2.4 billion – Number of Internet users worldwide. 1.2 trillion – Number of searches on Google in 2012. 1billion – Number of users on Facebook 1 billion – PSY’s Gangnam Style video became the first online video to reach 1 billion views (currently just over 1.1 billion) and it achieved it in just 5 months. IT Industry is fastest growing industry Every second 4 new websites are launched Youngest billionaire “Mark Zukerburg” is from IT industry.

8 Learn & Earn Program What do you Learn ?
Infinity’s Basic Education Package Online Computer Courses : Cost : Free (Zero Cost) Computer Basics Hardware Operating System Windows. Desktop Properties Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power point          Our Principal: Give a man bread, you feed him for a day, Teach a man bread, you feed him for his life  To see the demo of our courses please visit our website: and click on “ Demo education” 8

9 Infinity Online Computer Tutorial Demo…
How do you learn ? Infinity Online Computer Tutorial Demo… Saves time Saves Money Saves Trees Better understanding Long lasting Learn at your own pace Learn at any place you like Learn at any time you like No classroom hesitation To see the demo of our courses please visit our website: and click on “ Demo education”

10 Infinity’s Education & Web Package
1. Online Computer courses Basics about computers Hardware, Switching on, Installing Operating System, Shut down options, b. Operating systems Dos Windows 7 Windows 8 Linux Mac c. Office utilities Word Excel Power point Tally d. Internet Modems, connecting, Browsers, search engines, Websites, Messengers, e. Web designing Html Dreamweaver CSS Fireworks f. Database i)SQL ii)My SQL g. Programming languages C C++ PHP .NET Java Visual Basic Fortran Core Java JDBC C# AutoCAD 10

11 Stop Wondering  … learn with us
www ~ What? Who ? Where ? Stop Wondering  … learn with us 2. Personalized world class website tools* 100 MB web space on windows hosting Web building software Control Panel 2000+ Ready to use templates Personal web domain My SQL Database FTP Account. It’s the magic of that “www”, that gets you connected throughout the world and reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can’ve your own “www….” address and make an online identity to get connected with the world of internet and internet users, online within minutes… *Will be launched on 15th August,2013 11

12 Make Money From your website
3. Digital Marketing Training Google Adsense - Promote Google ads and get paid. Affiliate Marketing - Promote offers of different merchants directly and get paid. Social Media – Promote offers on social media and get paid. Marketing – Promote offers through s and get paid. SEO – Search Engine optimization, Enhance your site rankings, and attract more potential clients. 4. English Basic English Grammar General communications 5. Vedic Mathematics 6. Life Skills General Management Leadership Confidence Building Personality Development public speaking

13 Complimentary features      
24x7 Online Premium Support Work from home Career Opportunity (Optional) Virtual Online Office Online Business Training & Tools Live Tracking & Reports

14 IMS Education & Web Package
Online 30 Computer Courses Website* Web building tools Digital Marketing Training SEO Training Affiliate Marketing Tools & Trainings Vedic Mathematics Basic English Course General Utility Tips Leadership Development (Practical) General Management (Practical) Public Speaking (Practical) Time Management (Practical) Marketing Management (Practical) 900 50 Total Price (in USD$) 1550 *(Cost for an year) 14

15 Yes, this package can be yours      
US$ 250 only *cost for an year

16 How To Buy ? Check the Product, FAQs and Terms & Conditions on the website. Make your payment Send the details of payment/scan copy of duly stamped deposit slip by to requesting for PIN. Get the PIN number on your Id and register online using the 14 digit PIN at For any queries /assistance you can contact Infinity Associate in your city or mail us at

Not Just that we give you the opportunity to learn about all those courses you’ve thought of, We also Give you a Free Career Opportunity, that gives you freedom to work and earn while you learn… 17

18 At 18 most people want to have a big house and a luxury car, at 28 most people still don’t have a big house and a luxury car If you keep on doing what you are already doing, you will keep on getting what you are already getting , If you want something extraordinary, you need to do something extraordinary You don’t need to get rich to start , you need to start to get rich You can get rich by promoting Infinity’s Learn & Earn Program 18


20 Franchisee Concept Started in early 20th century
Fastest way to Expand your business Multiplies income, diversifies risks Example : Mc Donalds, Bata, Raymonds etc Traditional Franchisee Self effort, job ,profession etc Mc donald, Bata etc you work 30000 franchise work 10 hours a day 10 employees in each franchise 400 days a year 50 years in your life 1 day total hours = 2lac hours/life total hours= 30lac hours/day 1 day work through franchise model is far more than 50 years of self work

21 A YOU B Qualify a Referral Bonus Program  Mr. X
Refer only 2 customers to qualify The more you help your referrals to grow the faster you progress Example You purchase one product package You were Referred by Mr. X You Refer two customers A and B A Mr. X Qualify YOU B

22 BINARY INCOME “formula”
You Left Right 1st Pair US$ 25 US$ 25 2nd Pair US$ 25 3rd Pair Qualify 1st income = 2:1 or 1:2 , 2nd onwards pair income= 1:1 You are entitled to US$ 25 per pair Weekly capping on binary income US$ 10,000 Local taxes applicable

23 Power of duplication So! If the first question strikes in your mind about… How much time it could take for you to make two Sales! Simple answer, its indeed easy, very easy. MAY BE LESS THAN 0NE DAY,OR MAY BE TWO DAYS,OR MAY BE A WEEK,OR………. MAY BE, a month. But just imagine… If everybody work and make two sales (1 pair) in a month and duplicate the same in team, then you complete around 8190 sales in 1st year with ims. You can calculate the income yourself.  This is a hypothetical example only, assuming each BA introduces 2. It is NOT a promise of income. Conditions apply. Month Associates 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096

24 Total Binary income 4000 X US$ 25
Time for calculations, of income you earned with your freedom 8190/2 = 4095 Total sales 8190 Total Binary income 4000 X US$ 25

25 Whopping US$ 100,000 Over, 100,000 Given away…

26 They already did it Many people have slightly negative perception about direct selling industry Based on second hand information, hearsay and other people’s opinion. However ,People who have worked in direct selling industry as per trainings given by their respective companies have considerably higher, more positive perception of direct selling. Many people have achieved extra ordinary success .

27 Estimated $ Earnings per Year
5. Bill Britt –USA $6,000,000 6. Shane Morand –Canada  $6,000,000 7. John Sachtouras –USA $5,580,000 8. Jose Ardon –USA $5,520,000 9. Brian McClure –USA $5,424,000 10. Abraham & Raquel Cortes –Mexico $5,400,000 11. Foo Howe Kean –Malaysia  $5,400,000 12. Sunny Su –Taiwan $4,800,000 And millions more…

28 What world says about direct selling ?
Survey Question : Would customer buy from a direct seller again ? All customers were asked if they would buy from a direct seller. Below table shows the percentage of the sub samples that said that they would. All (%) Male (%) Female (%) Aged (%) Aged 65 and above (%) United kingdom 89 88 90 Finland 95 97 96 83 South Africa 91 92 87 Australia 79 New Zealand 86 100 Taiwan 76 72 80 Philippines 81 USA 98 99 93 94 Global Sample Most of these people said that they will recommend Direct selling to their Family & Friends

29 A Good Percentage Of The Profits.
How it works ?? INFINITY MARKETING VS TRADITIONAL MARKETING MANUFACTURING You By Pass The Middleman Receive A Good Percentage Of The Profits. NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR “Movement of a product or service from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer through a network of consumers.” REGIONAL DISTRIBUTOR LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR RETAIL SALES ADVERTISING CUSTOMER 29

30 US$ 1 per Sale till 20th level
Level / Single line Income… US$ 1 per Sale till 20th level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 At least 1 pair must be completed to get this income

31 Make 50 PAIRS every month Get Mercedes bonus Mercedes Bonus
For details visit

32 Recognition Program Executive Associate produce minimum 1st pair
Executive Associate produce minimum 1st pair Team Leader Associate produce minimum 5 pairs Manager Associate produce minimum 15 pairs Senior Manager Associate produce minimum 1 Team manager in Left and 1 in right General Manager Associate produce minimum 1 Senior manager in Left and 1 in right State Head Associate produce minimum 1 General manager in Left and 1 in right Zonal Head Associate produce minimum 1 State head in Left and 1 in right Country Head Associate produce minimum 1 Zonal Head in Left and 1 in right Director Associate produce minimum 1 Country Head in Left and 1 in right Ambassador Associate produce minimum 1 Director in Left and 1 in right Management Associate produce minimum 1 Ambassador in Left and 1 in right

33 Our Legal Standings… ISO CERTIFICATE ROC CERTIFICATE Company PAN Card

Real mantra - SYSTEM See Your Success Through Educational Mission Secret Factors of Success… 1.Use Products 2.Read Motivational books 3.Attend regular trainings 4.Prospecting & invitation 5 Show presentations 6 Follow Active upline BELIEF X RIGHT ACTION = SUCCESS

35 BE A WINNER Check yourself now… WINNERS
Winners take things positively and always think positive. Winners say it may be difficult but it is possible, always, always possible. Winners see possibilities. Winners have solution for every problem. Winners have dreams bigger than fears. Winners stand firm on values, compromises on petty things. Winners are a part of the team. Winners achieves Dreams. LOSERS Losers always think negative. Losers say it may be possible but it is too difficult. Losers see problems Losers have problem for every solution Losers have fears bigger than dreams Losers stand firm on petty things, compromises on values Losers are apart from the team Losers compromises.

36 Lets make it Happen Some people want it happen Some people wish it happen Successful people are those, who make it happen. If a 14 year old boy become king If a fisherman’s son can become president If a petrol pump attendant can become richest person of country If a conductor can become a superstar, You can surely become successful.. The most successful people are not the  Most intelligent Most good looking Most muscular, or Most hardworking but the ones who think they can

37 Make your payment and start right now…!
Some thoughts You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start and keep going to be great Opportunities are gifts, only for those who avail them Doubts Kills more dreams then failure ever does, Don’t make your circumstances the reason for your failure, always make circumstances the reason for your success. You Can Do It Every second counts Make your payment and start right now…!

38 Zip it ~ until you nail it
Do not discuss this business with others until you have learnt it. Till the time you reach a stage where you can explain this business properly you can take help of the team. They can explain this business to your people on your behalf. Follow Steps of Getting Started Training

39 Choose the lifestyle you like… & We say, Happy IMS
When its just the start! Why not make it a BOLD Start, a start that defines your own track to success, in your own style. Learn Yourself, what you always wanted to… Earn easily, what you always like to… Dream Big and Live all your Dreams… Live the INFINITY Life

40 When do you want to start living your dreams ? Now or Never ?
Make a wise choice the Lifestyle you would prefer to have!!! Won’t it be good to define Your Success > Your Way ? Or Would you just try to walk on the ladder someone else is showing, without knowing where its actually going to end! And we say now ~ Come! Be a part of IMS, we’ll be delighted to have you on the board, where You can Explore ~ Learn ~&~ Earn at will. a Big Thank You for your time… Contact the person who gave you this presentation

41 Contact the person who gave you this presentation

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