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Total Reclaim Systems The Practical Application of Microemulsions (ME) Technology for Waste Minimisation.

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1 Total Reclaim Systems The Practical Application of Microemulsions (ME) Technology for Waste Minimisation

2 Total Reclaim Systems The Practical Application of Microemulsions (ME) Technology for Waste Minimisation

3 Total Reclaim Systems Microemulsions (ME) Technology EU Environmental Legislation – 16 th July 2004  Ban on co-disposal of waste : Landfill Directive 1999/31/EC  New procedures acceptance of waste at landfill : Commission Decision 2003/33/EC  Ban on liquid waste : “special” / “hazardous” waste laws tightened Reduces Waste

4 Total Reclaim Systems LandfillHigh Cost- Requires extensive and suitable area / logistics - No recovery from the waste Mechanical Extraction Low Throughput- Large footprint Thermal Distillation Health and safety Risks - High energy use + Expensive - Slow throughput / logistical problems - Environmental concerns (emissions of CO 2 ) Land-farming /Biodegradation Slow- Requires extensive land area / logistics - No recovery - Cannot degrade high concentrations of oil Solvent Extraction Large volume of organic solvents - Health and safety risks - Slow throughput Surfactant Systems Poor cleaning- Emulsions difficult to handle + separate Current Methods for Remediating Oil Contaminated (Hazardous) Solid Wastes

5 Total Reclaim Systems MICROEMULSIONS Thermodynamically stable Efficient molecular packing No direct oil/water contact at the interface Interfacial surface tension 10 -4 - 20mNm -1 Micelle diameter 3 - 20nm Optically transparent (Isotropic) Technical Differentiation Microemulsions Result Novel and Enabling Technology Rapid and Effective Cleaning Less Waste Generated Easily managed waste

6 Total Reclaim Systems Microemulsions Technology (ME) Products Current Products Organic solvent based Insoluble in water / brine ME Technology Water based Soluble in water / brine

7 Total Reclaim Systems Key Applications For Microemulsions Technology Wellbore cleanup Cuttings Processing and Mud pit Cleaning

8 Total Reclaim Systems Wellbore Cleanup Lab Evaluations Time 0 Competitor Result TRS Result

9 Total Reclaim Systems SAS and Solvent Based Cleaning Comparison

10 Total Reclaim Systems Wash pill + brine Returns to surface (bbl No.) Oil-in-water content (ppm) 1>1000 91815 14180.1 19180.1 24190.1 Wellbore Cleanup Case Study Result – Clean Well ready for completion  Waste production is reduced by >70%  2419 bbls ->184 bbl to waste stream  No emulsion or slop waste formation  No rag layers produced  Brine oil in water content was reduced <40ppm  Total oil discharged to sea reduced by 2 orders of magnitude (1.2Kg) Solids flocculated Wash - split Typically <95% less waste Residue removal 4 x faster

11 Total Reclaim Systems Wellbore Cleanup Cost Analysis YearCost PMT *Cost Saving (per well) ** 2005£200£50K 2006£300£70K 2007£400£100K (Av) 2008£500£120K 2009£600£150K * Cost for waste containment, transport, treatment + disposal ** Assuming reduction of waste produced by 1500bbls / well

12 Total Reclaim Systems Mud Pit Clean-up Demonstrations Current Products After TRS Treatment Before TRS Treatment

13 Total Reclaim Systems 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 Cost (£) CompetitorSAS Company Waste Chemical Mud Pit Cleaning Case Study / Cost Analysis  10% ME in 65 bbl brine -> 78 bbls waste, typically 800 bbls  ME Technology cleaned to brine standard – 10X more efficient  ME cleaning fluid flocculates the solids - allowing recycling  Forms a ME system - does not form emulsion wastes or rag layers  The waste volume was reduced by over 50%

14 Total Reclaim Systems TRS and Solvent Based Waste Management CaCl2 NaCl  Almost zero waste production  Easy to manage waste  Tackle problem at source

15 Total Reclaim Systems Waste Drill Mud Cuttings Treatment Remediation of Waste Drill Mud Cuttings Results verified by Independent laboratory 25-30 mt/hr capability Surfactant and water recycled Gold rated through CEFAS Charm model Residence time of cuttings <30 secs

16 Total Reclaim Systems Remediation of Waste Drilling Mud solids Drilling Mud Splitting and Solids Treatment

17 Total Reclaim Systems Remediation of Crude oil contaminated Sands Crude Oil Sand and Sand Separator Cleaning

18 Total Reclaim Systems Decommissioning MCA Weathered Heavy Crude Oil contaminated sand treated with <10%wt MiFoS in sea water – Note O/W microemulsion formation, complete removal, recycling and recovery of surfactant free oil.

19 Total Reclaim Systems Slop Splitting Opportunities for Microemulsions Technology Oil-in-water emulsion wastes Refinery oily sludge Mud slop wastes

20 Total Reclaim Systems Enhanced Drill Cuttings Surrification (Re-Injection) Shale cuttings + 50%wt Sea Water Shale cuttings + 2%wt SAS Product

21 Total Reclaim Systems  The system is a Low Energy Process - No excess thermal power / energy requirements  Low Cost of treatment plant and chemicals used - Advantageous economics (BATNEEC)  Small Compact Process / Same engineering - Mobile skid required (container size)  Treat Any Hazardous Waste contaminated by Any Oil Type - Robust process Key Advantages of Microemulsion Technology  High Recyclability of organic and aqueous fractions - Few / NO waste products  Low Emissions produced - Environmentally friendly (BEP)  Synthesis and production of Biodegradable Products - Few dangerous / toxic / persistent / corrosive chemicals - Health + Safety Advantages + Reduced RISK

22 Total Reclaim Systems Access to a global manufacturing and supply network – UK + USA Ops. Supply chain from source to delivery is BS EN ISO 9002 registered Products supplied in UN accredited packaging as required in:- 25L Drums (40 per pallet) 200L Drums (4 per pallet) 1000L IBCs IMCO tanks 23MT Bulk tankers SAS Operations and Industrial Production

23 Total Reclaim Systems Summary  Speed and Efficiency - More effective at cleaning faster - Provides better cleaning results  No emulsion formation - Produces less waste - Waste more easily managed  Potential to Split Microemulsion - Organics released + recovered - Clean waters produced - Prevention Vs Cure  Waste Minimisation - Waste volume reduced by at least 70% - Wellbore cleanup pill (50 - 200 barrels) - Simplify operations - Fully integrated Chemical Solution - Sets a new paradigm  Fully Integrated System / Process - Wide ranging applications

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