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ZF-100 The Paraffin & Asphaltene Solution. ZF-100 The Paraffin & Asphaltene Solution 72% Biodegradable, environmentally friendly ZF-100 is an aggressive.

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1 ZF-100 The Paraffin & Asphaltene Solution

2 ZF-100 The Paraffin & Asphaltene Solution 72% Biodegradable, environmentally friendly ZF-100 is an aggressive formula showing quick results and lasting for an extended period Eliminates paraffin and asphaltene issues Applications include Down Hole, Flow Lines, Storage Tanks & Production equipment ZF-100 is a dispersant with built-in crystal modifier Increases Production if formation is plugged Lowers Operating Costs by reducing well failures related to paraffin or asphaltene Maintains cleaner Wells, Flow Lines, Valves, Separators and Storage Tanks Increases the life of tubing by reducing corrosion

3 Leaves a coating on the inside diameter of tubing and pipelines Reduces the viscosity of heavy crude Separates water from oil Excellent for Squeezing Excellent for Continuous Injection to prevent buildup of any paraffin or asphaltene in wells, storage tanks or pipelines Excellent for Pigging Pipelines Eliminates 90% of pigging Turns Sludge Deposits in Storage Tanks into a crude oil ready to be refined. Enhances finished oil production for exceptional refining

4 Increasing Production from Oil Wells Using ZF-100. The Problem: Many wells start off with good oil and gas production and as time goes on the well produces less and less oil. Usually this reduced production is caused by the build up of paraffin and asphaltenes in the producing rock formation in the area where the oil is picked up. The Solution: ZF-100 is injected into the well followed by several barrels of kerosene or diesel fuel to push the ZF-100 back into the formation dispersing the paraffin and asphaltenes. Once the paraffin and asphaltene are dispersed from the producing rock the oil well will increase production back to its normal production levels. Reduced Maintenance: As the ZF-100 is pumped to the surface with the crude it cleans the paraffins and asphaltenes from piping. If the paraffins and asphaltenes are built up on the tubing, sucker rods, and pumping system then the ZF-100 should be circulated in the well for 24 to 48 hours. Maintaining Production: Once the well is cleaned with ZF-100, small amounts can be added on a daily basis (500 to 1,000 parts of ZF-100 to 1,000,000 parts of crude) to the well to keep the paraffins and asphaltenes flowing to the surface. This will also eliminate the need to clean the piping.

5 ZF-100 is the new generation of dispersants, removing asphaltene and paraffin from wells Below is a very difficult paraffin and asphaltene combination removed from the bottom of the plugged oil well. The pictures below show ZF-100 used alone and ZF-100 with water. The pictures were taken at 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and 2 hours.

6 Cleaning Pipelines with ZF-100 Problem: Sludge forms in pipelines used to transport crude and over time reduces the flow of crude. Solution: ZF-100 is injected into the pipeline followed by a pig. The ZF-100 will disperse the sludge and clean walls of the pipeline to increase crude flow and reduce corrosion on the pipeline. Maintaining a Clean Pipeline: Inject 500 to 1,000 parts per million of ZF-100 and the pipeline will remain clean of sludge.

7 Turning Tank Sludge into Crude Oil We obtain a sample of the tank sludge for testing and an estimated amount of sludge in the tank. Based on the lab analysis we estimate the amount of oil that would be recovered from the tank. This is the oil that can be sold to the refinery as standard crude. How is the sludge turned into Crude? ZF-100 is pumped into the tank equal to 1.5% to 2 % of the total amount of sludge. Then 10% to 20% kerosene or diesel fuel is added and the mixture is circulated for 24 to 72 hours until the sludge is turned into liquid crude. At the refinery all the ZF-100, kerosene, and 70% to 95% of the sludge will be refined as standard crude. The remaining amounts will be insolubles (inorganic) which are normally separated out in the refining process. Currently many tank owners pay large sums of money to remove sludge from storage tanks and it is treated as a hazardous waste and dumped. By using ZF-100 the hazardous sludge is turned into crude which makes the tank owner a profit. Plus it eliminates the need the dispose of the sludge as hazardous waste. Also ZF-100 can be used in a similar way to turn hazardous sludge lagoons into crude and remove the hazardous waste from the environment.

8 ZF-100 turning Hazardous Sludge from Tanks and Lagoons into Crude for a Profit. Below is a sample of sludge from an oil tank containing 2,000 cubic meters of sludge.

9 From Donald C. Kettles, President TopDuck Products, LLC  (After) the evaluation of the sludge from the tank in India. We were able to confirm that ZF-100 will turn the sludge into a product that can be pumped to the refinery as normal crude. Based on our testing we project a recovery rate of 90% or better.  Currently ZF-100 is being used successfully in oil wells to increase production and to reduce the down time for unscheduled maintenance. This is achieved by using ZF- 100 to keep the paraffin and asphaltene from plugging up the wells.  ZF-100 is a new product that is quickly gaining momentum as the new “gold standard” for increasing the production of oils wells and by turning waste sludge into crude that can be refined.  In the near future TopDuck Products, LLC will be offering additional products to remove scale from wells and pipelines.  We would welcome the opportunity to have you as a valued customer.  TopDuck Products, LLC  P.O. Box 80466  Lansing, MI. 48908  Tel: 517 322-3202  Email:

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