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Berean Freshman Parent Night February 2, 2015 Katie Grieb.

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1 Berean Freshman Parent Night February 2, 2015 Katie Grieb

2 Knowing Jesus Philippians 2:7,8a (ESV) “But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. Indeed, I counted everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”

3 Berean Graduation Requirements Bible 40 units Science Life (10) Phys Education 20 units[1] Physical (10) Technology 10 units LOTE 0 units [3] [3] Social Studies 30 units VPA 10 units [3] English 40 units Elective 50 units Math 20 units [2] [2] [1] [1] Must include health. 10 units may be fulfilled by sports participation. 5 units are credited for each completed season of a Berean sport. [2] [2] Must include Algebra I. [3] [3] It is acceptable to take 10 units of LOTE in place of VPA or 10 units of VPA in place of LOTE.

4 UC/CSU admission requirements “d” Science “a” Social Studies 2 years 1 year – World History 3 years recommended 1 year – US History“e” LOTE ½ year – Gov (Civics) 2 years [2] “b” English 3 years recommended 4 years“f” VPA “c” Math 1 year 3 years [1] “g” Elective [1] 4 years recommended 1 year from a-f courses [1] [1] Must include Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. [2] [2] Must include two years of the same language


6 Private and Independent Colleges and Universities Secular Stanford (CA) St. Mary’s (CA) Claremont (CA) Harvey Mudd (CA) Harvard (MA) Christian Biola (CA) The Master’s College (CA) Gordon (MA) Wheaton (IL) Taylor (IN)

7 UC Berkeley Statistics 43,149 students applied 9,257 were accepted 21.5% admit rate Average Weighted GPA 4.18 Average SAT score – 2076 Average ACT score - 31

8 College Timeline 9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade12 th Grade Timeline Key B: Berean graduation requirements P: Satisfies UC/CSU a-g requirement list Bible (B) PE (B) [1] [1] Technology (B) World History (B, P) English (B, P) Math (B, P) [2] [2] Visual Performing Arts (P) [3] [3] Bible (B, P) PE (B) English (B, P) Math (B, P) Biology (B, P) LOTE (B, P) Elective Bible (B) US History (B, P) English (B, P) Math (P) Physical Science (B, P) LOTE (P) Elective Bible (B) Civics/Econ (B, P) English (B, P) Math (P)-recommended Science (P)-recommended LOTE (P)-recommended College Prep elective (P) [4] [4] Tests ACT – Four subjects, optional writing section. SAT - Math, CR, Writing SAT Subject exams ACT ASPIRE (October) This practice test indicates ACT performance, taken at BCHS Composite: _________ PSAT (October) This practice test indicates SAT performance, taken at BCHS M: __________ CR: __________ W: __________ PSAT (October) National Merit Qualifying Test, taken at Berean ACT with Writing or SAT (spring) [5] [5] ACT/SAT: sign up online, tests taken off-site SAT or ACT with writing All tests must be taken by Dec. 31 st of senior year Financial Maintain GPA for merit based and sports scholarships Available scholarshipsScholarships FAFSA (March 2 nd submission deadline) Additional Information Career Direct The fee for this optional test is $20. Miss Romjue to obtain information. Students may begin applying for California Scholarship Federation second semester of 10 th grade and continue through senior year to qualify for membership. Research Occupational Outlook Handbook College Applications Personal Statements Letters of Recommendation [1] [1] Student must take one year of PE. The other 10 units may be fulfilled with sports participation. [2] [2] CSU/UC math requirements: 3 years including Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. [3] [3] Refer to Course Catalog for Berean graduation requirements and CSU/UC admission requirements. [4] [4] One year of an elective chosen from any area on approved “a-f” course list (which can be found in BCHS Course Catalog). [5] [5] ACT has an optional writing section which is required by the UCs.

9 SubjectGrad Req’sUC/CSU requirementsCourses offered at Berean Bible4 yrs0 yrs Freshman Bible Sophomore Bible Junior Bible Senior Bible Electives (3) Physical Education2 yrs [1] [1] 0 yrs Physical Education I and Health Physical Education II Weights & Conditioning I, II Football Conditioning Cheerleading (tryouts, 2.75 GPA) Athletic Training Technology1 yr0 yrs Intro to Digital Media Advanced Digital Media Intro to Computer Programming Yearbook (advisor approval) “a” Social Science3 yrs 1 yr – World History 1 yr – US History 1 yr –Civics/Economics P PH World History (9 th ) U.S. History (11 th ) AP U.S. History (11 th ) PH P PH AP European History Civics/Econ (12 th ) AP Psychology (11 th, 12 th ) Intro to Life Calling (11 th, 12 th ) “b” English4 yrs PPPPPPPP English I (9 th ) English II (10 th ) American Literature (11 th ) British Literature (12 th ) PH AP English Lang. (11 th ) AP English Lit. (12 th ) “c” Math2 yrs [2] [2] 3 yrs [3] [3] 4 yrs recommended PPPPPPPP Algebra I A Algebra I B Algebra I Geometry P PH Algebra II Algebra II/Trig Pre-Calculus AP Calculus AB AP Statistics “d” Science Life (1yr) Physical (1yr) 2 yrs 3 yrs recommended P PH Life Science Biology (10 th, 11 th, 12 th ) Human Anatomy and Physio Honors Human Anat and Physio P PH Physical Science Astronomy Chemistry Physics AP Physics “e” LOTE0 yrs [4] [4] 2 yrs [5] [5] 3 yrs recommended P PH Spanish I, II & III AP Spanish Language PAmerican Sign Language I, II & III “f” Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) 1 yr 4 1 yr PPPPPPPPPP Beginning Guitar Concert Choir Advanced Chorale Abundant Life Singers Music Appreciation P P PH Beg. & Adv. Drama Art I, II, III AP Studio Art Sculpture “g” Elective01 yrSelect from the UC/CSU approved course list (a-f list) Berean Electives5 courses Any Berean courses offered above or any of the following: Student Government Teacher or Office Aid On Your Own with Christ (Practical Arts, 12th) Mechanical Drawing (Practical Arts) Architectural Design (Practical Arts, fulfills VPA requirement for UC/CSU)

10 Bible 4 years (Berean) –Freshman Bible –Sophomore Bible –Junior Bible –Senior Bible electives (3)

11 Physical Education 2 years (Berean) 1 year must include health 1 year may be fulfilled by two seasons of a Berean Sport –Girls PE I (Health included) –Girls PE II –Boys PE I (Health included) –Boys PE II –Weights and Conditioning –Football Conditioning –Cheerleading –Athletic Training

12 Technology 1 year (Berean) –Intro to Digital Media –Advanced Digital Media –Digital Photography –Intro to Computer Programming –Yearbook (teacher approval)

13 Social Science 3 years (Berean) “a” 1 year World History, 1 year U.S. History, ½ year Civics (CSU/UC) –World History (9 th ) –U.S. History (11 th ) –AP U.S. History (11 th ) (“A” in English, “B” in World History, teacher approval) –AP European History (“A” in English, “B” in World History, teacher approval) –Civics/Econ (12 th ) –AP Psychology (11 th, 12 th ) (“B” in English) –Intro to Life Calling (11 th, 12 th )

14 English 4 years Berean “b” 4 years CSU/UC –English I (9 th ) –English II (10 th ) –American Literature (11 th ) –British Literature (12 th ) –AP English Lang.(11 th ) –AP English Lit. (12 th )

15 Math 2 years (Berean) “c” 3 years, 4 years recommended (CSU/UC must include Alg II) –Algebra I A and Algebra I B –Algebra I –Geometry (“C” Algebra I or Algebra I B) –Algebra II (“C” in Geometry) –Algebra II/Trig (“B” in Algebra I and Geometry) –Pre-Calculus (“C” in Alg II/Trig, “B” in Alg II) –AP Calc AB (“B” in Pre-Calculus) –AP Statistics (“B” in Alg II/Trig)


17 Science 1 year Life Science, 1year Physical Science (Berean) “d” 2 years, 3 years recommended (CSU/UC) –Life Science Biology (10 th, 11 th, 12th) Human Anatomy and Physiology (“B” in Biology, teacher approval) Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology (“B” in Biology, teacher approval) –Physical Science Chemistry (Biology, Algebra II may be taken concurrently) Astronomy (10 th, 11 th, 12 th ) Physics (“C” in Algebra I, Geometry must be completed or taken concurrently) AP Physics (“B” in Geometry and Alg II/Trig, may be taken concurrently)

18 LOTE (Language Other Than English) LOTE is not required for Berean graduation if a VPA is taken. “e” 2 years, 3 years recommended (CSU/UC) ASL is recognized by all California public colleges and a majority of private colleges across the nation for admission. Three years of ASL may not fulfill college graduation language requirements, however, ASL does satisfy language requirements for admission purposes.

19 LOTE (Cont.) –Spanish I –Spanish II, III, IV Honors (B in previous year) –American Sign Language I –American Sign Language II, III (B in previous year)

20 VISUAL PERFORMING ARTS (VPA) 0 or 1 year, 10 units may be taken in LOTE in place of the VPA requirement (Berean) “f” 1 year (CSU/UC)

21 VPA (cont.) –Beginning Drama –Advanced Drama (Beg drama, audition, teacher approval) –Beginning Guitar –Concert Choir –Advanced Chorale (Audition) –Abundant Life Singers (Audition) –Art I, II, III and AP Studio Art (Satisfactory completion of previous year) –Sculpture

22 College Preparatory Elective “g” 1 year (CSU/UC) Must be a college preparatory class “P” from the “a-f” list Examples: –May be 4 th year of Math, 3 rd year of Science, 3 rd year of LOTE, 2 nd year Fine Arts, or 4 th year of Social Studies.

23 Elective 5 courses (Berean) –Any of the previously mentioned disciplines –Student Government (2.75 GPA) –Teacher Aid (Teacher approval) –Office Aide (Office approval) –On Your Own with Christ (11 th and 12 th ) –Mechanical Drawing (Practical Arts) –Architectural Design (Practical Arts, fulfills VPA requirements for CSU/UC)


25 College and Career Contact Information Katie Grieb Freshmen & Sophomores Kayla Romjue Juniors & Seniors

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