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Scheduling for 10th Grade

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1 Scheduling for 10th Grade
Overfelt High School

2 Graduation Requirements
Pass CAHSEE Exam Complete 220 credits in required areas with grade of D or higher Be in good standing – No behavior problems

3 English Graduation Requirement
English - 4 Years ELD Language Arts Read 180/Language Arts English 1-2-3 ERWC – (replaces English 4) AP English Language AP English Literature Genres of Composition

4 Social Studies Graduation Requirement
3 Years – Regular or AP World History – 9th or 10th grade United States History – 11th grade Government/Economics – 12th grade

5 Math Graduation Requirement
Math – 2 years Must pass Algebra and Geometry one full year of each. Juniors must take math course Example – 9th grade semester 1 – C 9th grade semester 2 – F Student must repeat entire year of Algebra if failing 2nd semester.

6 Science Graduation Requirement
2 years – One year Biological and one year Physical Biology Physiology AP Biology Chemistry AP Chemistry Physics AP Physics

7 Fine Arts Graduation Requirement
1 year Foreign Language – Spanish or French Music – Band/Piano/Guitar/Orchestra Art/Drawing and Painting/Advanced Art Multimedia Photography

8 Physical Education Graduation Requirement
2 years * Must pass Course 1 and Course 2 Example - PE 1st semester course 1 - F PE 2nd semester course 1 -D Student must repeat course if either semester is failed. Semester courses are not an option. * If you do not pass Physical Fitness Test – must take 4 years of PE – even if you pass the PE class itself.

9 Elective Graduation Requirement
Must take 80 credits ( 8 classes) of Electives 1 - 9th th th th Choices vary - can include courses taken at CCOC in 11th and 12th grade years. Geography, CA Problems, AVID, English Support, Math Support are all considered electives

10 College Requirements A-G Requirements-UC/CSU Colleges
15 courses in mandated subjects Grades must be C or higher Grades weighted in AP classes when passed with C or higher Example - AP World History – grade of B Colleges will count that as 4 points on their scale. Give extra point for rigorous course.

11 A-G Requirements Social Science – 2 years (3rd year can be elective)
English 4 years – ELD 3 or higher Math 3 years – 4 recommended Must be Algebra 2 or higher Science – 2 years – 4 recommended Chemistry or Higher

12 A-G Requirements Cont. Foreign Language – 2 years required –
3 recommended. Must be same language Visual/Performing Arts - 1 year – same subject Example – Semester of Piano and Semester of Art 1 does not meet requirement. 1 Year of either does.

13 A-G Requirements Cont. Elective - 1 year of an advanced elective
Examples – Piano 2, Drawing and Painting, Photo 2, Band 2-4, 3rd Year of Foreign Language, Physiology, Physics, AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Engineering 1-2-3, Geography and California Problems

14 10th Grade Classes Required Classes English Math World History*
Science Program Elective* Choices PE - can be delayed Electives – graduation or college prep

15 English Placements Grade in Class – D or higher move on
Scores on Benchmark Tests Scores on CST Must pass two of the three categories to move on to next level Students not passing Read 180 will repeat next year. Students not passing English 1 will repeat and may have English Support class in place of elective

16 Regular English Path Read 180/Language Arts English 1 English 2
English 4 - ERWC

17 Puente / Accelerated English Path
AP English Language AP English Literature Puente English 1 Puente English 2 English 3 or AP English Language ERWC or AP English Language or AP English Literature

18 Social Studies Paths Regular Path Geography/Ca Problems
World History (AP) US History (AP) Economics – 1 semester Government – 1 semester Puente/Accelerated Path World History AP European History or AP World or AP Human Geography AP U.S. History Government and Economics

19 Science Paths Regular Path Biology Chemistry Physics Physiology or AP
Biology or AP Chem or AP Physics Accelerated Path Physics Biology Chemistry AP Chemistry or AP Biology or AP Physics

20 Math Placements Grade in Class – C or higher move on
Scores on Benchmark Test Scores on CST – Proficient or Advanced Must pass two of three categories to move on to next level. Students not passing Algebra in 9th grade will be placed in new Integrated Math Course for 10th grade.

21 Regular Math Path Algebra with support Geometry Algebra 2
Math Analysis Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Math Analysis

22 Accelerated Math Path Geometry Algebra 2 Math Analysis
AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics Algebra 2 Math Analysis AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC or AP Statistics

23 Programs for 10th Grade Program Advanced Academics (Fiat Lux) AVID
Early Childhood Education Required Elective College Prep AVID Elective + College Prep Child Development

24 Programs for 10th Grade Program Required Elective Electronics
Multimedia Puente Required Elective Intro to Engineering & Design Multimedia 1 College Prep

25 Four Year Plan – Foreign Languages
French 1 French 2 French 3 Spanish Spanish for Heritage Spanish Speakers Spanish AP Spanish Language AP Spanish Literature

26 Four Year Plans - Other Electives
College Prep - F-G Art 1, Drawing and Painting Multimedia 1-2-3 Photo 1-2 Band 1-4 Orchestra Guitar Piano 1 – 2 Introduction to Engineering and Principals of Engineering 2 & 3 High School Graduation ROTC 1-4 Leadership AVID* Child Development*

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