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Welcome to The College of Engineering Undergraduate Student Orientation Fall 2011.

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1 Welcome to The College of Engineering Undergraduate Student Orientation Fall 2011

2 Office of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Steven Ridenour, Director, Margie Marengo, Academic Advisor, Dr. Matthew Badura, Academic Advisor,

3 Engineering Programs CIVIL ENGINEERING – Environmental Engineering Option CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING – Computer Engineering Option – Bioelectrical Engineering

4 Engineering Programs MECHANICAL ENGINEERING – Bioengineering Option – Energy Systems ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY – Energy Technology – Environmental Technology – Construction Technology – Computer Technology

5 Our Building Electrical & Computer Engineering – 7 th Floor Mechanical Engineering – 6 th Floor Civil Engineering – 5 th Floor Dean’s office, advising office, and computer classrooms – 3 rd floor Engineering library – 2 nd floor

6 Engineering Curricula Each curriculum outlines the courses required each semester – Fall semester is on the left – Spring semester is on the right Curricula must be followed closely to ensure a timely graduation GenEd requirements are included

7 GenEd Requirements You need a “C-” or better for all GenEd classes –You need a “C” or better for all math courses Some transfer credits can apply to your GenEd requirements

8 Optional Programs Co-op program –A five-year program that offers professional work experience –Students must have at least a 2.50 GPA and 12 credits at Temple Minors –Mathematics, Physics, Business, and Computer Science

9 Academic Advising ALL engineering students have a HOLD placed on their accounts every semester before the registration period You must see your advisor or department to remove this HOLD –Check with the department secretary to obtain the name of your advisor

10 Academic Advising Meet with your advisor periodically –Ensure that the courses you take will count toward your degree –Make sure you will satisfy all degree requirements Learn about opportunities within the College of Engineering and at Temple

11 Placement Testing Review placement test scores English placement – 0701: Intro to Academic Discourse – 0802: College Composition

12 Placement Testing Math placement – Math 0701Elementary Algebra – Math 1021College Algebra – Math 1022Precalculus – Math 1041Calculus I You can retake the math placement test once before taking a math course

13 Online Resources –Lists open and closed courses –Lists prerequisite courses and course descriptions –Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

14 There are many organizations for engineering students –See our website for a complete list Check with your department for meeting times and student leaders Societies & Organizations

15 Robin Marks is our liaison for Temple’s Career Center (2 nd Floor, Mitten Hall) Satellite hours held in our building Engineering-specific Career Fairs University-wide Career Fairs Career Guidance

16 Tutoring Services See Tamika Butler in room 349 to request a tutor for an Engineering course Math and Science Resource Center, 2nd floor, 1810 Liacouras Walk Writing Center, 2nd floor, Tuttleman Hall IH Lounge, 2nd floor, Anderson Hall

17 Dean’s List Top 16% of GPAs for a given semester –Last year’s Engineering cut-off = 3.52 –Full-time students must complete 12 semester hours (credits) –Part-time students must complete 12 credits over an academic year

18 Academic Standing ACADEMIC WARNING –Most recent semester GPA is < 2.00 –Cumulative GPA is < 2.00 and you have fewer than 30 credits ACADEMIC PROBATION –Cumulative GPA is < 2.00 and you have at least 30 credits

19 Academic Dismissal Students who are on probation for more than one consecutive semester may be subject to dismissal Review the GPA requirements and dismissal policies with your advisor

20 Repeat Policy You can repeat a course once (two attempts) without permission You can repeat a course twice (three attempts) only with permission Only the highest grade will be factored into your GPA All other grades will remain on transcript

21 Repeat Policy If you repeat a course that you received a “D-” or better in, you won’t receive new credits when you repeat it If you can’t complete a course after your third attempt –You will be dismissed if the course is a university requirement –You will be required to choose a new major if the course is major requirement

22 Withdrawal Policy You can withdraw online through SSB during weeks 3 through 9 Withdraws count as attempts Fall 2011Math 1042 – Withdraw Spring 2012Math 1042 – D+ Fall 2012Math 1042 – Final Attempt

23 Add/Drop Policy You can add/drop a course during the first two weeks of a fall/spring semester –An instructor’s signature is required to add a course during week 2 A green card is required to register for a closed course Dropped courses will not appear on your final transcript

24 Leave of Absence (LOA) You can request LOA for up to two consecutive semesters (summer not counted) You can request LOA during drop/add LOA students will remain on current curriculum –Students who leave without requesting LOA will be responsible for curriculum in place when they return

25 Plagiarism & Cheating Copying the work of others is strictly prohibited at Temple University –Penalty can range from a failing grade for that assignment to expulsion from the university See the online University Bulletin for more information on this and other policies

26 Welcome to The College of Engineering Undergraduate Student Orientation Fall 2011

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