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SHG Training – an introduction. Self Help Group It is a small group, consists of 12-20 women members residing in a same locality.

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1 SHG Training – an introduction

2 Self Help Group It is a small group, consists of 12-20 women members residing in a same locality.

3 Aims and objectives of SHG -------------------------------  To empower women folk  To Develop the savings habit among women  To make them confident  To make them entrepreneurs  To develop the leadership qualities  To develop the Economical status

4 Consumer awareness and SHG SHG is a gross root level Institution SHG members are interested to acquire knowledge about consumerism SHG can act as a implementing agency Consumer awareness to SHG entrepreneurs is an important criteria

5 to increase the knowledge about common consumer rights. to improve the skills in identifying the adulteration in the consumable products.

6 Training Methods Lecture Group discussion Case Study Role Play SimulationGames

7 Training Methods Lecture method is an effective way to introduce new information to a group in a short span of time.

8 Lecture can be used with illiterate learners a large number of learners can be accommodated at one time a diverse range of supportive materials can be used to support the content areas (Slides, Charts, posters etc)

9 Disadvantages participants can get carried away by the charisma and personality of the speaker instead of focusing what he /she saying. It does not promote interaction in most cases.

10 Group Discussion In this method the learners are divided in to small groups and given relevant subject matter to discuss.

11 Advantages:- It provides opportunities for the learners to express themselves. It allows the learners to validate their knowledge and skills. It allows learners to clarify, reflect and reconfigure their experiences. It helps in promoting a sense of belonging in a group.

12 Disadvantages 1. It is time consuming 2. It requires facilitation 3. There is a possibility that dominant members may hijack the process. 4. Requires more space 5. In a mixed groups, woman can be ignored. 6. Trainer needs special skills to facilitate, and summaries the discussions.

13 Case study In this method other’s experiences are provided to the group in the form of a case study. These experiences are analyzed by the learners and arrive upon new principles.

14 Advantages Simple Can be used with illiterates and relatively unsophisticated people. Low cost Sharpens learners analytical and diagnostic skills.

15 Disadvantages :- difficult to find an appropriate case study poor participation of learners difficult to control the group

16 Role Play A small group enacts role play about a situation where other learners observe the role play. A discussion follows that enactment.

17 Advantages It is encouraging It helps the suppressed and illiterate to express their feelings It is simple and low cost It does not need material or advance preparation.

18 Disadvantages There is possibility of becoming entertainment Participants can overact or distort the roles Time consuming

19 Simulation Simulation is method based on here and now experience shared by all the learners.

20 Advantages It allows for the study of very complex social process It allows for an exploration of very real life situation It involves activity and universal participation

21 Disadvantages It is very difficult and time consuming It requires that participants cooperate and internalise the roles

22 Games Games are usually employed to convey feelings and processes.

23 Advantages It is lively, fun, and involves every one’s participation Complex issues can be explained in a simple manner.

24 Disadvantages Finding or designing appropriate games is not very easy Entertainment without learning is not the objective.

25 Role of the trainer Choosing appropriate method Preparation Briefing about the task Dividing in to groups Maintaining control Monitoring the discussion Debriefing Consolidating and summarizing Evaluation

26 Trainers must....... Speak loudly Speak more clearly Speak with less monotony Use more familiar words Use more humors in the training Make black board writing more legible Get better acquainted with the trainees Improve your personal appearance

27 Try to eliminate annoying mannerisms Effective use of visual aids Adequate knowledge about the subject Encourage and motivate the learners

28 7 Ps of a good trainer Plan Prepare Punctual Participatory approach Positive Physical appearance Perfect

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