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Please bring your iPad with iOS 7 to this session. Make sure you have an iTunes account and know the username and password.

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1 Please bring your iPad with iOS 7 to this session. Make sure you have an iTunes account and know the username and password.

2 KISS My Apps! Keeping iPads Simple for Speechies West Virginia Speech-Language and Hearing Association Conference March 19, 2014 Gennifer Taylor, M.A., CCC/SLP Lee Ann Brammer, M.A., CCC/SLP

3 ASHA Disclosure Ms. Taylor and Ms. Brammer have no relevant financial or nonfinancial relationships to disclose. They do use Apple and iTune products personally and professionally.

4 AGENDA Introductions Housekeeping How we got here Introduction to the iPad Tips and Tricks Suggested Apps App Resources App Share

5 HOUSEKEEPING Feel free to go to the restroom throughout the session Ask questions throughout the session Raise your hand for assistance during tips and tricks Work with the people around you Feel free to ask us to slow down CEU Credit


7 HOW WE GOT HERE Kanawha County iPad Proposal iPod versus iPad Research Project Final Proposal – iPad versus Android Tablet 58 iPads managed with core apps managed by one person 58 iPads managed by iPad Committee who did research for additional core of apps 58 iPads managed by individual therapist

8 OUR GOALS TODAY To teach you basics about your iPad and to provide you with sources for information To alleviate some of your fears of technology in speech therapy To provide you with – Core of apps for beginners – Resources for finding apps – Resources for evaluating apps – Suggestions for app use in speech therapy – A means to communicate with other therapists about iPads and apps

9 FIRST THINGS FIRST - HARDWARE Free video Written directions provided by Apple Free iPad Manuals for every model and iOS



12 2 nd – 4 th generation


14 CAMERA Use the “front” or “Facetime HD” camera for video modeling and selfies Use the “back” or “isight” camera for taking photos and videos Take “screen shots” by holding the “home” button and the sleep/awake button at the same time All photos/videos taken go to the “Photos”

15 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Charging the iPad Charge your iPad when it gets to approximately 20% battery on the top right of your screen. Charge it for a couple of hours and only until it reaches 100%. A timer can be used to monitor charging. Use only the charger you were given with your iPad to charge it DO NOT LEAVE TO CHARGE OVERNIGHT.

16 Cleaning the iPad – turn iPad off – see above Use only a slightly damp soft, microfiber cloth to clean it. You can use the sprays that are available for cleaning computer screens, but DO NOT spray it directly on your iPad. Make sure they are ALCOHOL free. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL ON YOUR SCREEN. DO NOT GET YOUR IPAD WET.

17 PRACTICE Turning iPad on/off Waking up iPad Lock screen rotation Adjusting volume with volume buttons Reading the Status Bar Using the Camera – including screen shots Finding photos


19 UPDATING YOUR iOS SOFTWARE MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR iPAD to the iCloud prior to doing an update If you work in a school system in West Virginia or use internet provided by the State of West Virginia you will NOT be able to update your software at work. You will have to do it from HOME If you accidently do it at work you will end up with a screen that looks like this

20 A sight that strikes fear in the heart of men … an iPad in “Recovery Mode”

21 RELAX … IT’S ALL STILL THERE! See Appendix at the end for directions on performing the restore

22 Introduction to iOS 7 Video from Apple that provides insight into some of the new iOS 7 Features Videos about specific features of iOS 7

23 NEW iOS FEATURES Easy access Control Panel iCloud Search features Guided Access Unlimited number of apps in folders Notification Screen

24 CONTROL PANEL To access the control panel, swipe up from the bottom of your screen It’s available at all times in all programs Easy access to volume, music, airplane mode, camera and screen intensity


26 iCLOUD If you don’t have an free iCloud account, you should create one Backs up your apps and updates them each time you log on to the Internet Provides storage for you to access apps, documents, music from any location Can store apps in the iCloud and then download directly from it when you need them to provide extra room on your iPad



29 SEARCH FEATURES Simultaneously swipe down from the top and up from the bottom (using the same hand) Allows you to search for apps if you can’t readily find them Searches your entire iPad Touch the app you’re looking for and it automatically opens Allows you to search the Internet


31 GUIDED ACCESS Allows you to lock a program that it can’t be exited through the home key. Go to “Settings”, “General”, “Accessibility” Toggle on “Guided Access” The first time you do it, it will ask you to set up a passcode REMEMBER YOUR CODE

32 GUIDED ACCESS CONTINUED Get into the program you want to use Touch the “home” button 3 times rapidly You will see a screen come up that says, “Guided Acess” and on the top right it says “Start” When you’re ready to exit the program, you simply touch the “home” button 3 times rapidly, enter the passscode and press “Stop” in the top left corner

33 PRACTICE Accessing Control Panel Adjust the volume Use the Search Tool to find “App Store” app Guided Access using “App Store”

34 NOW YOU’RE READY – KISS my Apps!!

35 NAVIGATING THE ITUNES STORE Use to purchase any new apps You can - type in the name of the app or the category you want to explore – For example, “AAC” or “Autism” or “Apraxia” Or you can -- type in the name of a specific app, such as “Super Duper Age Calculator Some apps are iPad specific and some do both iPad and iPod – try to be sure to purchase from the “iPad” list Real-Time Demonstration

36 PURCHASING APPS Try lite versions first if available Check out screen shots, app descriptions and customer reviews in the iTunes store Select an app to purchase Click on the price button You will be asked your password You will be asked if you’re sure you want to buy it The app will automatically download

37 PUTTING APPS IN FOLDERS Press and hold an app until it jiggles and an “X” appears on all of your apps Slide the app over top of another app you want to include in the folder Let go and name the folder Add other apps to the folder – unlimited When you’re finished, touch the “home” button and the “X’s” on the apps will disappear Real-Time Demonstration


39 PRACTICE Purchasing an app – “Phonemes” – Small Talk Putting apps in folders

40 UPDATING APPS Updating apps CAN be done from State of West Virginia internet Select iTunes Store Look at the bottom of the page at “Updates” and touch it At the top right touch “Update all.”




44 SUGGESTED CORE OF APPS FOR BEGINNERS Percentally Super Duper Age Calculator Super Duper Data Tracker SLP Goal Bank Sign My Pad Quick Office PDF Expert iCommunicate or Talk ‘N Photos Pocket Artic Articulate It Articulation Station Minimal Pairs iPractice Verbs BE SURE TO CHECK DURING MAY BETTER SPEECH AND HEARING MONTH FOR DEALS

45 SMARTY EAR APPS Can use Therapy Report Center to collate information from all of their apps Caseload Tracker – tracks IEP and reevaluation dates to notify you when they’re due Sunny Articulation Test – not standardized but easy to administer and good result summary


47 Articulation Station (Little Bee Speech) $29.99 Articulation Station (Little Bee Speech) $29.99  Articulation app  Created by certified SLP.  High quality images, fun-filled activities.  Word, sentence, story levels.  Collect group and individual session data.  Email results.

48 iPractice Verbs (Smarty Ears) $9.99 iPractice Verbs (Smarty Ears) $9.99  Language app  Created by certified SLP.  High quality images, fun-filled activities.  Word, sentence, sentence levels.  Addresses present, present progressive and past tense  Two modes: Flashcards and Find It  Built in reward system  Compatible with Therapy Report Center  Collect group and individual session data.  Email results  Video tutorial available on Smarty Ears website -

49 Pocket Artic (Synapse Apps, LLC) $19.99 Articulation app Details: 3000 stimulus cards, 29 of most targeted phonemes, including R and vocalic R. Score by correct, incorrect, and approximation at word, phrase, sentence levels. View scores in bar, line, table or spreadsheet format. Export results by email or print. Affordable app for large amount of cards and versatility !

50 Super Duper Age Calculator (Super Super) Free Details: Automatically calculates chronological age from the current date Easy to use with slide left or right to change each part of the date

51 USING APPS IN THERAPY You don’t only play games or provide reinforcement with an iPad Calculate accuracy Provide means of documentation Use the camera for self-monitoring, video modeling and taking pictures Give you one thing to carry instead of bags full of cards, equipment and games ASHA even addresses the advantages to using apps in an article - pathology-practice/ pathology-practice/

52 APP RESOURCES – SPEECH-LANGUAGE AND SPECIAL NEEDS http:// – Free lists on this page for apraxia, sign language, fluency, hearing and dysphagia - Adult Therapy List - includes apps for drug names, dysphagia and apraxia – great list

53 APP RESOURCES - AAC for-aac for-aac content/uploads/2011/07/Apps-Summarywinter2014.pdf content/uploads/2011/07/Apps-Summarywinter2014.pdf – feature match for app and app descriptions – Educational Apps Chart 1 – list of switch accessible apps

54 APP RESOURCES - AUTISM - A Spectrum of Apps for Students on the Autism Spectrum March 1, 2013’s-App- Recommendations-for-Students-with-Autism’s-App- Recommendations-for-Students-with-Autism aking aking

55 APP RESOURCES - CVI Recommended by Bridget Bailey, Developmental Specialist/Vision Specialist for CVI – Birth to Three Sparkabilities Babies 1 HD for iPad – Bottle Rocket seller Tan-n-See Zoo – Little Bear Sees seller BrightStart Baby – A Bright Start for Smart Babies – Eieio Software seller Baby Rattle Toy – Selena Soft, Inc., seller Peekaboo: Ladybird Baby Touch – Penguin Books seller iLoveFireworks – Fireworks Games seller Hatch! Plus – Phodder seller Baby Screen – Planet Sloth seller ShapeShifter HD – Transform Games Bloom HD – Opal Limited


57 PINTEREST RESOURCES Lauren S. Enders, M.A., CCC/SLP – very nice organization of iPad information including cases, equipment and everything iPad SpeechTechie – very informative SOS, Inc. Resources – a lot of good resources, including apps for hospitals, etc.

58 EVALUATING APPS - RESOURCES app.html app.html CRITICAL EVALUATION OF A CONTENT-BASED IPAD/IPOD APP ©2011-12. Kathleen Schrock ( iPads in the Classroom site:


60 APP SHARE Apps that you use Apps you don’t like Facebook page


62 REFERENCES - iPAD Apple - GCF Learning Free -

63 REFERENCES - APPS App definition – Jessica Chase, Consonantly Speaking, How to Put Apps in Folders -101-New-Users-Guide-Install-Move-Delete- Folders_7.htm -101-New-Users-Guide-Install-Move-Delete- Folders_7.htm

64 APPENDIX – iPad in Recovery Mode iPad in Restore Mode If you accidentally try to update your iPad at school, you will get a message that your iPad is in recovery mode. You must: Plug your iPad into your laptop You will receive a message that you have an iPad that is in Recovery Mode and that it must be restored. Click on Restore – this will take awhile When you’re your iPad has been restore, you will get a welcome message. On your laptop, choose Restore from iCloud backup instead of “Setup as a new iPad” Enter your icloud address and password if prompted Your iPad should begin downloading your apps It is important if you’ve made folders to make sure that you sync your iPad to your laptop. If you get a restore message and you’ve haven’t synced, you will get your apps back but your folders will not be there.


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