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Downloading and Installing PAF Insight PAF Insight can be easily downloaded Or can be installed from a CD A license is needed t0 activate the program.

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2 Downloading and Installing PAF Insight PAF Insight can be easily downloaded Or can be installed from a CD A license is needed t0 activate the program

3 To download PAF Insight click on the download link at the top of the Ohana Software web page

4 Click on Download or Update PAF Insight. It is the same link for the original download or to get the free updates as they are released. If you need to purchase a license key, you can click on the BUY link or one of the links here. To be sure that you receive your license email and the update emails please add to your email address book.

5 Make sure that your PAF 5 program is closed and also any previous version of PAF Insight Click on Install PAF Insight version 2004.(current version)

6 When a file download window appears choose “Open” or “Run”. This will start the install process onto your computer.

7 Follow the instructions from the installer which is choosing Next for the next several screens. And Click Finish on the last screen to complete the Install.

8 Enter your license key when the window opens the first time you start PAF Insight on your computer. This is the license key that you received in the license email from Ohana Software.

9 The easiest way to open PAF Insight is by opening your file in the Personal Ancestral File (PAF)5 program. This can be done by clicking on the PAF5 icon on your desktop if you have chosen to have an icon on your desktop.

10 Once your file is open if PAF5, go to the tools menu.

11 Click on PAF Insight in the tools menu of PAF 5 and this PAF file will open in PAF Insight.

12 There are 5 functions to choose from for PAF Insight.

13 Cleaning up your file before Searching the IGI Edit RINs and Pedigrees will show you the extra pedigrees and branches you may be unaware of in your file. You can trim the excess individuals from your file. PAF Insight Merge will find more merges than the PAF 5 program will. Check your file in merge before using the IGI Search.

14 Using Merge To Clean Up Your File

15 Click on Merge to Merge Duplicate Records with PAF Insight

16 Matches come up sorted by probability of match % You can change the list to sort by RINs, Names or other header field by clicking on the corresponding header. Relationship of left side record to main pedigree Relationship of right side record to main pedigree.

17 PAF Insight will show matches where the names are different where PAF will not The tabs highlighted in pink indicate differences between the records in these areas

18 To bring information into your file, check the box next to that information and a checkmark will appear. Then Click on the Merge button at the top of the list.

19 When you click on Merge the information that was checked is moved to the record on the left Merged is listed in the status column

20 If you want to do further research to determine if records are a match, you can mark them with a RESEARCH- FOR MERGE note Records that you know are not matches can be marked Not a Match and will not be shown you as a possible match again Record Marking buttons

21 Differences in the notes will be written in brown. You can choose to keep only the Primary or Duplicate notes or to combine your notes when merging.

22 Using Edit RINs and Pedigrees to Clean Up Your File.

23 Choose Edit RINS and Pedigrees

24 Your file will open with a list of all records and all pedigrees showing in a list. They are ordered by RIN within each Pedigree and the pedigrees are listed in order of size. Main Pedigree is the largest Pedigree in your file.

25 Use the scroll bar to scroll to the end of the list and see if you have extra pedigrees in your file that you are unaware of. You can view the pedigree number in the pedigree column

26 If there are pedigrees in your file that you do not want, you can select all of them at once in your file using multiple select. To do this click on the bottom record you want to delete and then while holding the Shift key, click on the top record in the group you want to select. The selected records will be highlighted in blue.

27 Click on the Trim button A window will come up and ask if you want to delete these individuals. Click OK to delete them.

28 To further trim your file to the records you want, select an individual and choose from the trim options in the Trim to Pedigree window. If you want to make sure that you only have your direct line and close relatives, choose the option to trim to direct line and keep children and grandchildren and spouses.

29 After you delete individuals they will be listed deleted in the status column. If you need to restore an individual or group, select them and choose restore.

30 After you have trimmed the extra individuals from your file, you can renumber your RINs if you would like to. Select Change RINs To change all of the RINS as a group, insert the first RIN you would like to start with. Usually #1

31 “New RIN” will be listed in the status column and the New RIN will be listed on the left of the name. The old RIN is now listed to the right of the Pedigree listing

32 You are Now Ready to Efficiently Search the IGI with PAF Insight You have Merged duplicate individuals You have deleted extra pedigrees from your file. You have trimmed your line to the individuals that you really want to be in your file. You have renumbered your RINS to make good use of and reduce the size of your file.

33 Searching the Internet IGI using PAF Insight

34 To begin your IGI Search Open your file in PAF and go to the Tools and choose PAF Insight. Select Search IGI The first time you enter the IGI Search in PAF Insight you will be asked for your Username and Password.

35 The username and password to enter here is the one that you registered with on If you have not yet registered, it is easy to do and it is free. If you have forgotten your user name and password, you can request to have it emailed to you from the sign on page of Once you have entered this information PAF Insight will remember it for you and sign you onto the FamilySearch website when PAF Insight Search IGI is started.

36 When you are logged in successful you will see Ready in the box If you are not connected or have a firewall blocking PAF Insight, you will get a Bad Connection message. You need to start you Internet connection before you open PAF Insight if you have a dialup connection. If you have a firewall, it must be set to allow PAF Insight to communicate via the Internet. A blinking green light indicates Internet activity

37 There are several list filters to choose from. You can find the definition of each in the Help files of PAF Insight. When PAF Opens the list filter will be “Needs Ordinances” if you have LDS info set in PAF 5 or “Incomplete Dates and Places” if you have LDS info turned off in PAF 5

38 If you do not find the record you are looking for, expand your search or change regions. The “Automatic”Region search will search all of the places in your file for the Individual being searched plus World Misc.

39 You can change the years searched using the Year Range slider The default is “Exact Year”. This will search all of the years listed in your file for the individual being searched. Most records can be found using Exact year.

40 To start a search, select an individual by clicking on them with your mouse. Then click the Search button The search being done will be shown in the corner status box When V1, V2 appear this is indicating that more than one variation of the name and place is being searched. In the status column you can see how many hits and matches are being searched. Matches are listed by % probability of match according to how they match the information in your file. The highest match may be the last to appear.

41 When the search is completed, “Done” will be in the status column. If “Incomplete” is shown and you do not find what you were looking for, redo your search because the complete results were not returned by FamilySearch.. You can start searching for other names while you are updating the first record searched.

42 View the details of each IGI match in the Details view. The pink highlighted tabs indicate differences between the records. Check the white boxes by the information in each category that you want updated into your record.

43 Be sure to check all of the different tabs for information you want. Often a record containing the parents will not have the marriage information. You may need to update from more than one record to get the complete information.

44 If you find a new spouse in the IGI that you want to bring into your file, check the box that says “Add as new spouse” When you update the spouse’s name and the marriage. The information will be brought over to your file.

45 After updating the new spouse will be in your record window. The spouse will have a RIN of zero. When you save your file, the new individual will be given a new RIN.

46 To add new parents, check both the “add as new father” And the “add as new mother” boxes. When Update is clicked the names and sealing data will be brought over into your file. If you have only one parent in your file and would like to add the other, click on the “add as new…” by the parent you wish to add.

47 Click on Update to move the IGI information to your record. Updated will be shown in the status column for each record updated The information you had checked will now show in your record The IGI record will disappear after you update from it.

48 After updating, a PAF Insight IGI text source will be attached to the events that were updated. It will be shown in the sources view in your record.

49 To change the source options go to the Tools menu in PAF Insight and choose Options Click on the FamilySearch folder Tab

50 Add sources to existing events is checked by default. This option will add a source to an event that has the identical information in the IGI as you have in your file. “Leave most recent PAF Insight IGI source only” is also checked by default. If you update information for an event, only the last PAF Insight source for that event will be saved. You can choose to not have any sources added by checking that option. You can choose to always add a PAF Insight source when updating. This will add multiple sources for single events without removing the previous one. You can change these options anytime. You can change to update one record and change back if you want to for a particular source. Finalize your options by clicking on OK

51 When you have finished or have done a lot of updating, you will need to save your file to finalize the updating to your PAF file. You can either “Save” in the original file or “Save As” a new file. This can be done from the File menu.

52 If you choose “Save As”, you will then choose a new name for the file and choose Save.

53 If you try to close your PAF file in PAF Insight or Exit PAF Insight through the File menu or by using the windows close icon without saving, a warning prompt will appear. If you do not save your file when you exit, you will lose all of the updating you have done since you last saved your file.

54 Warning : You cannot edit your file in PAF 5 and use PAF Insight at the same time. PAF 5 puts a lock on the file while it has the file open. If you try to use PAF 5 and PAF Insight with the same file, only the last one saved will actually be saved. Any updates or changes made in the first closed file will be lost. To prevent this from happening always enter PAF Insight from your PAF 5 Tools menu.

55 Additional Lessons on PAF Insight are available at This presentation may be used for training and other non commercial uses. Copyright 2004 by Ohana Software

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