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IPad Basic Training Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask a 2-year-old.

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1 iPad Basic Training Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask a 2-year-old.

2 Overview  About iOS Devices  Device Basics  Settings  iTunes and App Store  App Management  Evaluating Apps  Browsing  Camera

3 iOS Devices Multi-touch technology Up to 10 hours of battery life Instant on Internal mic WiFi (or WiFi + 3G or 4G) HD video camera Safe and secure Built-in accessibility Free iOS updates

4 iPad Controls Home Front Camera Status Bar Multi-touch Screen Apps Screen View Indicator

5 iPad Controls Back Camera Microphone Headphone Jack Speaker Dock Connector Volume Mute/Rotation Freeze Sleep/Wake On/Off

6 Screens Swiping – Right, left, up, down – From screen to screen and while in an open app Search – Swipe down from the center On-screen keyboard – Activate – Hide

7 Status Bar Sync Airplane mode Network activity Bluetooth Battery status Charges more quickly in off position Not Charging: Some USB ports or If 100% charged Wireless connection indicator Time Rotation lock Location services

8 Settings Personalize your iPad Set the date and time Configure your network connection Change other iPad settings Control features in apps And more…

9 Settings WiFi – Connect (check status bar) General Settings – Date and Time – Auto-Lock – Restrictions – Etc.

10 Accessibility VoiceOver speaks items on the screen Zoom magnifies the entire screen Larger Text makes text larger in Contacts, Mail and Notes Physical & Motor settings for easy access

11 Scavenger Hunt Change your wallpaper Change your text size Turn off background app refresh Add the Emoji keyboard Shut off your keyboard clicks

12 iTunes Source for content – Music – Movies – TV Shows – Podcasts – Audiobooks – Apps Must have an iTunes account to download apps – Do not need credit card to download free apps – Each district will have a specific plan/program for app and iPad management.

13 App Management Appsbergers: an addiction to apps Moving Deleting Making folders Viewing and closing open apps Evaluating apps

14 Moving and Deleting Apps Touch and hold any icon until all “jiggle” Can slide any icon to rearrange or put on another screen Can delete installed apps by touching x Cannot delete “native” apps

15 Creating Folders Press and hold any icon until all “jiggle” Drag one icon on top of another Folder window will open with suggested name – Can rename To remove, press and hold, drag out of folder

16 View and Close Open Apps Double click Home button Open apps appear with the app icon at the bottom Lightly swipe up on the open page Does not remove app from device Closing an app will help reserve your battery power.

17 App Store Searching for apps Selecting compatible apps for your device A + sign next to price indicates universal app Customer ratings and reviews Related apps from the same company

18 Downloading Apps Can download either on iPad or on computer through iTunes to sync with iPad Click Free or Buy App Click Download Enter password Download starts automatically Will sync with iTunes next time you connect with computer

19 Browsing Safari – Access the key Hide the keyboard – Private browsing – Adding and accessing bookmarks – Adding and opening new tabs – Add to home screen

20 Camera Front or back cameras HDR mode on newer models Switching from square to photo to video Screen shots Photo access

21 Anywhere, anytime access Differentiated curriculum Multi-sensory Interactive Highly motivating Good practice for sharing in a small group Keep individual needs in mind The iPad Advantage

22 Resources ipad/ ipad/ and-more/ and-more/ for-ipad/id373311049?mt=8 for-ipad/id373311049?mt=8 wa/viewRoom?fcId=549872333&mt=8 (allow access to the Apple Store in iTunes) wa/viewRoom?fcId=549872333&mt=8

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