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Created By: Brooke Tryan Vocabulary.

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1 Created By: Brooke Tryan Vocabulary

2 flippers small fins used like hands or feet The baby penguin is flapping his flippers.

3 hatch to break out of an egg The penguins are getting ready to hatch out of the eggs.

4 miserable very unhappy The poor kitty was miserable when he had to have a bath.

5 slippery not sticky, causing sliding The ice is slippery enough for the penguin to slide on his belly. 52240184843@N01

6 huddle to crowd or draw together The penguins huddle together to keep themselves warm.

7 waddled moved in a funny way, like a duck The penguins waddled across the snow. /pool-52240184843@N01

8 horizon where the sky seems to meet the Earth The clouds are almost touching the horizon in this chilly Antarctic photo.


10 Emperor Penguin Chicks

11 An Emperor Penguin keeps it’s baby chick warm

12 Two male Emperor’s standing tall 99223709/

13 Swimming penguins


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