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Mrs. Stortzum’s 3rd grade

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1 Mrs. Stortzum’s 3rd grade
Penguin Chick Mrs. Stortzum’s 3rd grade

2 Get warm and cozy. snuggle

3 Baby penguins do NOT have ________ feathers.

4 To come out of an egg. hatch

5 The author’s purpose for this story is to ______ how penguins live.

6 What is the main idea of this selection.
The male and female penguin takes care of the penguin chick.

7 What is a detail that supports the main idea?
1. The father keeps the egg warm. 2. The mother looks for food.

8 How many years is it before a penguin is ready to have a chick of its own?
Five years

9 What is the cause and the effect of the penguins problems?
The cause is the bitter cold weather. The effect is possible death.

10 What does the father penguin do in August? In your own words.

11 The emperor penguin holds the egg on his feet to keep it ________.

12 How do the parents feed the penguin chick if there is no food source nearby?
They bring the food back up from their own stomachs and feed it to the chick.

13 To smooth or arrange feathers with a beak.

14 A group of penguins is called a ________.

15 What is another good title for this story? In your own words.

16 Turned to ice. frozen

17 Curls up close and comfortably.

18 After the egg hatches, the mother penguin leaves the ___________.

19 In August, the father penguin holds the egg on his ____.

20 What problems do you think all penguins face? In your own words.

21 The mother penguin leaves the rookery to look for ____.

22 The father penguin is _____, so he is better able to stay with the egg.

23 Strikes with a beak. pecks

24 Penguins eat fish, _____, and krill.

25 What conclusion can you draw from the fact that a penguin chick in a nursery went to its parents for food? In your own words.

26 The father penguin keeps the eggs warm in his ________.
Brood patch

27 What was the setting of the story?

28 You can conclude that baby penguins can tell their ______ from other penguins.

29 When the egg cracked, the ______ came out.

30 Good Luck on the Test!!!

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