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1 Penguins

2 Penguins

3 Where do Penguins Live? All penguins live in cold places.
Most penguins live in Antarctica. Some live off the coast of South America called the Falkland Islands Some also live on the coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

4 How big are Penguins? Penguins come in all different sizes.
The world’s largest penguin is 45 inches tall and weighs 100 pounds. The smallest penguin is called the little blue or fairy penguin. It is only 12 inches tall and weighs 2 pounds.

5 How do penguins keep warm?
Penguins spend half of the year in the water. They have small stiff feathers that overlap one another to keep out water. Next they have another layer of woolly down. After this they have another layer of blubber .

6 Other Facts Penguins can not fly. Penguins are very good swimmers.

7 Websites:

8 Five Penguins This little penguin has little black feet.
He’s a Blackfooted Penguins with feather so neat. This little penguin is called an Adelie. On snow he can walk or slide on his belly. This little penguin has few yellow feathers. He’s a Macaroni Penguin. He likes cold kinds of weather. These big penguins are known as kings. An though they can’t fly, they can swim with their wings. This big penguin is the biggest of all.HE’s an emperor penguin, over three feet tall. All penguins are birds, mostly black and white. Any penguin you see is a beautiful sight!

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