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E Bidding Log on Screen. Bid Details Search Criteria for Bid Details.

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1 E Bidding Log on Screen

2 Bid Details


4 Search Criteria for Bid Details


6 Bid Details


8 Date related Bid Details

9 Bid Check List Questions

10 Bid Notes and attachment

11 Downloading Tender Document



14 Bid Item Details

15 Item Check List Questionnaire

16 Creation of Bid

17 Creation of Bid ( Click on Register Button)

18 Creation of Bid

19 Create Response

20 Creation of Response

21 Creation of Bid Response ( Check List Questions)

22 Uploading Techno Commercial Documents


24 Digital Signing Techno Commercial Documents

25 Digitally Signing Techno Commercial Documents

26 Uploading Price Bid Documents ( if mentioned in Tender)

27 Item Price Bid Details

28 Details of Line Item


30 Item Level Check Questions

31 Item Level Notes and Attachments

32 Item Level Price Bid Details

33 Item Level Total Value

34 Price Bid for Second Item

35 Price Bid details for all Items

36 Check List Questions

37 Submission of Bid

38 Digital Certificate selection screen

39 Encryption of Submitted Bid


41 Password required for Token based Digital Encryption Certificate

42 Confirmation message after Submission

43 Encryption of Sensitive Data

44 Response Status after Bid Submission

45 Re-submit the Bid

46 Decrypt already submitted Bid



49 Response Status after Bid Submission

50 Submit Bid again

51 Technical RFx Response view

52 Attached files in Technical RFx Response Folder

53 Collaboration Folder for Public Documents ( Optional)

54 Submit Bid again

55 Add file for Tender related Query from Bidder

56 Select file and Click on Save button System will not allow to delete any added file in Collaboration folder

57 File attachment for Query Purpose

58 Techno Commercial Evaluation Report / All Vendors Price Bid Details MoM Queries from Vendor Techno Commercial Report Price Bid Report

59 Few Useful Tips for hassle free Submission of Bid  Do not submit bid in last moment. Due to various unknown reasons bidder may not be able to submit his bid in last moment. Eg. Internet Net Speed, System settings, Network Problem, Java related Problem, Browser related issues, Digital Signature related issues, Digital Signature Provider related issues.  Before creation of Tender Response need to installed latest Java version.  Installation and respective settings required before starting creation of Tender Response.

60 Few Useful Tips for hassle free Submission of Bid  System will not allow to submit Tender Response without valid Digital Certificate.  Time taken process for buying and registration of Digital Signature  Signing Certificate and Encryption Certificate needs to import in Token USB.  Always remember password of Digital Certificate and Token else system will not allow to submit the bid  Always remember Expiry date of Digital Certificate. Before expiring need to take necessary actions for new Digital Certificate.

61 Few Useful Tips for hassle free Submission of Bid  Same Encryption Certificate will require for decryption of Bid which was used while Encryption of Bid. Non availability or non valid Encryption Certificate will not allow for decryption of Bid.  Signing Certificate and Encryption certificate required for Save and Submission actions  Perform system related settings as per recommendations  Bidding Process and look and fill may change time to time. It is always recommended to read User manual carefully before participating.


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