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Welcome You all for the presentation on “e-bid submission” in the tender system of Urban Local Bodies in Haryana.

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1 Welcome You all for the presentation on “e-bid submission” in the tender system of Urban Local Bodies in Haryana

2 Salient Features of e-Procurement Tender notices are up-loaded and available on web-site. Firms to get registered at portal free of cost. Bidders/Indenters to obtain Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) from any certified agency. The tender offers are submitted on-line. Tenders are opened on-line. All accompanying documents are scanned and submitted on-line after certification by digital signature.

3 Advantages of e-Procurement All the documents pertaining to work will be available on portal for ready reference to contractors. Wide publicity of Works, because the moment the work is uploaded, it becomes Global. No chances of biasing of officials of municipality towards any agency.

4 Maximum participation of agencies. Due to maximum participation, rates will be reasonable and compatible. No need to visit the office. Less agency flow towards the office, will reduce the congestion in the office.

5 No chances of cutting/tampering of record. Transparency in the procurement process. No chances of missing data. No chances in changing the DNIT. Contractors will not be able to pool the works.

6 Applicability All the tenders estimated Rs. 5.00 lacs & above shall be invited only through e-tendering and it will be applicable to all the Municipalities of Haryana State. All the Municipalities shall ensure that atleast one tender of any amount even less than Rs. 5.00 lacs on or before 07.12.2013

7 Training of Staff and Contractors Training of staff and contractors of the municipalities shall be done by respective Distt. Information Officer of the District at District Level.

8 Haryana Government e-Tendering Information System Haryana Government e-Tendering Information System

9 Home page of Web Site

10 Modules of e-tendering Registration Tender Management Bid Management Bid Opening Bid evaluation Award of contact

11 Government e-Procurement (GeP) Solution NIC11 Procurement Functionalities Tender Bidding Bid Opening & Evaluation Tender Creation Tender Uploading Tender Publishing Corrigendum * Bidder Process Tender Search Bid Signing, Encryption & Submission Tender Document Download Payment of Tender Fee/ EMD Bid Opening & Decryption Technical Evaluation (Offline)‏ SOR based Financial Evaluation (Works Tender)‏ Communication & Publication of Award Information

12 Registration Departmental user Contractors/bidders Digital Signature Certificates

13 Dept User Created by the administrator Password sent by mail Roles are defined as req’d Tender Creator,Publisher, Bid Opener & Evaluator DSC is attached by the user later

14 Contractor/bidder Done online by filling up the form DSC is attached if available/later Password by mail.

15 Digital Signature Certificate Issued by any CA under CCA India. Valid for one or two years Class II or Class III –allows for encryption & signing DSC’s can be cancelled/blacklisted DSC’s/e-tokens from dealers of SIFY/NCode/TCS

16 Tender Management Tender creation Tender publishing Provide clarifications Corrigendum creation & publications

17 Tender Creation Preparation of tender documents Finalisation of dates Formation of committees General information such as Tender type-open/limited/EOI Class of contractor: Validity period Duration

18 Tender documents Forms Instruction to bidders Declaration by the bidder Conditions of the Contract Technical specs Drawings Spl & Addl Terms & Conditions Spl & addl conditions of the contract Qualification Criteria BOQ (item rate % rate tender) Financial Bid Proforma for documentary evidence

19 Tender Committees BID opening Technical Evaluation Financial Evaluation Tender Committee All the members involved in publishing/bid opening should have DSC

20 Tender publication Current tenders with documents Tender & Processing fees EMD which may be online/offline & exemption with proof

21 Pre bid clarifications Raise query as defined before the last date of bid submission Reply given one-one basis. Pre bid meeting as applicable. Summary of queries collected & replies are furnished which is also posted in the site for a tender

22 Corrigendum Dates of tender Documents required Instruction to bidders Conditions of the contract Technical Specs BOQ (Bill of Quantity Rates) Qualification criteria Issued as necessary before the Bid submission start date.

23 Bid Management for bidders Tender document downloading Bid preparation E-payment Bid submission

24 Bid Submission Bidder must be registered in the site with DSC Selects the tender he wants after logging in Tender gets moved to my tender section Get clarifications as req’d Bid submission by paying the fees as online/offline with exemption if possible Fill up the forms & signs digitally & uploads The documents are encrypted & stored. Bidder gets a receipt after submission Bidder can withdraw online

25 Payment flow thro’ internet

26 Receipt of bids Bid information remain encrypted till the opening of bids. Cannot be opened by any means Once submitted, it cannot be cancelled/modified/taken back After the bid submission date, no one can submit his bid

27 Bid Evaluation Bid Opening Technical bid evaluation Financial bid evaluation

28 Bid Opening Opened by designated officials Bidders need not be present Each activity is time stamped with server time After opening, as per the criteria, bidders are selected for technical evaluation. The summary of proceedings are updated. Offline bids can also be updated if received.

29 Technical BID evaluation The bids are printed & given for evaluation manually After evaluation the recommendations are updated for technical bids The selected bidders are informed of the financial bid opening dates Financial bid opening

30 Financial bid evalution Bids are printed & given for manual evaluation Recommendations are updated The bidders are informed of the results

31 Award of contract After financial evaluation, the bidder is selected The award of the contract is published in the site

32 Resources required A Computer system with PIV processor or equivalent Printer E-token from SIFY/TCS/nCode UPS Internet connection Windows/Linux OS with web browser, antivirus, & PDF converter

33 Thanks

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