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Welcome To ITDC e-Procurement

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1 Welcome To ITDC e-Procurement

2 Pre-Requisites Before Login to System Register Digital Certificate
Agenda Pre-Requisites Before Login to System Supplier Enrollment Register Digital Certificate Login

3 Pre-Requisites Before Logging in
Minimum System Requirements: Minimum of 512 MB of RAM. Minimum 1 USB port Windows Operating System DSC Dongle driver should be installed before logging in Reliable Internet Connectivity. Certificate with full chain. Certificate should not be expired it should be valid certificate

4 Pre-Requisites Before Login to System
Operating System Windows XP SP 3 Windows 7 Browser Version Internet Explorer Versions 6.0 or above/ Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox Java Component Go to Control panel>Add/Remove Programs> Check whether Java Runtime Environment is installed on your machine or not.

5 Go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Security >>
Browser Settings Some browser settings are required for successful login and other process to occur on the system. Also to set the browser so that the required file “C1Sign.jar” can be downloaded and installed by the system itself. run the application on Compatibility mode Go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Security >>

6 Select “Trusted Site” Zone then select Sites and add the site in it and then change the security settings as shown highlighted in the picture. 1 1 2. Press Custom level button. A window will appear as shown on next page. 2

7 Set Security Settings:
Set “Enable” for all ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins as shown here.

8 For Download settings of ActiveX Controls, Change the setting from “Prompt” option to “Enable” option

9 For Run ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins, it should be “Enable”
Other Settings remain unaltered except Pop-up Blocker setting which is to be “Disabled”.

10 Bidder Registration Process (Step – 1)
Please Note: It is mandatory for all the bidders to have class-III Digital Signature Certificate (With Both DSC Components, i.e. Signing & Encryption in the name of authorized signatory (who will sign the Bid)) from any of the licensed Certifying Agency (Bidders can see the list of licensed CA’s from the link ) to participate in e-tendering of NHAI. Open web portal, Click on registration link, initial form for bidder registration will open, Furnish all details like USER ID, Password, Mail ID, Company Name, and Secret Question, Type the string characters (Security Captcha) shown in picture and click on Submit. For mail ID verification, a challenge phrase string will be sent to your mail ID which you have mentioned at initial registration page. To proceed for next step, collect challenge phrase string from you mailbox. Continue…

11 Open web portal,
Bidder Registration Process (Step – 2) Open web portal, Login with your USER ID and Password, Type the challenge phrase and password for verification purpose, Post verification, Web portal will request you to register Digital Signature Certificate with your Profile/ USER ID. Firstly, click on “Register Signing Certificate”, select your desired DSC from popup and click on Save Details  a message will appear on screen “Signing Certificate registered Successfully”. Subsequently, click on “Register Encryption Certificate”, select your desired DSC from popup and click on Save Details  a message will appear on screen “Encryption Certificate registered Successfully” Click on Back Button & login with the combination of your USER ID, Password & Registered DSC to complete your company profile.

12 Login with the combination of your USER ID, Password & DSC,
Bidder Registration Process (Step – 3) Login with the combination of your USER ID, Password & DSC, Note: If you are not getting DSC in popup, kindly check and install Digital Signature Certificate properly in your system. Click on link named “click here to complete registration” Fill Registration Info: 1. Profile: Fill all required details. 2. Common Info: Pan No. Phone No. & upload company registration docs/ pan card etc. 3. Define Password for bid submission. 4. Secret Question.

13 Accept Terms and Conditions: Estimated Tender Value
Make Registration Payment: 1. Make a payment of annual registration charges to M/s C1 India Pvt. Ltd. Through online mode only. Validity of online Registration is 1 year. Charges are mentioned below: 2. It is recommended to take a printout of successful transaction. Remember to “Proceed”: Once you furnish all details, please confirm data and click on “Proceed” to send your registration to e-tendering helpdesk for approval. Estimated Tender Value Annual Registration Fee per Bidder (Inclusive of all taxes) Up to 3,00,000 Rs.1,500 Rs 3,00, ,00,000 Rs.2,200 5,00, ,00,000 Rs.3,200 10,00, ,00,000 Rs.5,000 Above 15,00,000 Rs.10,000

14 System requirement manual, Registration Manual and Bidding Manual are also available at In case of any assistance, feel free to contact e-tendering helpdesk. Thanks ITDC eTendering Help Desk – managed by C1 India Pvt. Ltd.

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