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The AMCAS Application Your Path to Success Presentation to University of Iowa Pre-Medical Students Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

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1 The AMCAS Application Your Path to Success Presentation to University of Iowa Pre-Medical Students Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 What is AMCAS’ role in the medical school admissions process? What does the current AMCAS application look like? What are the common pitfalls faced by applicants and how can they be avoided? How can the application be monitored once it has been submitted? What is the Fee Assistance Program? Where can I go for more information? Questions we’ll answer today

3 Centralized application service  Collects applicant information, transcripts, and letters of recommendation  Verifies academic records  Provides standardized grading information to participating schools Most medical schools use AMCAS as the primary application method AMCAS launches Tuesday, May 4, 2010 Website: American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)

4 The AMCAS Website There are a few browsers out there that the AMCAS application does not support – you can check to see if yours is safe here

5 The AMCAS Website Resources for Applicants

6 The AMCAS Website Current Year’s Application Resources

7 1. Identifying Information 2. Schools Attended 3. Biographic Information 4. Coursework 5. Work/Activities 6. Letters of Evaluation 7. Medical Schools 8. Essay(s) 9. Standardized Tests The AMCAS Application

8 The AMCAS Application Main Menu Screen

9 The AMCAS Application Getting HELP when you have questions Clicking the “Help” button will bring up a menu and information that reflects where you are in the application If you would like help on a different section, click “Search” and type in what you need

10 The AMCAS Application The Transcript Request Form Your identifying information Address for your institution’s registrar AMCAS address for the registrar Transcript Request Form

11 Request copies of your OFFICIAL transcripts for you to use as you fill out the AMCAS Application You MUST enter information and corresponding grades for every course in which you have ever enrolled, including: AP & College Credit earned in High School Study abroad Withdrawls, Incompletes, Fails, and Repeats Medical schools will see it all, regardless of your undergraduate forgiveness policy. Enter it correctly and completely the first time. The AMCAS Application Entering your coursework

12 The AMCAS Application Entering Coursework These fields will be verified against a copy of your official transcript after you submit the application

13 You must assign each course a Course Classification (ex – Biology, Fine Arts, Philosophy, etc.) based entirely on its primary content Course Classifications are used in the calculation of your AMCAS GPA The BCPM GPA is comprised of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics courses Course Classifications that are not "BCPM" will be calculated in your AO (All Other) GPA The AMCAS Application Course Classification and your GPA


15 Begin the application as soon as you can Keep your contact information up to date Be aware of your deadlines, submit ahead of time Enter all coursework exactly as it appears on your transcript and be sure all fields are complete Beat your transcript deadlines - send your transcript requests as soon as you begin the application. Avoid Delays to your Application

16 Focus on completeness and accuracy over early submission. If your application contains too many errors, AMCAS will send it back to you. Use the “Print Application” button to double-check your data. If you submit with errors and typos, medical schools WILL see them. Check the Main Menu of your application to ensure it was successfully submitted Submitting your Application Early is good. Error-Free is better!

17 Name and Contact Information Required and Alternate IDs Indication of MCAT test date Letters of Evaluation can be added and assigned to medical schools, but NOT deleted Medical schools can be added if the deadlines have not passed If you do make a post-submission change, you must RE-SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION This will not cause processing delays The AMCAS Application The ONLY changes after submission

18 You may create up to 10 letter entries Committee letters, letter packets, and individual letters each count as ONE entry You can designate specific medical schools to receive specific letters The letter request form guarantees that AMCAS will match the letter to your application - print one for each letter entry and give it to your letter-writer Letters do not have to be entered before you submit your application Letters of Evaluation

19 Author/Advisor U.S. Mail Interfolio Virtual Evals AMCAS Letter- Writer Application Applicant AMCAS Letter Request Form LRF Medical Schools

20 The AMCAS Application Adding Letters in the Application



23 The fields marked with an asterisk are required… … but the other fields are very helpful to have… just in case

24 The AMCAS Application Adding Letters in the Application

25 The AMCAS Application Adding Letters to the Application Your identifying information Your letter- writer’s address AMCAS address for your letter-writer to use Used by AMCAS to attach letter to your application Methods your letter-writer can use to send their recommendation to AMCAS Letter Request Form Many medical schools require that your recommendations are on official letterhead and bear the signature of the author *

26 The AMCAS Application Adding Letters in the Application If you have already submitted your application, you MUST hit submit again in order to save the letter you just added

27 For applicants whose families are at or below 300% of the federal poverty level No distinction between dependent and independent Reduces MCAT fee from $230 to $85  Upon registration for the MCAT, FAP recipients are sent free copies of the MSAR and the Official Guide to the MCAT exam Provides 14 free medical school designations in the AMCAS application (normally $32 each) You must have FAP approval before registering for the MCAT or submitting your AMCAS application Fee Assistance Program

28 AAMC recommends that all U.S. medical schools procure a “CBC” upon each applicant’s initial acceptance Enhances the safety of patients Bolsters general trust in the medical community Confirms the ability of accepted applicants to become licensed physicians The AMCAS application requires you to report felonies and misdemeanors Criminal Background Checks

29 Sally A Read the AMCAS Instructions Began her application early Used her official transcript to complete the application Included that course she bombed and repeated Printed her application to proofread it and was able to fix a couple of errors Submitted her application on time and met deadlines A Tale of Two Sallys Sally Z Just realized her first deadline is today! Used her unofficial transcript to enter coursework Decided to leave off that course she bombed and repeated Found lots of typos and other errors after she submitted Had her application returned and missed her deadline

30 Read the AMCAS Instruction Manual prior to submitting the AMCAS application Notify AMCAS of any changes in your contact information Know the admissions and residency requirements at each school you are applying to Keep track of and meet your deadlines Accurately complete the application Review your verified coursework immediately after AMCAS processing is complete The Applicant’s Responsibilities

31 AMCAS Website: “Help” tab within the AMCAS Application Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) Your Pre-Medical Advisor Medical school websites and admissions offices Applicant and Advisor Relations Team M-F 9:00 am EST to 7:00 pm EST 202.828.0600 Your Information Resources


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