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2014 -2015 THE TIME IS NOW Grade 12 Assembly Applying to OCAS and OUAC.

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1 2014 -2015 THE TIME IS NOW Grade 12 Assembly Applying to OCAS and OUAC

2 Are you on track to Graduate?

3 University / College Application Process There are two centers for your University or College application: Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). Website – Ontario College Application Service (OCAS). Website –

4 Degree Programs at College Program requirements are the same as those for university – a minimum of 6 grade 12 U or M courses including ENG4U1 Degree programs in college are more focused and students usually earn a diploma as well as a degree The cost for a college degree program is the same as that for university

5 The Application Process University applications are due January 14th, 2015, 11:59 p.m. EST and College applications are due February 1, 2015. Once you apply, OUAC and/or OCAS will activate your file and send it to the universities and/or colleges that you have listed in your application Consideration for early acceptance will only be given to students with exceptional marks.

6 IMPORTANT OUAC DATES February 3, 2015 Recommended last date for you to submit all information to the OUAC to be considered for early admission. This information includes university and program changes and additional active choices. March 2, 2015 Target date for Ontario universities to receive all final first-semester and current full-year grades for 4U/M courses from the OUAC.

7 IMPORTANT OUAC DATES May 5, 2015 Target date for Ontario universities to receive second-semester midterm. Grades that the OUAC receives earlier will be sent to Ontario universities when received.

8 IMPORTANT OUAC DATES May 28, 2015 The latest date by which you can expect a response from an Ontario university. This includes: an offer of admission; a refusal; or a deferral, pending the receipt of specific information. June 1, 2015 The earliest date you may be required to respond to an Ontario university offer of admission and give a financial commitment

9 University / College Application Process In early July, we send your final grades. You cannot start university or college without your diploma The Admission Information Service (AIS) is available June to August 2015 for those who do not receive an offer of Admission to find other possible openings at other Ontario Universities

10 Applying Online to Ontario’s Universities Your OUAC Access Codes You will get a confidential letter containing your access codes: PIN (Personal ID#) School Number (798118) Student Number (OEN) These numbers will allow you to access your OUAC 101 Online Application

11 Let’s Get Started You will access the online application at: uac-101/

12 Navigating OUAC 101 This navigation bar runs down the left- hand side of each screen of the online application. Just click on a heading to see your options. Problems navigating? See the Help links at the top right of almost every application screen.

13 Logging into OUAC To begin: Log in to your online application account using your confidential access codes provided by your guidance counsellor.

14 Selecting Your Program Not sure where to apply? Use the various “Search Options” provided. Your search options!

15 The Fast Track Option To use the Fast Track option, enter your OUAC program codes: one per box. Enter OUAC program codes here.

16 Once You’ve Selected a Program Complete the program details requested for each program selected.

17 The Final Steps Once you’ve selected your programs, you’re ready to prepare and submit your application following these six steps below: 1. Review the programs that you have selected. 2. Number your choices in order of preference. 3. & 4. Your school provided much of this data. Check it for accuracy and make changes where necessary. 5. The universities require you to answer nine questions 6. Review and report errors to your guidance office.

18 Submitting Your Application Once you click “Submit”, you will verify all the information on your application. Print it for your records. To make changes, return to the specific application steps. Click here to proceed to the payment screen.

19 Payment Once you have chosen your method of payment and clicked on the “Finish ” button, you will immediately receive an OUAC Reference Number. The OUAC cannot process your application without the application fee.

20 OUAC FEES Base Application Fee: $140 For the initial three university/program choices. Additional Choice Fee: $47/choice For each university/program choice beyond the initial three Note: You may apply to as many Ontario universities/programs as you wish; however, you are limited to a maximum of three program choices at any one university (including its affiliates). Some universities may further limit the number of programs you can apply to.

21 Finishing Up Print the screen displaying your OUAC Reference Number (2015-XXXXXX) and further instructions; it’s the screen right after the final “Submit” step. Store your OUAC Reference Number and PIN in a safe place. You will need them to log back into your application to review your information, make changes to it, and respond to offers of admission.

22 Important Info Before You Apply to OCAS The application processing fee is $95.00 (non- refundable). An application allows you up to 5 program choices (no more than 3 at any one college). All program choices must start within the same academic year (August-July). There may be additional fees to request transcripts.

23 Before You Apply To OCAS You need to create an account Your username is permanent. Your password must be between 8 and 14 characters in length. Use a valid email address. DO NOT create more than one account. Current high school students do not need to send transcripts.

24 How to Apply To OCAS Log in to your account. Fill in your personal information and educational history. Add your program choices. Request your transcripts. Pay the application processing fee and any transcript fees. Log back in to verify your transcript information, or to make changes or updates to your application. Log back in after February 1 to view and confirm offers of admission.

25 Create an Account New Users: If you have never applied through before, click the “Create an Account” button

26 Complete Required Fields Passwords that DO NOT meet these requirements will not allow you to login.

27 Activate Your Account You cannot log in to your account without first activating it

28 Applicant Dashboard MY PROFILE: A checkmark ( ) will appear after each section is completed. All sections (even if they do not apply to you) must be completed, in order, when you complete your account the first time. Click ‘Save’ to continue to the next step.

29 Program Search

30 Manage Program Choices

31 Basis for Admission

32 Payment Summary

33 Successful Payment Verification

34 Offers of Admission

35 IMPORTANT Dates to Remember for College Applications November 24, 2014: Colleges Begin Receiving Applications February 1, 2015 – Equal Consideration Date - Applications received and paid for by this date are considered equally by the colleges February 1, 2015 – Offer Date - First day that colleges MAY release offers of admission. - February 1, 2015 – Accept Offer Date - Earliest date that applicants may confirm an offer of admission.

36 Applying Outside Ontario for College or University?? You must do the research and ensure that you meet the requirements You must obtain an application (download from website) and submit with fee Guidance can assist with transcripts and reference letters If applying to the U.S.A. you must also write the SAT. There is a cost to each time you write Dates for Writing are posted on Guidance Bulletin Board


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