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The 2014 AMCAS Application AMCAS Communications Spring 2013.

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1 The 2014 AMCAS Application AMCAS Communications Spring 2013

2 Other Application Services This presentation will focus on the 2014 AMCAS application. Many of the principles apply to other applications you may be using this cycle including: AACOMAS – American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service AADSAS – American Association of Dental Schools Application Service TMDSAS – Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service For further information on these sites visit their websites at: AACOMAS – AADSAS – TMDSAS –

3 How does AMCAS work? Application Submitted Online application completed and submitted to AMCAS Fees paid (or FAP award used) Application Processed All required official transcripts arrive at AMCAS Verification of coursework Calculation of AMCAS GPAs Application Delivered Verified application sent to designated medical schools Letters delivered on a rolling basis MCAT scores automatically received (before or after application is submitted

4 DateEvent January2013 Fee Assistance Program opens April 12014 AMCAS Resources released May 8AMCAS application opens June 4 AMCAS application submission begins June 28 Initial transmission of application data to medical schools August 1Early Decision Program deadline Sept.-Dec.Application deadlines 2014 Application Dates


6 The AMCAS Application Identifying Information Schools Attended Biographic Information Course Work Work/Activities Letters of Evaluation Medical Schools Essay(s) Standardized Tests

7 Accessing the Application Use the same username and password that you used for MCAT or the Fee Assistance Program, otherwise click register

8 AAMC Registration Only complete registration if you do not have an AAMC ID number

9 AMCAS Main Menu

10 1. Identifying Information

11 2. Schools Attended




15 Institutional Action: Medical schools require you to answer this question accurately and provide all relevant information. Medical schools understand that many individuals learn from the past and emerge stronger as a result. Full disclosure will enable the Medical schools to more effectively evaluate this information within the context of your credentials. You must answer Yes to this question if you were ever the recipient of any institutional action resulting from unacceptable academic performance or a conduct violation, even if such action did not interrupt your enrollment or require you to withdraw. You must answer Yes even if the action does not appear on or has been deleted from your official transcripts due to institutional policy or personal petition. If you are not certain whether or not you have been the subject of an institutional action, contact an advisor in Pre-Professional Programs or the Assistant Dean of Student Life at Johns Hopkins. Applicants who become the subject of an institutional action after certifying and submitting the AMCAS application must inform their designated medical schools that an action has occurred. If you answer Yes, you may use the space beneath the question to explain; this space is 1325 characters or approximately one-quarter of a page in length. You will receive an error message if you exceed the allotted space. Failure to provide accurate information in answering this question or, if applicable, in completing the form provided by the school, will result in an investigation.

16 3. Biographic Information

17 4. Course Work

18 Use a personal copy of your official transcript to complete this section

19 Please refer to Guide Three: Applying to Health Professions School for very specific information pertaining to JHU and the AMCAS application. On page 18 of Guide Three, we have FAQs on how to enter Coursework. 4. Course Work

20 5. Work/Activities Maximum of 15 entries Maximum of 3 Most Meaningful

21 5. Work/Activities You can indicate repeated activities Up to four separate date ranges Future end dates up to the start of the matriculation year (up to August 2014) You will specify the total hours spent on this activity for each date range Work/Activities entries will be shown in the order they are entered within the application These entries are sorted by each medical schools preference during application review

22 Please refer to Guide Three: Applying to Health Professions School for very specific information pertaining to JHU and the AMCAS application. On page 21 of Guide Three, we have FAQs on how to enter Experiences. 5. Work/Activities

23 6. Letters of Evaluation You can submit your application before your letters are received by AMCAS.

24 6. Letters of Evaluation

25 Do you want to prepare and print your Letter Request Form now? Select Yes.

26 6. Letters of Evaluation Applicants identifying information The authors address AMCAS uses this barcode to attach the letter to the correct application Methods the author can use to send their letter to AMCAS Letter Request Form Letter ID and Letter Type

27 7. Medical Schools Be sure to select the correct program type and be mindful of program and transcript deadlines

28 8. Essay(s)

29 9. Standardized Tests Contact MCAT | 202-828-0690 Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm ET If you are re-taking the MCAT and dont indicate your upcoming testing date, medical schools may review your application without waiting for your new score.

30 Certification Statement

31 Post-Submission Changes Once your application is submitted you can make changes to limited content of your application using the Update Application button.

32 Post-Submission Changes Only these items can be updated or changed in your application after it has been submitted: ID Numbers Name Including full legal name, preferred name, and alternate names Contact Information Mailing addresses Alternate contact information Date of birth, birth address, and sex Letters of Evaluation Notification that a letter will no longer be sent Addition of up to 10 letter entries Next MCAT testing date Addition of Medical Schools or changes to existing program types Deadlines, fees, and restrictions apply Release application information to school-designated pre-health advisor

33 Criminal Background Checks Participating medical schools have Criminal Background Checks on their accepted or waitlisted applicants facilitated by the AAMC Applicants will receive an e-mail notification from Certiphi Screening, Inc., initiating the background check Applicants have 10 calendar days to review their report for irregularities, after that time it will automatically be sent to the medical school(s) There is no additional charge to the applicant for this service Application StatusCBC Procured Accepted, Early Decision Program Upon Acceptance Accepted, RegularAfter January 1 Alternate ListAfter May 15, by schools request only CBC Schedule

34 2013 Fee Assistance Program Benefits Reduction of MCAT Registration fee from $270 to $100 Free copy of The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam & access code for The Official MCAT Self- Assessment Package® (if award is used to register for MCAT exam) Free access to MSAR Online Waiver of AMCAS application fees for up to 14 medical schools Benefits are only valid for the calendar year in which the award is granted. Apply: Apply for fee assistance before registering for the MCAT or submitting an AMCAS application. Benefits cannot be applied retroactively.

35 Resources Pre-health Advisors Hub AMCAS Applicants: 202-828-0600 Fee Assistance Program 202-828-0600 MCAT 202-828-0690 MSAR Connect with us! @AMCASinfo Updated Instruction Manual and Quick Start Guides

36 Application Tips: Early is good. Error-free is better. Before submitting your application, print it out and review it very carefully for missing courses or grades as well as for typos and errors. Monitor the status of transcripts and remember that transcripts must be official. Look for emails from regarding problems or delays. Review verified coursework immediately after AMCAS processing is complete.

37 Essential Resources Applicants Page of the Pre-Prof. website: 2014 AACOMAS Application Instructions 2014 AMCAS Instruction Manual 2014 TMDSAS Application Instructions Guide Three: Applying to Health Professions School Guide Two: Letters of Recommendation and the veCollect Letter System

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