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1 Training Meeting 28 JAN 13. 2 Quote of the Day “Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for, I have grown not only gray, but almost blind.

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Presentation on theme: "1 Training Meeting 28 JAN 13. 2 Quote of the Day “Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for, I have grown not only gray, but almost blind."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 Training Meeting 28 JAN 13

2 2 Quote of the Day “Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for, I have grown not only gray, but almost blind in the service of my country.” - George Washington addressing the Newburgh Conspiracy, 1783

3 3 S1: Battalion Strength Report MS 1MS 2MS 3MS 4MS 5Totals 7192636391 Contracted MS 1MS 2MS 3Totals 3711048 Non-Contracted Grand Totals Contract: 91 NC: 48 Total: 139

4 4 Battalion Accountability 139 Assigned 123 Present 2 Excused 14 Unexcused PT LabCO MTG 23 Jan25 Jan23 Jan22 Jan 136 Assigned 121 Present 2 Excused 13 Unexcused 139 Assigned 125 Present 2 Excused 12 Unexcused 139 Assigned 131 Present 4 Excused 4 Unexcused

5 5 S1 - Projects TaskLast UpdateProject “Finish”Notes Basic Lab Rosters 25 JAN 2013CompleteUpdated When Needed. Company Rosters25 JAN 2013Always In Progress Updated When Needed. Master Accountability Spreadsheet 25 JAN 2013Always In Progress Updated Daily

6 6 A-S1: CULP CadetCountryPassportImmunizationsSecurity ClearanceOnline Training Plumley, EvanBurkina Faso Francis, RachelTanzania Earwood, DevonMoldova Evans, BenjaminKorea Pace, ErinPhillipines Pastino, AlexThailand Status Report

7 7 SPO Fundraiser night Dona Rosa's Sweet Bee Idea's? Auction Will send an email- need volunteers Pie your Cadre/Cadet Command Staff Fundraiser Sandwiches- freshman class

8 8 Mali -French armed forces are expanding offensive operations against Al Qaeda linked Islamists in Mali. -US is providing logistical and intelligence aid. French Armor Convoy on Patrol Islamist fighters with Al Qaeda Flag French Infantry securing a village after a firefight S-2

9 9 Algeria Islamist fighters in response to French intervention in Mali attacked a BP owned oil facility in Algeria to the north, taking many of its employees hostage. Algerian Special forces attempted a rescue mission in which many of the hostages were executed; including 3 Americans. In Amenas Oil Facility, Algeria One eyed Afghan-Soviet war veteran claiming responsibility for attack for his terrorist group S-2

10 10 S-2 Weather Weekly forecast predicts a wide range of weather, with a high of 66 and low of 17. Precipitation during the majority of the week may interfere with training. Key leaders pay attention to weather forecasts and adjust plans accordingly. As of 1200 27 Jan 13

11 11 Community Alerts No major alerts this weekend. However continue to use caution and best judgment when “out” on weekends.

12 12 T 28JAN13-1FEB13 Monday, 28 January Tuesday, 29 January Wednesday, 30 January Thursday, 31 January Friday, 1 February PT: A Troop: 0550 UREC Upper Core B Company: 0550 Godwin Pyramids Rangers: 0530 Godwin Sprints Co Meetings: 2000 Memorial PT: A Troop: TBD Cadre-Led B Company: None Rangers: 0530 Godwin Light Circut PT: All Units: 0550 Godwin APFT Calibration NGIC Brief: MSIVs 1900 Memorial Hall Lab: 1535 Basic: Anzalone/Riscassi Memorial Assessions Advanced: Bruc/Pisano Hillendale PLT Recon PT: All Units: 0520 Bridgeforth APFT

13 13 T-1 4FEB13-8FEB13 Monday, 4 February Tuesday, 5 February Wednesday, 6 February Thursday, 7 February Friday, 8 February PT: A Troop: 0550 Godwin Hall Long Run B Company: 0550 Memorial Endurance Rangers: Godwin 0530 Sprints Co Meetings: 2000 Memorial PT: A Troop: TBD Cadre-Led B Company: 0515 Location TBD Ruck March MSIV/V 0550 UREC Kickboxing Rangers: Godwin 0530 Circuit PT: A Troop: 0550 UREC Upper Circuit B Company: 0550 Memorial Kettlebells Rangers: Godwin 0530 Long Run Lab: 1535 Basic: Wolfe/Fida Memorial MTC Plans Advanced: Elliott/Triplett Hillendale PLT Attack PT: A Troop: 0550 Godwin Hall Core B Company: 0550 Godwin Long Run Rangers: Godwin 0530 Ruck March

14 14 T-2 11FEB13-15FEB13 Monday, 11 February Tuesday, 12 February Wednesday, 13 February Thursday, 14 February Friday, 15 February PT: A Troop: TBD B Company: TBD Rangers: Godwin 0530 Run Co Meetings: 2000 Memorial PT: A Troop: TBD Cadre-Led B Company: TBD Rangers: Godwin 0530 Circuit MSIV/V 0550 UREC Power Yoga PT: A Troop: TBD B Company: TBD Rangers: Godwin 0530 Run Lab: 1535 Basic: Terry/Gregorio Chestnut Ridge MTC Practical Advanced: Mueller/Bruc Hillendale PLT Recon PT: A Troop: TBD B Company: TBD Rangers: Godwin 0530 Ruck March

15 15

16 16 JAN 2013 SUNDAY MONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAYSATURDAY 303112345 6789101112 13141516171819 20212223242526 272829303112 CAMPUS EVENTSBN EVENTSTRAINING HOLIDAYCAMPUS EVENTSBN EVENTSTRAINING HOLIDAYOTHERLAB/ TRAINING/MEETINGCADRE ACTION Holiday Break All American Bowl First Day Classes ROO Work Shop PMS/SMI Mid Year Meeting BN Welcome Back Brief / Fall awards recognition / CDT COC Heat/Cold Pervention; Suicide Awareness Training TRAINING HOLIDAY; Dr Martin Luther King Cadre Block Leave Opportunity New Years TRAINING BN ½ Day Schedule Holiday Break GSA Motor Stables Dinning Out Guest Finalized Dinning Out Invites Sent GSA Motor StablesTRNG HOL: MLK DAY GSA Motor Stables, Staff Meeting, TNG Meeting, Instructor Murder Board GSA Motor Stables BN APFT Record #3 WARNO BN Dinning Out IPR #2 Warno 10% Inventory BN APFT Record #3 OPORDLast Day to Withdraw JMU BN APFT Record #3 FRAGO BN Dinning Out IPR #3 BN APFT Record #3 FEB APFT Failure WARNO

17 17 FEB 2013 SUNDAY MONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAYSATURDAY 3456789 10111213141516 17181920212223 242526272812 CAMPUS EVENTSBN EVENTSTRAINING HOLIDAYCAMPUS EVENTSBN EVENTSTRAINING HOLIDAYOTHERLAB/ TRAINING/MEETINGCADRE ACTION Student Assessment/Faculty Day/ No Classes May/Summer Graduation Application Valentine’s Day CHOICES BN Dinning Out BN APFT #3 Failure Retest GSA Motor Stables FEB Dinning Out OPORD March BN FTX WARNO Spring Break Saftey WARNO BDE S3 TEL CONFishburne JROTC KLE Dining Out Final IPR #4 March Raider Challenge OPORD APFT Failure OPORD 10% Inventory Valentines Day /Presidents Day Training Holiday FEB Dinning Out FRAGO Presidents Day Spring Break Leave Prep/POV Inspect/Loaded.45 Safety FEB APFT Failure FRAGO March APFT Failure WARNO BDE SITREP DueSpring break BN Run Mid Term Grades Due CADRE Block Leave Opportunity Spring Break

18 18 S3: TAC OIC Key Highlights: Certify leaders: make sure to read the power points sent out from CPT Lingle and MSG Wilcox prior to lab Need OIC/NCOIC list from basic lab: will be pulling MS4’s out of basic lab OPFOR SL counseling forms due WED

19 19 TTMU: Opfor: Baxter, Crisler Evaluators: Elliot, Triplett, Mueller, Roessel AA: PC 8352 5712 OBJ: PC 8358 5724 Distance: 150 meters Direction: 39 degrees 30JAN 2013 LAB 300- RECON Patrolling TIMELINE: 1530: FF, Inspections, and Equipment issue 1535-1540: Movement to AA 1540-1720: RECON lane 1720-1735: AAR 1735: Dismissal Training Event: RECON Patrolling OIC: cBruccoleri NCOIC: cPisano MISSION: JMU Duke MS3 cadets conduct RECON Patrolling lane from 1535-1735 on 30JAN13 in AO Hillendale park in order to develop MS3 leadership potential and familiarize MS3’s with RECON patrolling IAW 3- 21.8. CONCEPT OF THE OPERATION This operation will have 4 phases. Phase 1: Phase will begin with the planning of the operation and with the briefing of the plan at the training meeting on 28JAN13. Phase will conclude with the operation and supply request approved. Phase 2: Phase begins with FF at the parking lot in Hillendale Park. MS3 cadets will form up in prospective teams-squads-platoons. cPisano, NCOIC, will have MS3’s inspect equipment and phase will end upon the issuance of the signed out equipment. cPisano will take the OPFOR to their assigned position and ensure that the objective is correct. Phase will end once all equipment is issued. Phase 3: Phase begins with movement to the AA. The RECON practical will be conducted, and the conclusion of this phase will be the end of the execution of the mission. Phase 4: Phase begins with the AAR and ends with dismissal of all personnel. Coordinating Instructions: Uniform: ACUs, LBV with compass and whistle attached, Kevlar, eye pro, black gloves, elbow and knee pads, Ruck packed with: sleep system, 1 set of ACUs, 1 tan t-shirt, 1 pair green socks, wet weather top and bottom, fleece or field jacket, MS3 kit 8 Step TrainingDate Plan the Training16JAN 13 Certify Leaders16JAN 13 Recon the Site23JAN 13 Issue the Plan16JAN 13 Rehearse30JAN13 Execute30JAN 13 Conduct AAR30JAN 13 RetrainTBD LOC: Hillendale Class VIII Training Aids Risk Assessment Low Resource Status

20 20 MSIII Eval Matrix Training Week #1SG1 PL1 PSG2 PL2 PSG 1Berry (CR)Knowles (CR)Caron (BR)Chuckney (BX)Munoz (EL) 3Gragg (BR)Arnold (EL)Hoen (CR)Parker (BR)Sager (BX) 5Brosnan (BX)Berry (BX)Pickett (EL)Cox (CR)Fitch (BR) 7Caron (EL)Gragg (BR)Arnold (BX)Sager (EL)Parker (CR) 9Chuckney (TR)Hoen (TR)Berry (PS)Fitch (MU)Munoz (RO) 11Pickett (PS)Knowles (RO)Brosnan (TR)Sager (PS)Parker (MU) 13Hoen (MU)Caron (MU)Gragg (RO)Fitch (TR)Chuckney (PS) 15Knowles (RO)Arnold (PS)Brosnan (MU)Pickett (RO)Sager (TR) Training Week#1SG1 PL1 PSG2 PL2 PSG 1Brown (TR)Pieper (TR)Lucas (PS)McCue (MU)Wilson (RO) 3Johnson (PS)Strunk (RO)McBride (TR)Fost (PS)Whitticar (MU) 5McCue (MU)Snellings (MU)Pieper (RO)McCormick (TR)Tyner (PS) 7McBride (RO)Johnson (PS)Lucas (MU)Wilson (RO)Brown (TR) 9Wilson (CR)Pieper (CR)Strunk (BR)Tyner (BX)McCormick (EL) 11Fost (BR)Lucas (EL)Johnson (CR)Whitticar (BR)McCue (BX) 13Tyner (BX)McBride (BX)Snellings (EL)Brown (CR)Wilson (BR) 15Whitticar (EL)Johnson (BR)Pieper (BX)McCue (EL)Fost (CR)

21 21 MSIII Squad and Team Leaders Alpha 1-1 (CR) Alpha 1-2 (CR) Alpha 1-3 (BX) Alpha 1-4 (BX) Alpha 2-1 (BR) Alpha 2-2 (BR) Alpha 2-3 (EL) Alpha 2- 4 (EL) SLArnoldGraggBrosnanHoenSagerCoxFitchParker A TLBerryKnowlesBrittonCaronChuckneyCogdellMeekMunoz B TLAmbrosichBrymerWellsPaceLyonLeeFormicaMery Bravo 1-1 (MU) Bravo 1-2 (MU) Bravo 1-3 (PS) Bravo 1-4 (PS) Bravo 2-1 (TR) Bravo 2-2 (TR) Bravo 2-3 (RO) Bravo 2- 4 (RO) SLJohnsonSnellingsStrunckMcBrideTynerFostBrownWhitticar A TLPieperLucasEngleEvansMcCueWilsonMcCormickGaertner B TLMillerPeeblesPastinoPlacePlumleyFrancisReedLee

22 22 JPSC 1SGPLPSGSLPLAPLSL1SL2 Arnold X 1 Berry1 1 Brosnan X Brown1 X1 Caron 1 Chuckney 1 Cox X Fitch X 1 Fost X 1 Gragg X Hoen X Johnson X Knowles 1 Lucas 1 1 McBride X McCormick McCue 1 Munoz 1 1 Parker X Pieper 1 Sager X Snellings X 1 Strunk X Tyner X Whitticar X Wilson 1 Pickett


24 24 S4 Highlights BN FTX Supply request due 23Feb13 MS3 equipment pick up  Set up pick up times by Company, PLT, ect. Equipment Status Low Inventory: PCs, No tan belts, Desert Boots (no sizes 9.5-10) PT Belts will no longer be replaced without penalty  Cost $6.78


26 26 S-6 Cadet Lab It’s current status is GREEN. Keep it clean. Stop printing “Print print print” or “Print please” in order to test the printers. If this continues to be an issue action will be taken.

27 27 S-6 Sharepoint It will only be as good as we make it. “What good is a library with no books?” It will be critical for continuity. A SharePoint class will be taught if needed.

28 28 S-6 Previous cadet chain of command; if you have anything that will be of use to future cadets please upload it to your archive. I need your help! Check the archives that exist for useful information store what you deem is valuable.

29 29 S-6 Saving Discipline.. [What it is] [What its for] [Date of event] EXAMPLE: Supply Request Ambush 26 JAN 13 Ambush CORRECT! INCORRECT Offers the user no guidance

30 30 S-6 Sharepoint (Patch notes) Past data is being checked for continuity and sorted accordingly. Archives and organizational upgrades have been created for each position. MS3’s now have their own resource section.

31 31 S-6

32 32 S-6 SharePoint Feedback: I want it. How can we make it better? Questions, comments, concerns? If you have any questions or issues with sharepoint please let me know.

33 33 S-6 Website We are looking to transition our website from its old format to the user friendly input based web design program “Cascades”. In order to gain access to this program it requires a one hour power point session. I have the contact information of the head webmaster for JMU and will have further details once the work with SharePoint is complete.

34 34 Alpha Troop

35 35 Alpha Troop Key Highlights – Troop Meeting on 28 Jan - APFT on 1 February -Motto: “Y'all gon learn today!”

36 36 Alpha Troop Unexcused Absences Anthony, Alexander (23, 25 Jan) Dellert, Kayle ( No longer Ranger Candidate) (25 Jan) Britton, Acacia (23, 25 Jan) Thompson, Gregory (25 Jan) Froemke, Grant (25 Jan) Hughes, Casey (25 Jan) Gracia, Johnathan (25 Jan) Creel, Jesse (23, 25 Jan) cLee, Seung (23 Jan) cMery, Vanessa (23 Jan) Munoz, Marissa (25 Jan) cThompson, Gregory (23 Jan)

37 37 Alpha Troop DateMonday 28 January Tuesday 29 January Weds. 30 January Thurs. 31 January Friday 1 Feb. Time0550- 0700 N/A0525- 0700 LocationAO UREC Upper Turf /Gym TBDAO Godwin N/AAO Bridgeforth Stadium UniformFull winter IPFU, water N/AFull winter IPFU, water TrainingAGR, Upper Body TBD APFT Calibration N/AAPFT

38 38 B CO Major Training APFT 01FEB2013

39 39 Unexcused Absences Sietz - 14JAN13Leshock – 25JAN13 Oram – 14JAN13, 18JAN13 Daoud – 25JAN13 Doss – 14JAN13, 16JAN13 Daws – 25JAN13 Richard – 14JAN13 Cowen – 14JAN13, 18JAN13 Sledge – 14JAN13 Rotte – 16JAN13, 18JAN13, 25JAN13 Smick – 16JAN13, 18JAN13, 25JAN13 Cowen – 16JAN13 Racanelli – 16JAN13, 18JAN13 Anthony – 16JAN13, 18JAN13 Miller(Austin) – 23JAN13 Smick – 23JAN13 Perry – 23JAN13, 25JAN13 Davis – 23JAN13, 25JAN13 Lee – 25JAN13

40 40 RANGER Group

41 41 Remaining Candidates Seitz Whitticar Gracia Vito Gaertner Cundiff Evans J. Plumley Miller B.

42 42 PT MonTuesWedThursFri EventLong RunPU-SU workout APFT prep APFT LocationGodwin Bridgefort h Time05300600 0515 UniformFull Winter IPFU Modified Winter IPFU (ss shirt) Full Winter IPFU

43 43 Mentorship Counsel Mentees and get binders organized Binders due 01 FEB 13 (Friday) Format is same as previous semester

44 44 BN PAO

45 45 BN PAO

46 46 Command Team BN CSM BN XO BN CMD

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